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Conservative MP NRI Gurmant Grewal clearly show that federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh was deeply involved in UNPRINCIPLED bargaining to encourage Gurmant and Nina Grewal to abstain from a crucial vote in the House of Commons and later switch over to the Liberal Party
NRI BC Politicians Begins Horse-Trading in Canadian Govt.

RCMP completes review of Gurmant Grewal's recordings

June 15: MP Reynolds files complaints against 3 Liberals- NRI, Dosanjh and Murphy offer a cabinet position to NRI, Tory MP Gurmant Grewal or a "significant position'' for Grewal's wife NRI Nina, also a Tory MP, in exchange for their votes. ....Full Story

June 09: Conservatives say Volpe has tainted citizenship investigation of Tory Grewal...Full Story

June 06: Tory Grewal in airport package mystery....Full Story

June 05: Tapes tell a story of temptation and timing....Full Story

May 31: Tories to release Grewal tapes to RCMP-Gurmant Grewal tells reporters he was offered a Liberal diplomatic post or a Senate seat for his wife. ...Full Story

May 21: If Mr. Grewal and his wife, Nina Grewal, a British Columbia MPs, abstain from confidence votes that could defeat the government, then afterward they could discuss whether there might be a Senate appointment. ...Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal surreptitiously taped his talk over switching sides ....Full Story






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Canada's Federal Health Minister Ujjal Sikh Dosanjh

  • Dosanjh say Grewal repeatedly asked them for a job and that they refused to offer one