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  • March 20: Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in US has decided to cancel invitation to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi following the decision of Bush administration to deny him a visa to travel to the country

  • March 18: US denies visa to Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister- The US Friday announced it was denying a visa to Narendra Modi for his alleged complicity in the state's sectarian violence three years ago, sparking a diplomatic row with India.
  • The 2002 Gujarat violence took place in the State of Gujarat between Hindus and Muslims.

    The official estimates of the death toll given to the parliament on May 11, 2005 by the Manmohan Singh government and based on Gujarat government statistics, are 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus dead, 223 missing and 2,548 injured. The report placed the number of riot widows at 919 and 606 children were declared orphaned. There are human rights groups which believed that the death tolls were higher, in the upwards of 1000 and up to 2000.The United States Congressional Research Service also places the figure at "up to 2000, mostly Muslim." Tens of thousands were displaced from their homes because of the violence. Only after the violence subsided in the month of May did a significant fraction of the displaced returned to the affected regions.

    What was the response and role of the governmental machinery to this situation? It seems that BJP ruled government simply closed its eye in the initial period. Some ministers were accused of leading attacking groups, hindering or directing the police in a specific way. The news of the Godhara carnage spread like a fire and massive onslaught was mounted against Muslims in urban and even rural areas. The whole Gujarat (except Saurashtra region) was engulfed in violence. Members of minority communities residing in many villages either fled or were killed and their houses and shops demolished. Organized and disciplined groups planned their attacks and went from one place to another. Instead of taking stern action to protect the innocent people (who had nothing to do with the Godhara carnage) BJP and VHP officials went on recounting the horror of Godhara carnage and Muslim involvement in it only. It is surprising that the Modi-government claims to have controlled the situation. The mayhem has lasted for forty five days and yet there is no sign of its abatement. Most parts, including the central business area, are under constant curfew and every day there are reports from different areas about clashes, stabbing, police firing, etc.

    It is reported that police were rather supporting or looked the other way when these attacks were going on. Perhaps the majority of Hindus in police forces were sympathetic to the Hindu sentiment which was further reinforced by the Godhara incident and directions from some ministers; as a result they failed in their duty to maintain law and order impartially.

    Armed forces were called belatedly to control the situation and curfew was clamped in many areas. Even after a month and a half many areas are under curfew and civic life is paralyzed, people earning their bread by daily work are in pitiable condition. But, it seems that certain organized groups are moving from one area to another and keeping the fires of violence burning, government seems to take no steps against such groups or their leaders who are openly propagating communal hatred and advocating violence. On the contrary it seems to be endorsing the violence by saying that it is the reaction or retaliation (on innocent people! Because they belonged to the Muslim community some of whose members were responsible for the Godhara episode?) of the majority due to the Godhara carnage.

  • February 27, 2002: The Godhra train burning incident occurred in the town Godhra in the Indian state of Gujarat at 0630 hrs on 27 February 2002. One of the coaches (Coach #S6) of a train named the "Sabarmati Express" was allegedly set on fire right after it left the train station. The coach was occupied by Hindu religious pilgrims called Kar Sevaks who were returning from Ayodhya. 58 Hindu pilgrims (23 men, 15 women and 20 children) who were inside, were burnt alive, and the coach was completely gutted by the fire. The fire allegedly started during an attack by a Muslim mob following an altercation between the Hindu pilgrims and local Muslims when the train was in platform.





  • Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in a small town of Vadnagar of northern Gujarat.
  • He completed his schooling in Vadnagar before leaving the town in 1967.
  • He did his masters degree in Political Science from Gujarat University. He is an impressive orator, avid reader and a thinker.


US denies visa to Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister

  • Godhra is a city and the Originally the name came from "Gou" means "Cow" and "Dhara" means "Flow".
  • Godhra is also one of the religious places in the India which has four bethaks (temples)