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February 23, 2014

BJP wave in Jammu and Kashmir?

Special Reporta NRI weekly…Gary Singh/Karen

  • The power of democracy was far greater than that of the AK-47 rifle
  • Why should only father-and-son party (NC) and father-and-daughter party (PDP) be allowed to come to power... .....Modi

When Modi became Prime Minister of India, some Jammu and Kashmir young women supporters came out dancing and waving posters of Narinder Modi on the streets

Dr/ Dental surgeon, Hina Bhat contesting on BJP ticket

 Dr/ Dental surgeon, 34, the daughter of former NC leader Muhammad Shafi Bhat, is contesting on her father’s constituency, Amira Kadal in the heart of Srinagar city, on BJP ticket.

Muhammad Shafi Bhat is a former MLA of the NC from the Amirakdal constituency of Srinagar. He switched his allegiance after the NC denied him party ticket in the 2008 elections from Amirakdal.

Hina Shafi Bhat said :

·         National Conference/Congress and PDP have done nothing to attract me. Since BJP formed the government at Centre they have done what they have said.

·         I joined BJP party because of its “transparent policies” and clean image

·         Since I have joined BJP, I have seen that at least they have respect for women and have the determination and confidence.

·         Few political parties are misleading that BJP is after article 370. I will also fight for article 370.

·         BJP will not remove AFSPA till things get normal here.

·         Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that he will resolve the Kashmir issue


Darakhshan Andrabi is contesting against Omar Abdullah in Sonwar

Darakhshan’s political campaigns "Vote for India" and "Aman Ke liyay Rai-Shumaari" have fetched historical results and earned her the title of the "Daughter of India".

  • She is founder president of Socialistic Democratic Party , a political party registered by Election Commission of India.
  • Darakhshan worked as Editor Sheeraza, the bi-monthly Urdu journal of J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.
  • She has earned the support of youths throughout the state of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Her political mission has bridged the gap between different regions and communities of the trouble strifed state of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Her writings have been published in many leading journals and magazines of India. She has composed poems and also written extensively for defence forces.
  • Her four books have been published upto now.
  • She got many awards including Rani Laxmi Bai Award and Vandemataram Samman.

Youth power is the real power of any state or country but the youth in J&K are an abandoned lot,” said  Darakhshan Andrabi. “. We are deliberately rusting the potentialities and capabilities of the youth of the state.”

Dr Andrabi said that the state is already witnessing huge corruption and irregularities in self employment schemes and this approach has added to the problems of the youth. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that business sector in the state is completely ignored by the state government. “When other states take initiatives to boost private sector business accord subsidies of all kinds to industrial houses for lifting the state’s economy and creating job opportunities, our government is busy in scandal-mongering and cheap publicity. We have made all profitable sectors of our economy completely sick and have no plans at all for the upliftment of state’s economy or creation of new jobs,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi reacted to the second immediate increase in power tariff in the last six months in the state and termed this decision as ‘unfortunate’. She said that on o0ne hand common man will be in more trouble and the industrial sector will perish. She said it was quite insane to witness 33% increase in power tariff in half year’s time. She asked the government to withdraw this unjustified hike. She said that the coalition government is a rudderless boat and it does not have any vision for the state as was the case in earlier governments. Dr Andrabi said that SDP is becoming the platform for all genuine and conscious people of the state and this party is gradually turning into a silent revolution which is undoubtedly going to change things within the state for good. She expressed her satisfaction over the increasing membership from all districts of the state. She inducted many prominent businessmen and industrialists of the area into SDP fold. Those who joied SDP were Tripan Sharma,Manohar Lal,Naseer Ahmed,Laxmi Kumar,Mangal Dass,Vinay Singh and Sunil Singh.


 World is watching Kashmir as ballots defeat bullets: Modi

Kathua/Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir), Dec 13, 2014

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday said the assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir was being closely watched by the entire world following the massive turnout of people who have proved the power of ballots over bullets.

Addressing large Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) election rallies in Kathua and Rajouri border towns in Jammu region, Modi said people of the state have proved that the power of democracy was far greater than that of the AK-47 rifle.

"The world is watching these elections because of the massive participation by the people," he said.

Modi expressed happiness over what he called seeing a new hope and expectation on the faces of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

"I am happy your dreams have come alive and you have decided to realise these.

"It is my good fortune that in Jammu and Kashmir, no leader from any other party has had the opportunity to see so many people as I have been able to see.

"Whether it was Ladakh or any other part of Jammu and Kashmir, people have given so much love to nobody else and I will return this to you with interest," he said.

