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Ambassador Nirupama Rao Visit Indiana

Ambassador Nirupama Rao emphasizes greater understanding

Indianapolis, April 11, 2012
Kanwal Prakash Singh

Indian Ambassador to the U.S., Mrs. Nirupama Rao, paid a visit to Indiana this week.  She addressed the students at Indiana University at Bloomington on the theme of “Indo-US Relations: Where we stand and Where we are headed” and outlined the global challenges and emerging opportunities of cooperation between the USA and India. Ambassador Rao also saw the very important work being done by The India Studies Program at Indiana University.

The Ambassador attended a special reception in her honor on April 11, 2012 in Indianapolis.


An extraordinarily articulate career diplomat who has served at several prestigious posts including China, Russia, and as Foreign Secretary before being assigned as the top diplomat at to the Indiana Embassy in Washington in 2011, Ms. Nirupama Rao impressed the audience with her graciousness, knowledge  and understanding of issues that face the world at this time.  Mrs. Rao stated India’s deep commitment to resolve all global concerns and conflicts by mutual cooperation and peaceful dialogue.

Mrs. Rao exuded optimism, that the “Door is open, future is breaking to come in.”

Mrs. Rao stated the need for expanded cooperation between India, the world’s largest Democracy, and America, the world’s oldest democracy: greater study and understanding of India and her recognition as an Asian Superpower and commitment to get along with nations in the region and all countries.  The Ambassador outlined several areas of increased cooperation: science, technology, health and medical advancements, defense, agriculture, trade, energy, and cultural exchanges.  Mrs. Rao added that today there are over 100,000 Indian students studying in American Universities and that India would love to see more American students studying at the Indian Universities to have a better perspective on Indian civilization, culture, communities, challenges, and future as a nation.  

The Indian Ambassador applauded the efforts of many India-based companies employing thousands of Americans, many initiatives at the state levels, and countless entrepreneurs and philanthropists contributing to American prosperity and cultural enrichment.  She hope that the explorations of opportunities for trade and exchanges between various states of India and the USA will add other layers of cooperation between the two Superpowers in the years to come.

“India seeks peace and cooperation with her neighbors and stability in the region.”

India wants all countries to work together for advancement of the individual and collective visions.  “India acts with a sense of responsibility.  Tremendous mosaic communities make India their home.  We balance diversity, build unity; seek harmony and peace beyond our borders; we do not want to impose   our values on others.  Our foreign policy promotes peace, prosperity, and progress.  We do not seek conflicts; Middle East problems should be resolved peacefully.”

“India wants to be understood; it stands for democracy, will of the people.  India is being transformed minute by minute.  India is an old civilization, yet a new nation with the average age of its citizens in their 30’s.  We see palpable evidence of transformation.”  There is evidence of great vitality, innovative energy, and a promising future everywhere.

Indo-U.S. goals and destinies are inextricably intertwined.  “We advocate and pursue a transparent relationship with depth and seek enduring quality of this relationship.”  The Ambassador added that the U.S. Secretary of State reminds us that “Today we live in the age of participation.”  Ambassador Rao further added that “the relationships at the state level – trade and business are the engine; flow of investments can bring in new vitality through mutually-beneficial pursuits.”

City, State, and National Leaders Attend Reception

The reception for the Indian Ambassador was attended by over 300 guests, including many public officials and dignitaries: Indianapolis Mayor and Mrs. Greg Ballard; Carmel Mayor Jim Brianard; Indiana Congressman Andre Carson; representative of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels; Vice President of Economic Development Corporation, Steve Akard;  City County Council President Maggie Lewis; celebrated businessman and philanthropist Darshan Singh Dhaliwal; Punjab Minister of Rural Development, Surjit Singh Rakhra; the Council General of India (Chicago), Ms. Mukta Dutta Tomar; and many other distinguished citizens representing nationalities, faith communities, business, civic, and cultural organizations.  Each of the speakers extended a very warm welcome to the Honorable Ambassador, expressed pleasure about her visit to Indiana, and a keen desire to explore areas of common interest and business opportunities in India and the U.S. including trade, cultural exchanges, judicial and administrative systems.  Each of them paid a tribute to the outstanding contributions of the Asian Indian community in Indiana, and U.S.  Congressman Andre Carson hoped that the Indian Americans will explore the political arena and contribute to the decision making process at the highest levels in the cities, states, and the nation.  Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard indicated that he would like to build relationships with other countries and bring in activities (such as cricket) of interest to global audiences.

The reception at India Palace Restaurant in Indianapolis was sponsored by several groups including Indianapolis Hyderabad Sister City Committee, India Association of Indianapolis, Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis, Eli Lilly Link, Lafayette Square Area Coalition (International Marketplace) and many others.  The event in Indianapolis was organized by Dr. Raju Chinthala, an engaged civic and Indian community leader, and his team of dedicated Asian Indians and American friends.