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Sukhpal Singh Khaira,MLA Bholath


Harsimrat Kaur MP must look for answers from within.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
Dated: April 28, 2010
MLA Bholath

Before attacking Capt. Amarinder Singh for doing nothing for Sikh cause, holding him responsible for delay in Bathinda refinery, onus on him for mounting debt of Punjab and other allegations, Ms. Harsimrat Kaur MP must look for answers from within.

Firstly she must not forget that her present political status is purely accidental being the daughter in law of a CM and wife of a Dy. CM and not her individual effort.  Had she been not member of the first family that misused the might of the state she probably would have been a normal housewife and not in Parliament.

As far as political journey of Capt. Amarinder Singh and Sh. Badal are concerned there is no comparison when it comes to clinching issues and result oriented politics. Sh. Badal in his lack lusture 60 years of political innings cannot single out even one political achievement and on the contrary has been instrumental in arousing the sentiments of Punjabi’s in the late seventies and eighties landing Punjab into terrorism.  While thousands of innocent youth lost their lives and thousands languished in jails during this period, your husband Sh. Sukhbir Badal was sent to a safe haven like the USA on the pretext of education. 

He espoused the cause of SYL waters issue for political gains and did nothing to resolve it, he was party to the oath of ‘Marjiwara’s’ at the Akal Takhat but instead pushed youth and not his ownself into it, he is also on record of submitting a memorandum for a separate Sikh homeland in 1992 to Mr. Boutras Boutras Ghali the then visiting UN Secretary General in Delhi alongwith Sh. S.S. Mann. When normally returned he conveniently got his son back to gift him Rs. 1000 crore 7 star Trident resort in Gurgaon alongwith Presidentship of an illustrious party like the SAD, enshrined to fight the people’s cause.

Despite remaining CM for four terms Sh. Badal failed to govern Punjab ably and is responsible for the present financial mess with a debt of Rs. 65000 crores, 40 percent of Punjab is without safe drinking water, our 18397 govt. schools are in shambles, 229 govt. hospitals without doctor’s and medicines, highest rate of cancer in state, Rs. 35000 crores debt on farmers from where your SAD draws political support, poorest of poor power supply with three days of cut for industry and no electricity for homes, 3500 annual deaths due to road accidents, thousands of false cases against political opponents, complete politicization of police and administrative machinery, to sum it up while the people of Punjab have become poorer Czar’s like your father in law and your husband have grown from 80 Acres of land to over 8000 crores of assets during the political journey of Sh. Badal.

In so far Capt. Amarinder is concerned he in his stint of five years resolved the SYL water’s issue even endangering his chair, helped farmers with regular power supply and water at the tail ends, graceful lifting of their agriculture produce, Rs. 250 crores for the elevated road to Harmander Sahib, memorials for 40 ‘Mukhta’s’, gates in memory of ‘Shahibzada’s’ and Baba Banda Bahadur and to top it all he initiated a drive to nail the corrupt from top including your husband and your father in law.

Therefore, think twice before you level baseless allegations against Capt. Amarinder Singh, who has resigned twice once over operation blue star and then as Agriculture Minister in 1985 over police entry into Darbar Sahib. Capt. Amarinder Singh maintains a high moral pedestal in politics while your family is responsible for ruining Punjab for personal political gains.