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California Gov Jerry Brown signed the two bills Civil rights act-1964 and B-1540  during peace and Unity rally for Sikh shooting victims

World wide Sikh Community and Consular General of India thanked the Governor Jerry Brown

Sacramento Sept 09,2012
Satnam Singh Chahal-Sacramento/Gary Singh-Los Angeles

North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) organised a peace and unity rally in the North Block of State Capitol here in which several hundred peoples from different faiths including the Sikh Community in majority participated in this peace and unity rally. Participants of this rally were holding United States flags in their hands and shouting slogans “We are proud to be Sikh American”. This peace and unity rally was started with National Anthem of United States and Prayer by the Sikh Priest. Two minute’s moment of silence was observed to pay the tributes to those innocent Sikh members who were killed in the shooting in Sikh Temple Wisconsin.

In this peace and unity rally there   was a large homage to Lt. Brian Murphy, the police officer who took bullets when stopping the gunman in Oak Creek. It is too easily becomes a way for people escape responsibility for the conditions that make tragedy happen. After all, the mother and fathers massacred in Wisconsin died at the hands of a man cultured in the ways of hate. The magnitude of this loss would cause most people to display anger or a desire for revenge. But when national leaders came to Oak Creek to mourn with the victims, they stood in awe of the Sikh community’s response. Grief was not the only gift we received in Oak Creek. The national attention Sikhs received in the wake of Oak Creek was unprecedented in more than 100 years of Sikh American history.

 Rally was addressed by among others  includes Hon.Gov.Jerry Brown Governor State of California, Jimmy Joginder Sims M.P Canada, N.Parthasarthy Consular General of India, Dalwinder Singh Dhoot Chairman North American Punjabi Association (NAPA),Satnam Singh Chahal President North American Punjabi Association (NAPA),Honorable Teresa D.Cox California Member of the U.S.District Export Council, Didar Singh Bains Sikh Leader, Dr Onkar Singh Bindra Sacramento,Dr Jasbir Singh Kang Yuba City, Harry Gill Chairman ,Attorney Amar Shergill Founder President South Asian Bar Association,Bahadur Singh President Sikh Temple Salem,Mr Gurpreet Singh Dhugga Former Chairman Planning Commission,Inderjt Singh Birring,Dalbir Singh Singherra,Santokh Singh Judge,Charanjit Singh Bath Madam Saubhi Siddique Chair Human Relations Commission County of Santa Clara,Randhir S. Judge  President and CEO Insurance & Financial Services Inc.Miss Rina Johar  Human rights and Human relations Commissioner City of Sunnyvale.

During this peace and Unity rally Gov Jerry Brown signed the two bills Civil rights act-1964 and B-1540  at 1.15 pm on the request and sincere efforts  of North American Punjabi Association(NAPA) which is struggling since long period of time to make this happen. Addressing the participants of this rally Gov Jerry Brown said that Sikh Americans are loyal citizens who have been targeted because of widespread ignorance of their religion and culture,” Governor Brown said that “The bills I sign today aim to ensure that Californians learn about our Sikh citizens as well as protect all of us from job discrimination based on religious observances.

AB 1964 by Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (Democratic-Davis area) clarifies that the practice of wearing religious clothing or a religious hairstyle as a belief or observance is covered by protections under the Fair here


Housing Act.SB 1540 Senator Lone Hancock (Democratic-Oakland) requiresthe State Board of Education to consider adopting a revised curriculum framework and evaluation criteria for instructional materials in history-social science. here

Releasing the press statement to the press Mr Satnam Singh Chahal President and Spokesperson of North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) thanked the  Hon.Gov Jerry Brown for signing these  two bills to make it law in California. Mr Chahal said that this bill authorize the State Board of Education to complete the revision process of the History-Social Science Framework for California schools. This would be an important step for the California Sikh community, because the draft framework currently includes information about Sikhs in seven distinct areas. When the law will be enforced then this framework will ensure that California students learn about Sikhism and Sikh contributions, thereby increasing appreciation for diversity and reducing ignorance of the sort that leads to bullying and bias. Bill B1540 would authorize the State Board of Education to complete the revision process of the History-Social Science Framework for California schools. Expressing his great satisfaction about the passing of bill AB1964 Mr Chahal said that this  Law will sharply reduce job discrimination against Sikhs and other religious minorities and guarantee equal employment opportunity to all workers in California. For which North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) is very thankful to the Governor of California. Mr Chahal also thanked all those organisations and individuals who put their every effort to make this happen.

Talking about the mass shooting in Sikh Temple Wisconsin where several innocents Sikhs were killed  a month later, Mr Chahal said that the tragedy is front and center in the minds of Sikh Americans. In their Gurdwaras and homes, Sikh Americans are still making sense of this tragedy and asking themselves: “What do we do next?”Said Mr Chahal .He said that for Sikh Americans, Oak Creek has become both a cause for introspection and an urgent call to action. The shooting is the greatest single tragedy to happen to Sikhs in America, but it’s also unique among American tragedies; it may be the largest racially-motivated massacre in recent history of United States. He added

