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Believe it or not internet media is doing a great job to save thousands girls a year to marry NRI cheaters. There are more than 12, 000 girls are sitting in the villages of Punjab still waiting for foreign visas but it never happened.

Keep in mind more than 95% NRIs are very honest and they don't want to see this kind of shameful actions. After making a survey in Toronto, we conclude that for the past 10-15 years, those kids came from India with sponsor cases, they go back to India and doing this kind of mistakes

There are two kinds of immigrants in Canada and USA:

  1. NRI, First Batch of immigrants, between 1970-1980, who did very hard work, got immigration very hard way, settles themselves, helped their families back home by sending money, sponsored their brothers and sister to bring them here and helped them to settle here. First Batch immigrants who went to India in 1970-1980 to marry in India, 99% brought their spouses here. Their Canadian or US born children here are now between 20-30 years old, rarely go to India to marry. I can say 90% of these children find matches here or from UK. These kids are very honest and never care about dowry or cast system but still marry to NRIs because of parents influences

  2. NRI, Second Batch of immigrants, between 1980-2000 (Sponsored immigrants) :

    First Batch of immigrants sponsored brothers or sisters in India who brought along with them the children ages 10-20 years old, who are going to India to marry the girls, ask for dowry, and play dirty games.

    With the help of First Batch immigrants, the sponsor families got immigration without any efforts, they and their children got jobs and within couple years they bought their houses. It means first immigrant helped them even giving hard time to their spouses.

    Second Batch of immigrants
    (sponsors parents) and their kids still multiply dollars to rupees. They feel themselves they are too rich now. After few years, they stop to listen first immigrant persons who sponsored them and brought them here.
  • These kids 15-20 years old who came from India under sponsors cases, they are the people who go to India, ask for dowry and cheat the pity girls

  • These kids still like to live with parents as joint family. They listen to their parents, dowry, mother-in law, daughter-in-law and other issues are still in their mind. If they are not happy after marriage in India, their crazy brain decide that leave this girl there.
    Exception: Some sponsors may be very professional


    Second Batch of immigrants by sponsors came here are responsible for this. They are not rich beause their house, car, and plastic card is owned by Banks. They feel rich because they have never seen in India and never get these opportunities. They are spoiled because they just got it free without any obligation

    Don't spoil the name of NRIs. 95% NRIs are hard workers, honest, like to help India. In USA, 75% are profesionals and they are rich by professional jobs.
    In India, If you are professional and your daughter is professional, you must take the wise step after making enquiries

    We must educate Indian Parents, don't throw your daughter some NRI's lap without any enquiry or references. It is parent's fault who take blind dicision. You must ask:

  • At least 2 references (not relatives) and 2 references of relatives- Spend some money by calling them. Most of the NRIs in favor of suitable match
  • Confirm Residence (green card or citizenship)
  • Confirm education
  • Don't care about land or his grand father was a SSP or Major or big khandan

Gary Singh

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