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India BJP's Nationl Spokesperson Amana Sinha addresses Los Angeles Indian community
The event was organized by OFBJP-LA at Sanatan Dharma Temple on June 18th, 2018

Los Angeles, June 25, 2018
Vijay Patil// A.Gary Singh

Norwalk, CA by Vijay Patil— Los Angeles chapter of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP-LA) organized Meet and Greet with Honorable Shri Amana Sinha, National Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India. 

 The public event was organized at Sanatan Dharma Temple Community Hall, Norwalk, California on Monday, June 18th, 2018. The Meet and Greet started at 6:30 pm where local community leaders and OFBJP members had the opportunity to introduce themselves to and discuss their issues with Shri Aman Sinha in-person. Shri P K Nayak, the Convener of OFBJP California introduced high profile businessmen and leaders to Shri Aman ji.

 Vijay Patil, General Secretary of OFBJP-LA welcomed the audience and thanked everyone for making it to the event on the busiest day of the week. He then invited philanthropist Avadhesh Agarwal and Shri Aman Sinha to come on stage. Mr Patil recognized the presence of community leaders and key members of OFBJP-LA team. The list included Avadhesh Agarwal, BU Patel, Jashbhai Patel, Anil Mahajan, Sunil Tolani, Ashok Patnaik, Gopal Chaturvedi, Manmohan Chopra, Jitubhai Patel, Shashi Thanki, Vijay Telkikar, Ramjibhai Patel, Vasundhara Pawar, Kamlesh Chouhan, Arun Datta, Keshav Patel, Dr Sharma, Arun Bhumitra, Yagnesh Patel, Omkar Bhaskar, Pravin Patel, Aparna Hande and others. Parimal Shah then provided detailed introduction of Shri Aman Sinha and requested him to address the audience. 

Shri Aman Sinha started by thanking NRI’s for  improving the image of India. Specifically, he pointed out that the people from the West Coast are front runner in many initiatives. “The energy and passion of people of Los Angeles is unparalleled”, he said, “The only person who can match that energy back home is none other than Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji”. 

Mr. Sinha mentioned that BJP government has raised the expectations of people of india. He emphasized that the electoral results across all recent elections show that the Modi Magic is working. BJP expanded from 4 states in 2014 to 22 states in 2018. 

He summarized the benefits of many initiatives that are undertaken by BJP government — Mudra Yojana, Swatchh Bharat, Infrastructure reforms, OROP, Corruption eradication, Surgical strikes to curb terrorism, Demonetization, Ujwala, Global Support and Judiciary & Supreme Court reforms that cleared pending cases and eliminated over 1200 obsolete laws. After explaining “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” initiative, he recognized the efforts of OFBJP Los Angeles team in promoting US education for Indian girls. OFBJP-LA leaders are coordinating this initiative with local colleges. 

Mr. Sinha credited BJP government for making India a scam-free country that is on the path of becoming economic super power. He provided statistics on reduced inflation rates, increased Foreign Exchange reserves and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). He took pride in the increased Tax-base, revamped  Insolvency, Bankruptcy codes and making India a fastest growing economy in the world. “India has become 5th largest economy in the world. Currently growing at 7.7% rate”, he said. 

He informed audience about a bill to allow NRI’s (Indian Passport holders) to vote in Indian elections. He also mentioned that the government has eased FDI restrictions for Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) which will allow them to invest on terms similar to that of local Indian citizens. 

 Shri Avadhesh Agarwal, the Guest of Honor at the event, who has been supporting numerous organizations across USA to promote the cause of India and help Indian community then expressed his views on the recent transformational changes in India. He provided the balanced perspective by advocating celebration of the electoral wins while introspecting on the areas that can be improved upon. He asked a few questions to Shri Aman Sinha and offered his sincere thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji for transforming the country and making it a matter of pride for all NRI’s.  


This was followed by an hour long, detailed question and answer season.

The audience questions ranged from Kashmir issue to role of NRI’s in 2019 elections. Pranav Desai offered vote of thanks and concluded the event at 8:30 pm.

The event was attended by OFBJP members, people of Indian origin and Senior Leaders of community organizations in Southern California.

The attendees included leaders and representatives from VHP, HSS, IALA, IASHA, American Hindu Foundation, Shivaji Maharaj America Parivaar (SMAP), UFICA, FIA, Gujarati Society and others.