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What Punjab AAP Leader Mr. Khaira's visit really means for NRIs living in USA

Los Angeles, April 16, 2016 Sidhu/K.Khare/Gary Singh
Video Engineer/S.Natrajan

On behalf of  the AAP Party, Sukhpal Khaira ex-MLA  and official Spokesperson  of Punjab,  is on 17 days US Tour  from 15th April to 2nd May 2016 to get a support from NRIs  for 2017 Assembly elections. He will cover 13 different cities of USA including  4-5 cities in California, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Detroit,  Chicago, New Jersey, and New York etc.

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, NRIs played a major role to help AAP party, due to which AAP was able to win four Lok Sabha seats.
On Saturday, April 16, 2016,  Sukhpal Khaira was in Los Angeles to address more than 250 NRIs at a banquet hall of SWAD Indian restaurant in Upland.

Baljinder Sidhu, President of a company operating retail businesses, VP PAC involved in Lobbying for small businesses, ex-Human Rights Commissioner, and various Engineering positions, wrote on behalf of LA:

Before the program,  team of  four people from NRIPress Club was able to interview Mr Khaira about various questions arising out of the general public and our own questions.

  • When asked about his change of party from Congress to AAP, he explained that he had differences with party establishment that left him no other choice.
  • He was further asked about AAP plans for Punjab that will satisfy the  grievances of people there. He described in detail what was wrong  with the present Govt.
  • But he could not give details of AAP plans, except that they are planning to present a different disciplined administration.
  • There was other questions about drug epidemic, farmer suicides, safety/security concerns of NRIs in India, election candidates, CM selection, security of Kejriwal, party infrastructure and possible NRI role in AAP.

Mr Khaira delivered a speech in front of 250 NRIs-strong crowd  and talked in detail about corruption and police force being used by the ruling family like a private security. He said once the people of Punjab vote AAP in, police will be brought back to their normal duties, and corrupt officials will be punished in a way to create a deterrent for others. According to him, once the police is under control and corruption is bridled, lots of other ills of society will start to improve.

  • He told the audience that Next AAP Chief Minister of Punjab CM will be selected from Punjab resident only.
  • He promised to clarify some issues of  Sisganj Gurudwara  shabeel with Mr Kejriwal and also ask Kejriwal to make a public statement.
  • He also promised that NRIs will be given a role in AAP administration.

Kamini Khare, well known personality in the NRI Community of Los Angeles, behalf of also attended the function said, " Political parties in India has always been cooking the agenda to maintain the power in every state. 2017 is important year when many state election will take place including Punjab."

  • Mr Sukhpal Khaira ex congress MLA who has join hand with Aam Adami Party is on USA tour to promote Aam Adami party agenda and get his own campaign support for 2017 election..
  • As a career politician and political family back ground he was well inform about major problems of the Punjab. He explain well during our interview what Punjab was and what it became under congress and BJP Government. He said, our state has family mafia.
  • Punjab has become drug state in Bharat. He gave count down of few problem like women's security, education, law and order, Farmers suicide Real Estate etc.
  • If AAP comes in power in 2017 his party will take all step necessary to bring faded glory of the past in Punjab back. Changes will not happen over night but as a spoke person of AAP I can tell you today it is our pledge to make things better for every  person In Punjab.
  • Nri express their discontent that all the political parties has used us as a milking cows when ever they needed funds or Dollars.
  • We love our country and offer support to solve the the problems with open heart but now time has come we should  be given achance to become part of policy making in government.  Political party should make some reservation  in Rajya sabha as well as in election process for NRI in  California. Question were asked by many guest and he replied that his party is open for all suggestion and he will put this suggestion in front of the committee. His lecture series in south land was sponsor by Swad restaurant of Up Land. Many well known members of Sikh community attended the meeting and pledge their support for him. Mr. Kaira  spoke well and shed light on many topics on his well plan visit  in city of Up Land California.

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