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NRI industrialist husband Sunjay Kapur
India's best-known actresses Karisma Kapoor


New Delhi, Sep. 22, 2005
Piara Lal
NRI press

NRI Sunjay Kapur told the Delhi High Court that the dispute over their daughter Samaira will be settled and in good progress

Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor, one of India's best-known actresses, stopped acting two years ago after marrying NRI industrialist husband Sunjay Kapur, a New Delhi businessman. The report on Mumbai’s local daily claimed that Sunjay’s party-boy nature and his strong like for alcohol was creating a rift between the married couple.

The spat became public after the actress Karisma Kapoor was dragged to court by her industrialist husband, Sunjay Kapur. He asked the Delhi High Court to stop her from taking their 5-month-old daughter overseas because he fears she would not bring her back. But the actress, known for her roles as the saucy girl next door, says her husband deserted her and that his petition is making their child a pawn in a matrimonial dispute. Kapoor says she has no plans to settle overseas with her daughter. "Kapur vs Kapoor" read one headline in the Hindustan Times. One TV news channel asked viewers to participate in a poll on whether the couple should stay together.

Karisma Kapoor was married to Kapur after breaking off an engagement with Bollywood leading man Abhishek Bachchan.

NRI Sunjay Kapur, runs a successful motor parts business and is the grandson of Indian tyre tycoon, Raunaq Singh

The couple were married in 2003

New Delhi, September 1, 2005

A battle between Bollywood star Karisma Kapoor and her husband over their baby daughter is captivating India, where millions worship film stars and follow their personal lives closely.

The spat became public after superstar Kapoor was dragged to court by her industrialist husband, Sunjay Kapur.

He asked the Delhi High Court to stop her taking their five-month-old daughter overseas as he feared she would not bring her back.

Million of Indians have been glued to their TV sets and newspapers have been carrying front-page articles

One TV news channel asked its viewers to participate in a poll on whether the couple should stay together.

"My wife has been deliberately and without any reason depriving our minor daughter of my care and company," Kapur said in his petition to the court.

But the actor, known for her roles as the saucy girl next door has denied his charges and says he deserted her.

"Sunjay's petition is nothing but a crude attempt to urge and seek redress of matrimonial issues by using the minor as a pawn," Kapoor's petition said.

Kapoor, 31, says she was taking the baby along on a foreign trip and had no plans to settle overseas.

The couple, who were childhood friends married in Sept, 2003, amid splendor and national media attention but drifted apart this year. Local television and newspapers said there were rumours he had an affair.

Kapoor, who comes from a family of famous Bollywood actors, moved back to her own house in Mumbai from her husband's home in New Delhi and gave birth to Samaira in March. She had Samaira's passport made after she told authorities that she lived separately from her husband.

But Kapur, a US national, went to court saying his rights as a father had been violated as he had no knowledge of the baby's travel plans nor had he given his consent.

A judge has ordered them to try and resolve their problems. Under Hindu law--which the couple follow--both parents have equal rights over their children.

  • Pune Times brings to you Karisma's first ever interview on her troubled marriage.

"I haven't spoken anywhere so far. This is the first time that I am talking about the issue. I am not in a state to say much," says Karisma. Karisma also says she is trying her best to cope in this traumatic time. "Yes, I am trying my best not to be affected by the hullabaloo around," she continues. "It's a very trying time for me. I need my space and time and I am not in a state to elaborate on anything at length right now," she says. Karisma's family is rallying around her in this moment of crisis. And it is not just Karisma they're worried about. The family and Karisma's primary concern at present is her four-month-old daughter Samaira. The actor feels Samaira may be too young to understand all this, but she doesn't want any bad impact of this public spat to affect her baby, now or ever. So Karisma, who is relying heavily on her inner strength, prayers and family support says that all she has been wanting is that Samaira doesn't carry these scars for life. "I pray for my daughter Samaira that she comes out of it unaffected. Even when growing up, I trust God will take care of her," says Karisma. Friends close to the actor say that the tamasha surrounding her marriage has made Karisma's life really difficult. A close friend reveals that all the actor wants now is to be left alone and is herself very unsure of where her life's headed. Currently in Mumbai, Karisma Kapoor's return to her sasural in Delhi seems highly unlikely.

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She is the daughter of Randhir Kapoor, an actor popular during the 1970s and 80s, and actress Babita. Her grandfather is Raj Kapoor and her sister is actress Kareena Kapoor. Karisma made her debut in the 1991 movie Prem Quaidi and has since then acted in sixty movies.

Balancing commercial crowd-pleasers and art-house dramas, Kapoor has garnered four Filmfare Awards to date including Filmfare Best Actress Award for Raja Hindustani (1996) and Fiza (2000), Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for Dil To Pagal Hai (1997) and Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress for Shyam Benegal's Zubeidaa. She also won a National Award for Dil To Pagal Hai.

She dated and was engaged to Abhishek Bachchan, with whom she broke up in 2002 for unknown reasons. On 29 September 2003, she married industrialist Sanjay Kapur according to Hindu marriage rites. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sameira, on 11 March 2005.