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Vijay Vaswani



Young and Talented Vijay Vaswani

Los Angeles, April 19. 2009
By Dilip Butani

21 years old and highly talented, Vijay Vaswani is much different than the youth today. His values, vision and future aspirations differ from the status quo. He is a simple person who finds pleasures in the simplest things in life.

His interests vary from philosophy, spirituality and politics to dancing, singing and acting. He is also interested in poetry, creative & song writing, graphic design, art-construction, sculpture and sports like tennis, swimming, golf and basketball. Last but not the least, as a lover of music he likes to play dholak and harmonium and is learning sitar & guitar.

His political ideologies also differ from the stereotype of the youth and general population. Though his personal beliefs are somewhat conservative; he is more of a moderate. He is a social liberal and a fiscal & economic conservative. He affiliates himself with the American Independent Party. He likes to be considered a well- rounded person who is open-minded and versatile. He is a deep person at heart who is strong on family values. He believes in ‘Justice’ and likes to follow Righteousness’.

His various accomplishments include dancing and & choreographing over 30 top performances at places like UCLA, Cal State Northridge and LA Pierce College. He has twice appeared on Television; the shows being ‘Hafla’ and ‘Destined to be. He has served as Political Campaign manger and is two-time ‘Dean’s List Recipient’ and has also been awarded with a certificate as the ‘Most Inspirational Senior’.

He feels that one must do everything in one’s ability to leave a mark in society. At present he attends Cal State University Northridge with an intended major of Business Administration and a minor in Political Science.

His future aspirations include entertaining people across the world, by singing, dancing and acting in movies, shows and events. He aims at starting his own political, philosophical and television show with a young, ethnic and independent perspective and also plans to run for political office to remove government’s strong involvement in people’s lives and to eliminate the fanatical religious voices that is trying to be imbedded in our society.

In conclusion, he enjoys doing everything and almost anything as long as they are done in moderation. He is a type of person that can learn to appreciate all of life’s gifts. To him there is no such thing as perfection; only God is perfect. He firmly believes that living each day, learning and improving from one another, self- awareness and acknowledgement of ones mistakes and genuine love can surely get everyone closer.




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