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Wait time for US visitor's visa interview in India
reduced by 60% this year

Los Angeles, March. 29, 2023 A.Gary Singh

The wait time for a US visitor’s visa interview in India has been reduced by 60 per cent this year, a senior official has said, attributing it to several steps the United States has taken, including increasing the number of officials and opening other diplomatic missions to process these applications.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services Julie Stufft Said

  • That the goal of the State Department is to get to 1 million visas issued this year, which would be above the pre-pandemic number.
  • We have increased the number of officers going to India.
  • We have set up arrangements, which is unprecedented, with other embassies in the world like Bangkok to take Indians who are seeking visas.
  • We are opening a new consulate in Hyderabad… and we’re just focused on making sure that we can bring the wait time down in India,

Because we have been able to expand interview waivers, meaning fewer Indians need to come to the embassy or consulate for an interview, we can process that without seeing the applicant. That has helped us tremendously because we have had consular officers in dozens of countries who are actually remotely processing these Indian visas," Stufft told the news agency.

This has made it possible for people who don't need an interview, those who have travelled to the US before, to get their visa in a record time of less than two weeks