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" Loins of Punjab Presents"

Film about five NRIs (Indian-American) with one Jewish Indophile
Manish Acharya- Producer and director who studied filmmaking in New York.

(Without question the funniest movie of the year)


Director Manish Acharya wins "popular" IFFLA award for "Loins of Punjab Presents" movie


Mumbay, May 11, 2008
Raman Singh

Manish Acharya, director for "Loins of Punjab Presents" told media today:

  • It was shown at the prestigious Arclight Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. That in itself was a dream come true. The award was gratifying because the audience award is not selected by a handpicked jury. It's a fully popular award given to the most popular film of the festival.
  • I'd rather have the most popular than the best film for 'Loins Of Punjab' . There was just one show. And I had an inkling that my film would get it because the theatre was full and there were hordes who stood up and watched the film. And there was laughter all across

After the screening in US, there have been many offers to acquire the film for the US. I'm hoping the film will be accepted as more than a celebration of Bollywood songs and traditions.


" Loins of Punjab Presents"

Los Angeles, Sep30, 2007
Ashok Mehta/Gary Singh

LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS is one of the first films to combine the musical vibrancy of a Bollywood film with a narrative rhythm that emerges from the West and without question the funniest movie of the year - think Monsoon Wedding meets Annie Hall, in a diner in Queens, for a masala omelette.

LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS stars National Award winner and International star Shabana Azmi (Fire, Arth, City of Joy) along with Broadway & West End lead Ayesha Dharker (Bombay Dreams, Star Wars Episode II, The Terrorist) & American Indie favorite Ajay Naidu (Office Space, Suburbia, Bad Santa), in addition to various theatre and TV luminaries like Jameel Khan, Darshan Jariwala & Michael Raimondi

It includes- A ruthless philanthropist. A bhangra rapper. An over-protected prodigy. A reckless actress. A lovelorn businessman. An entrepreneurial yogi. And a Loin King. Enter a roller-coaster world of seven strangers whose lives collide during a singing contest in a small New Jersey town.

John Tintori, Chair of the Graduate Film Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU said, “LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS” is an extremely-likable and funny movie, and I fully expect American audiences to embrace it, and catapult it into a major international hit."

Mira Nair, Director (Salaam Bombay, Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake) said, "LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS" was utter fun for my whole family, with clever writing and good cheer. The director, Manish Acharya, is a unique voice."

Hindustan Times, 15 April 2007 article says, “Shabana Azmi and awards have almost become synonymous. So it comes as no surprise that her new film, Loins Of Punjab Presents, has won the best feature film honour at the 2007 First Run Festival in New York.”

Some news paper article says- “Desi Idol in New Jersey”; Indians in U.S. Find New Sideline: Bollywood Moguls ; ‘Loins of Punjab’ tickles New York’s funny bone; Actress Extraordinaire; “Manish is an insanely talented filmmaker.” ,.,,,,so on

On Oct. 03, 2007, Loins of Punjab Presents will be the opening and closing films at the fourth annual South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) here. The festival will showcase 50 features, short films and documentaries for a week from Oct 3.


Manish Acharya

Manish Acharya

Written by:
Anuvab Pal, Manish Acharya

Music by:
Michael Cohen

Shabana Azmi
Ajay Naidu
Ayesha Dharker
Michael Raimondi
Seema Rahmani
Jameel Khan
Darshan Jariwala
Ishitta Sharma
Samrat Chakrabarti
Manish Acharya


Manish Acharya- BIO





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