Mr Chahal also thanked the USA Print and Electronic  media  for their positive coverage although it  was short-lived, many Sikhs offered fellow Americans a glimpse of not just who we are but more importantly, how we are.This tragedy offered an opportunity to embody of our high spirit  ,everlasting optimism  even in the darkest time.   He said  that Sikh Americans across the Nation and  have been comforted by the interfaith community, civic leaders,neighbors, and friends following the days of the tragic massacre at the SikhTemple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin . There have been voices of reason, hope, healing, and pledges to come together to not just dispel the darkness of the moment, but to take concrete steps to end the cycles of unprovoked violence in humanity’s sacred spaces:  schools, playgrounds, workplaces, theaters,shopping malls, and places of worship, which are and should remain islands of peace.  There are expressions of deep sorrow, solidarity with Sikh Americans, and desire to network together to dispel ignorance that is divisive, contributes to suspicion and mistaken identity, and sometimes leads to violence and unconscionable hate crimes against the innocents gathered for peaceful assembly, exercising their sacred rights to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” “We come today from our different places, with our diverse cultures, histories, and languages. 
Mr Chahal said that Sikhs prayerfully reflect on the precious lives of innocent victims and families shattered by this great tragedy brought upon by a mad man on peaceful worshippers gathered at the Sikh Temple for prayers, petitions for cherished hopes and thanksgiving for answered prayers.  We deeply mourn and grieve that our sense of safety and security once again has been unconscionably shaken.  The deadly incident has sent shock waves to all peace loving Americans who cherish freedom from fear at places where families and generations gather to venerate a higher spirit or tocelebrate the blessings of life.  This is not just a Sikh tragedy, but also an American tragedy; a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism in house of worship against a peaceful community.  Even amidst darkness of the moment andimmense grief, we must find cause for hope, healing, and seek to harness our collective strengths, common hopes, and dreams as Americans and members of the human family.  We reach out with our heart and spirit to those who have lost loved ones or have been directly impacted by the tragedy.  We are praying for the speedy recovery of Police Officer Lt. Brian Murphy and others who have been gravely injured during the assault on the worshippers at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple.  We pray for our beloved Nation and our fellow Americans, who offer boundless compassion, generosity, and kinship to friends and strangers here and across the globe in their hour of natural disasters and man-made tragedies.  For that, we are eternally grateful.  “May God’s etern a light shine upon each living beings. May, by God’s Will and Grace, there be good will among all people: cultures,faiths, and communities, everywhere across the human universe.”  Each of us must dedicate ourselves to the cause of peaceful coexistence, recognize being Children of one Creator, learn from and about each other, and find common threads, inspirations, and prayers that connect us at many levels.  Our challenge and future greatness rests on the sacred commitment to make peace with one another, with all who make up the wonderful cultural tapestry stretched today from “Sea to shining sea.”Mr Chahal said that Questions are being raised about the consistency of the government's standard for what qualifies as "terrorism," as recent high-profile shootings bear that label while tragedies like the Fort Hood massacre do not. According to the Patriot Act, domestic terrorism is defined as an act of violence that is intended to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.Concluding the statement Mr Chahal said God has guided us to follow Guru Grant Sahib teaching not worship: Sikh Need to stop (Drug and Human) smuggling and corruption. Be real Sikh not criminals under Sikh Dress as we have contaminated Punjab and now start contaminating great countries Worldwide.

As per Sikh Guru Jib’s teaching: Sikh not to involve in Bullying, High handedness, Sell Drugs or any other crime. Mr Chahal regretted that  Sikhs are also contaminating Sikh religion, it is on record since 1947 and defaming and degrading all Harding working Sikhs. Sikh born to protect other not to destroy others but Sikhs are shooting its own foot. Sikh are degrading its own communities Worldwide. Some Sikhs are involved in Drug and Human Smuggling. Please do not blame others for our own mistakes and try to cover under Sikh religion umbrela.We must correct our own path and adopt Guru Jib’s teaching. Learn from History as Lone Sikh evidence was considered true against evidence of hundreds of other faiths? Record on British History written in Golden letters. This is the time to collect data, analyze and mend our ways not to prove educated fools .Mr Chahal added


California Governor, Canadian MPs and CG of India will attend Interfaith Gathering and Prayer Vigil at Sacramento State capitol on Sept 08 for Sikh shooting victims

Los Angeles, Sep 02, 2012 Reporter

NAPA, North American Punjabi Association  organized a rally on Sept 08,2012 from 11.00 to 2.30 pm at the State capitol (North Steps) Sacramento   to mourn and to  pay our tributes to those persons who were killed in a deadly shootings  incident at Sikh Temple Wisconsin city some days earlier .

Governor of California Mr Jerry Brown, Mrs Ginny Joginder Singh M.P Canada, Mrs Neena Grewal M.P Canada, Mr Gurmant Grewal Ex M.P.Canada,Mr N.Parthasarthy Consular General of India SanFrancisco  and other senior Political,Religious and social  leaders from different faiths will address the participants.

Dalwinder Singh Dhoot, Chairman of North American Punjabi Association  worte to and also said on telephone:

  • We are organising this rally to spread the message of our Gurus “Sarbat da Bhalla"(Always pray for good for all human beings) and to maintain peace and communal harmony  among the people throughout the world.
  • We cannot provide you the exact numbers of participants in this rally but this is the fact that the numbers of participants can not be  beyond two thousands as per the permission of Law Enforcement agencies.
  • It will be the first comprehensive effort of this kind, which is being planned to the last detail and I am sure you will enjoy being a part of it. Besides, we also look forward to your esteemed presence at the venue. 

Any more information, please contact Mr. Satnam Singh Chahal President of North American Punjabi Association(NAPA) at 408-221-5732