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NRI Candidates of 2006 Election in Canada- RESULTS




  • Nina Grewal, Conservative, Fleetwood, Port Kel, BC----->Elected
  • Manjeet Uppal, NDP, Nanaimo--Alberni, BC ------------>Lost
  • Tarlok Sablok, Conservative, Vancouver South, BC------>Lost
  • Sukh Dhaliwal, Liberal, Newton--North Delta, BC ------->Elected
  • Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal, Vancouver South, BC ------------->Elected
  • Parmjeet Singh Gill, Liberal, Winnipeg North, Manitoba-->Lost

  • Nova Scotia

  • Rakesh Khosla, Conservative, Halifax West, Nova Scotia-->


  • Baljit Gosal, Conservative, Brampton West, Ontario ---------------Lost
  • Sam Hundal, Conservative, Brampton--Springdale-Ontario---------Lost
  • Amanjit Khroad, Conservative, Etobicoke North, Ontario ---------Lost
  • Ajmer S. Mandur , Conservative, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario----Lost
  • Arnjeet Sangha , Conservative, Mississauga--Brampton South-----Lost
  • Raminder Gill , Conservative, Mississauga-Streetsville, Ontario ---Lost
  • Parm Gill, Conservative, York West, Ontario----------------------Lost
  • Navdeep Bains, Liberal, Mississauga--Brampton South, Ontario---Elected
  • Gurbax Malhi, Liberal, Bramalea--Gore--Malton, Ontario --------Elected
  • Ruby Dhalla, Liberal, Brampton--Springdale, Ontario-------------Elected
  • Rupinder Brar , NDP, Erindale, Ontario---------------------------Lost
  • Jagtar Shergill, NDP, Brampton West, Ontario -------------------Lost

  • Candidates ( from Pakistan)

    • Nazir Ahmad . Manitoba-Churchill
    • Wajid Khan, Liberal, Mississauga--Streetsville---------> Elected
      The owner of one of Canada's largest auto dealerships won his second election in the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville, albeit by not as big a margin as the last time when he rode his close ties to Liberal leader Paul Martin to a resounding 8,490-vote win over his nearest opponent, Tory Raminder Gill

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Final Results

The impending question is whether Stephen Harper can lead the Tories into majority territory.


  • BQ Bloc Québécois
  • CON Conservative Party of Canada
  • LIB Liberal Party of Canada
  • NDP New Democratic Party of Canada
  • GRN Green Party of Canada
  • PMP Parti Marijuana Party
  • CAP Canadian Action Party
  • M-L Marxist-Leninist Party
  • CPC Communist Party
  • CLC Communist League of Canada
  • CHP Christian Heritage Party
  • PCP Progressive Canadian Party
  • LBT Libertarian Party
  • AAE Animal Alliance
  • Environment Voters Party
  • FPN First Peoples National Party
  • WB Western Block Party
  • IND Independent
  • OTH Other