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Dr Harish Rawal, Michigan donates $1 million to Jackson Community College (JCC)

If you're educated, you will not starve.....Dr. Harish Rawal


Michigan NRI Dr. Harish Rawal, donates $1 million to Jackson Community College (JCC)

Jackson, MI, Feb. 05, 2008
Balbir Singh

Michigan NRI Neurosurgeon Dr. Harish Rawal, 59, announce the donation of $1 million to (JCC) Jackson Community College for new Center for Health Professions Demonstrating their commitment to the community and while emphasizing the importance of education.

JCC President Daniel J. Phelan ready to open the renovated Justin Whiting Hall with its new nursing and allied health program instructional areas under the name of the Rawal Center for Health Professions, in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Rawal and family. Dr. and Mrs. Rawal are outstanding citizens in the Jackson community who understand the importance of education and JCC’s efforts to elevate our technologies and curriculum to enhance student learning

Dr. Harish Rawal addresses the crowd with his wife, Sudha,
after announcing he is giving JCC $1 million for its Center for Health Professions.
Courtesy of Marilynn Fryer/mlive.vom

Dr. Harish Rawal and his wife Sudha, also donated $50,000 to Jackson High School for a scholarship in memory of his mother.

There is already running a college in his father's name and one high school in his mother's name in India

Dr. Harish Rawal was 9 years old when his father died and his mother was only 35 years old. She raised four children from poverty to success in the business and medical fields.

  • We are all excited about beginning the fulfillment of our commitment to the community
  • Sharing what you have should be a priority when you're blessed.
  • I hope it stimulates people to understand the importance of education.
  • I hope it stimulates those with the ability to donate to do so.
  • My gift will give financially challenged students access to an education that will provide them the tools necessary to find a good job.
  • I feel my poverty had a lot to do with who I am.
  • It has made me an achiever, it has made me brave and a giver.
  • We need to induce in the younger generation the importance of education.

I believe, if you're educated, you will not starve.......Dr. Harish Rawal





Dr. Harish Rawal, neurosurgeon at Foote Hospital was named one of the Jackson Citizen Patriot's Distinguished Citizens for 2008.
Dave Weatherwax / Jackson Citizen Patriot

  • Rawal has practiced medicine in Jackson for nearly 30 years now.
  • He graduated from B J Medical College in Ahmedabad, India, in 1972.
  • He completed his residency in surgery at Metro 6 Group Hospitals, University of Illinois, Chicago, Ill. from 1974-‘76, and a sub-specialty residency in neurological surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1976-‘80.

Dr. Harish Rawal donates $1 million to Jackson Community College- for JCC's new Center for Health Professions