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Chandigarh, Dec. 04, 2005
Sukhbir Siwach

A tall, handsome and fat salary earning NRI Raj Pal Sandhu has been camping in Mohali for two months waiting for a matrimonial alliance. But, what he experiences is harassment from alliance seekers. He has to reply to a number of questions to confirm his credentials.

He even has to pull out his documents like green card, salary slip and bank account to prove his status. He is not alone. Amarinder and Gurvinder of the same place have also been going through such experiences.

They had been told about this possibility before all of them separately came to India looking for alliances, yet they came, preferring an Indian match to a foreign one...

...Rajpal said the reputation of NRIs seems to be so poor because fraud cases involving them are reported every day in Punjab. So, he said, people have started rethinking about marrying their children to a dollar earning NRI.

“I was asked to show my passport by one gentleman here to make sure that I have a green card. My face looked like a wedding cake left out in the rain. This man crossed the limits of respect and even checked my records from various departments using my name and date of birth,’’ Raj Paul Sandhu, who works as sales supervisor at a company in Sydney, told TOC.

He said, “I completed my studies and filed my onshore migration. After getting my permanent residency or green card, I joined an international company as an IT professional. I have my health insurance, full time job work insurance and many other facilities''...

...Amarinder Singh said some other youths enter foreign lands through illegal means. They first get married to western women to get citizenship by paying huge amounts of money or other arrangements.

“Sometimes western girls actually fall in love with these butchers who only return to India and marry again and go back. And they never call their wives abroad. Such ladies have a big number in Punjab, 12,000 approximately,’’ he said.

While talking to TOC, UT ADC and marriage officer Inderjit Singh Sandhu said on average one NRI marriage is registered at Chandigarh every week.


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