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NRI workers win case in Malaysia,
court makes employer pay dues

Malaysia, October 2 2005
NRI press

48 NRIs win case in Malaysia and court order employer pay dues a total of 500,000 ringgit ($132,640) in damages for not paying them the promised salary when they joined it, the New Strait Times reported on Saturday.

Judge Augustine Paul of a court of appeals ruled that the Penang-based company Chin Well Fasteners Sdn Bhd should pay the damages because it had conceded to have promised the workers salaries of 750 ringgit ($199) per month, but later, vide a fresh contract, they were paid only 350 ringgit.

A lawsuit had been filed by Sampath Kumar Vellingiri and 47 other Indian nationals after the company introduced the fresh contract.

The newspaper said the workers were promised a higher salary and other benefits by Chin Well's recruiting agent Mithun Travels Pvt Ltd in India.

Hundreds of Indian nationals seeking work in Malaysia are duped by agents who promise them a high salary and benefits, which do not materialise when they arrive here.

After a four-day trial, the company was ordered to pay the workers the promised sum for a three-year period from September 2002.

The workers would also be entitled to the benefits mentioned in the original contract signed by Chin Well.


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