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The largest gift in the University of South Florida's 49-year history will go toward solving the world's problems.


NRI, Dr. Pallavi Patel Performance Arts Conservatory
Two years ago, the two doctors hit the headlines with a $5-million contribution to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center's new arts school, now named the Dr. Pallavi Patel Performing Arts Conservatory at the Center. The donation was part of the Center’s $30 million capital campaign.
The conservatory is a four-story, 45,000-square-foot structure on the north side of the performing arts center. It was opened in October with more than 600 students. It offers classes ranging from On-Camera Acting to Rock School to an interactive playtime for preschoolers and parents. The school will have no academic inclinations and will concentrate entirely on training and studying performing arts.
The new school provides state-of-the-art facilities to help talented youngsters grow and become more proficient in their arts. Local theatre teachers to award-winning professionals like Broadway star Ann Reinking have been employed for this purpose.
The building features large, acoustically optimized rehearsal places for youth orchestras; rooms for voice lessons and dance recitals, as well as classes in screenwriting, stage lighting and set building.
According to Dr. Kiran, music, dance and the likes are the interests of his wife. In pursuance of her passion, he asked if she would like to be involved with the local performance arts centre. One thing led to another and soon they made one of their largest donations towards the performance arts centre. It was an impulsive move, and one of the largest donations, though similar amounts have been granted to hospitals in India.
Dr. Pallavi Patel is extremely happy and hopes to be involved passionately in the school. She believes that the school will provide the opportunity to bring forth talent that is often hidden in people. She says that for those who have the interest and potential, there is no place to learn and this school will be the perfect channel for them
It was the magnitude of impact and the sheer scale of the arts centre that attracted Dr. Kiran. This institution touches approximately 150,000 people annually. Also Dr. Kiran hopes that this centre would probably continue its activities for the next 50 to 100 years making it a sustainable project. He trusts that in the future, institutions such as these will help to remove the ethnic barriers through culture and music. This would go a long way in helping people unite as communities grow into multicultural societies.

Other donations from Kiran and Pallavi Patel:

$5-MILLION for the Dr. Pallavi Patel School for the Performing Arts at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

$3-MILLION for a new heart-research institute near University Community Hospital in Tampa.

$450,000 to help fund a new building for the University of South Florida charter school for at-risk children.

LAND for the Hindu Temple of Florida in Carrollwood.

Source: St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune archives


Some large, recent donations to colleges and universities in Florida:


SCHOOL: Ave Maria University

DONATION: $200-million (to start the school)

DONOR: Thomas S. Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza


SCHOOL: University of Miami School of Medicine (became University of Miami Miller School of Medicine)

DONATION: $100-million

DONOR: family of Leonard Miller (founder of Lennar Corp. and former chairman of the UM board of trustees)

APRIL 2004

SCHOOL: Rollins College

DONATION: $73.3-million bequest

DONOR: 1935 graduate George Cornell


SCHOOL: University of Central Florida

DONATION: $24-million

DONOR: Northrop Grumman

JULY 2004

SCHOOL: University of Central Florida

DONATION: $10-million donation to help create a college of biomedical sciences

DONOR: Al and Nancy Burnett




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NRI, Dr. Kiran Patel, with his wife, Pallavi, says that as the world shrinks we need solutions across national boundaries. At the $62.5-million Patel Center, foreign leaders will gather and researchers will study global hunger and international trade.