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Ravi Grewal (Ravinder S Grewal)

Ravi Grewal M.Sc in Food Technology from Punjab, a social Entrepreneurs and has successfully owned and operated severalĀ  businesses in Southern California and Nevada. Presently own and operate Gas Stations, Travel plazas and Convenience Store

In 2008, Ravi Grewal was introduced to NRIpress by Sam Sidhu who is highly involved with NRI News Media since 2002. Later they become partner in Food, Real Estate business under Remax India.

Los Angeles, Oct. 06, 2012: Remax India did a seminar in LA to attract NRI customer with the sponsorship of Rvi Singh and Sam Sidhu. associates made a full coverage to promote...

Los Angeles, California, May 10, 2014: Fatburger Grand Opening in Crenshaw.

Los Angeles, California, 2016: Became PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:

2016-17 Platinum Member   Confirmed
05/18/2016 Sponsor Punjab News $2500.00  
Mid 2011 Adv. of Remax $2500.00