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Los Angeles NRIs to host Modi government's 3-year anniversary

Los Angeles, June 15, 2017

On 1May 16, 2014, when Narendra Modi got a landslide victory, the change in sentiment was palpable in every part of the country. Last month, BJP planned to celebrate three years of the NDA government in a grand way to show their achievements. On May 26, Amit Shah said that in last three years, the confidence of the people has increased and even the politics of the country has changed.

In Los Angeles, on June 11, Sunday, members of Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party Los Angeles Chapter (OFBJP-LA), leaders from various organizations in Southern California, and BJP supporters got together in Artesia, CA to celebrate three successful years of NDA Government in India.

According to Vijay Patil, General Secretary of the local chapter of OFBJP, the event was started at 5:30 pm with Vande Mataram sung by Dr. Gadasalli followed by a welcome address by PK Nayak, the OFBJP’s Southern California convener.

PK Nayak started by thanking all the OFBJP-LA members for their continued support. “Under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and Honorable President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Amit Shah ji, India has made a significant progress in last three years” said P K Nayak, “today we have gathered here to celebrate the great three successful years of NDA government!”.  Mr. Nayak then invited the children in attendance, Anika, Manasi, Aditya, and Eshan to come over in the front. “Per our Indian tradition, we celebrate success, achievement by distributing Mithai (sweets) and we would like do the same today!” he said. The children then distributed the sweets to all the attendees.

Vijay Patil, General Secretary of the local chapter then called Pranav Desai to summarize the goals of the organization. Mr. Desai described four key objectives of OFBJP – correcting the image of India and its people, supporting the reforms in India, becoming think tank to support the economic developments in India, and spreading positive image of India and its people within local community. He outlined the purpose of forming a Members-Only WhatsApp group and told the members about upcoming monthly meetings. Mr. Desai also informed the attendees about Dr. Gadasalli’s response to a newspaper article.

Manmohan Chopra, Membership Coordinator of the OFBJP-LA chapter provided update on Membership front and urged the attendees to increase membership highlighting the immediate goal of increasing membership count by 500. Mr. Chopra also highlighted the benefits of the membership and the importance of unity in representing India and Indian cultural values.

OFBJP-LA committee then honored Dr. Krishna Reddy, Mr. Naresh Solanki and the benefactor of Indian Community in America, Mr. Avadhesh Agarwal. Mr. Nayak thanked them for their continued support and guidance in advancing the objectives of the organization He honored them by felicitating with BJP scarf and invited Vijay Patil to present a summary of 3 years of NDA government achievements.

“Under the leadership of, who I call ‘Swami Vevekananda of our times’, Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, India has been on a transformational path for last three years” said Vijay Patil, General Secretary of the organization, “The country is undergoing tremendous transformation in terms of the political systems, economic reforms, governance, social responsibility, national pride and many other aspects of modern society”. Mr. Patil presented a detailed document released by Bharatiya Janata Party titled “Saath Hai, Vishwas Hai, Ho Raha Vikas Hai!” [we are making progress together …and in a confident manner!]. He also distributed a two-page summary of the 12 categories of the developments that highlighted the achievements in the form of bullet points for the attended to take home as a reference guide.

Mr. Patil described the novelty and the effectiveness of the unprecedented actions that the bold and decisive government took in recent years - Surgical Strikes by Indian Army, secured global backing post-surgical strikes, India is the First Country from the region to enter Missile Technology Control Regime. (MTCR) that eases access to high tech technology to Space Programs. Demonetization, the historical step, brought the nation together to fight corruption, black money and Terrorism. He also described the tough measures India took in chasing black money stashed abroad through international tax treaties.

Mr. Patil highlighted some outstanding statistics that summarizes the success of the key reforms undertaken by NDA government: 28.52 crores bank accounts opened under Jana Dhana Yojana, 13 crore people avail social security at normal rate, 13,562 out of 18,454 dark villages electrified, 120,000 Km of roads constructed in last 3 years, at 133 km/Day in 2016-17, up from 69.25 km/Day during 2013-14. Other monumental changes that Mr. Patil highlighted included GST (1 Nation, 1 Market 1 Tax), Digital India (100 Smart Cities), One Rank One Pension, UDAN to take flying to the masses, Agriculture reforms, Empowering Nari Shakti (women led development), Startup India to promote entrepreneurship.

OFBJP-LA leader, Gopal Chaturvedi, re-emphasized the importance of united representation of Indian values and thanked the attendees for joining the ‘three years of achievements’ celebration. Other OFBJP members and community leaders who were in attendance included Vasundhara Pawar, Ramjibhai Patel, Jashbhai Patel, Anil Mahajan, Sourabh Tandon, Keshavlal Patel, Ramesh Ramnani, Parimal Shah, Dr. Nehru, Kamalesh Chauhan, and others.