"Your love for me will be returned through development and prosperity."

Modi said people who were making guesses on television screens about who will form the next government "should come and see the people here before doing their electoral arithmetic".

"I am addressing you from a place where Pakistan is on the other side and border firings take place frequently, but the people of this land do not run away because of fear. I have come to salute these brave people who hear the loud noises of bullets on the border each day," he said.

He said successive governments in the past deprived the youths of Kathua from getting jobs in India's armed forces.

Modi was referring to the border resident's certificate which the people of Kathua do not get although the area like many others in the state is a border district.

Youths having border resident's certificate are entitled to apply for service in the armed forces after passing Class 8, while those of other districts can do so only after matriculation.

Modi said governments are formed to address people's problems, "but I ask you, have your problems been addressed?"

He said the people know who their "sinners" were. "Unless you punish those sinners, they will not understand."

The prime minister said the Congress was now blaming the National Conference for not allowing it to fulfil its programmes, and asked why the party continued to remain in the government.

Modi said his government has dispensed with attestation of documents by gazetted officers while submitting copies of certificates for government jobs.

"Shouldn't citizens of this country be trusted? That is why we said self-attestation of academic certificates is good enough," he said.

Modi also spoke about suicides in the country. "Those who attempt suicide do not deserve imprisonment, they need help and guidance to change their lives."

The prime minister told the residents of Rajouri and Poonch that the backwardness of these areas was the handiwork of previous governments.

"Rajouri and Poonch districts should have been connected with the rest of the country through a rail link long back so that the fruits of development reached these far-flung areas quickly.

"I promise to connect these districts with the rest of the country through a rail link," he said.

Modi addressed a BJP rally of more than 40,000 people in Rajouri town, the majority of whom were from the tribal Muslim Gujjar community.

While 18 constituencies will vote Sunday, 20 constituencies in Jammu, Kathua and Rajouri districts go to polls in the fifth and final phase Dec 20. Votes will be counted Dec 23.

Modi also said the respect he has been getting worldwide was not because of him, but because of the people of India.

"The world has started recognising the excellence of India not because of Modi, but because of the 1.25 billion strong people of the country. When people shake hands with me, they see 1.25 billion people standing behind me," he said in Kathua.

Modi again hit out at the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), terming them "dynastic" parties.

"Aren't children of other families talented to run the state of Jammu and Kashmir? Why should only father-and-son party (NC) and father-and-daughter party (PDP) be allowed to come to power," he asked.

Modi asked people to see the democratic functioning of the BJP "which made it possible for the son of a tea stall owner to become the prime minister".

"Your sons and daughters are second to none. Come forward and make it possible for your sons and daughters to run this country," he said......IANS

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Modi’s Emotional address at Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium

 December 09, 2014/ NRIpress-Club/Ramesh

 “Finger on AK47  rigger can kill people but the finger that presses EVMs can change the life of the country," Modi said in his emotional speech.” “The misguided youth are now feeling the burden of AK 47 and wants to try android one.  We want to give computer in hands so that they can live their dreams."

“As Pradaan Sewak, your sorrow is mine, You have given me so much. There is nothing bigger than love. It is now my responsibility to return this love.”

More than 30,000 people attended the rally.

“You have seen Congress, baap beti (father daughter of PDP) and baap beta (father son of National Conference) government. What did they give you? They did everything for themselves. Get rid of these three and give me chance to serve. I will make your dreams mine," Modi said.” he has came to Kashmir with a development mantra of sabka saath sabka vikas. "

“We have to take Kashmir to the heights of development so that our Dal Lake remains busy with tourists,” Modi promised to boost the tourism and bring the tourists from all over the world to Kashmir in a bid to generate employment .

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Congress has always compromised with its core issues to remain in power….. Sukhminderpal Grewal

 Srinagar December 10, 2014

 Congress has always compromised with its core issues to remain in power. Talking with the media persons at Dr. Hina Bhat office, candidate from Vidhan Sabha Amirakadal, the Bharatiya Janata Party's only woman candidate in the Kashmir Valley, National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Former Prabhari Jammu and Kashmir Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said that the Congress party is equally responsible as National Conference for lack of development in Jammu and Kashmir during their 6 years rule and it should apologise to the people of the state for being part of such a Government. Grewal said that the Congress was part of the Government and supported NC for six years and is therefore equally responsible for the lack of development in the state. He was reacting to a statement of former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad that Omar Abdullah is responsible for not carrying forward the development agenda started by Congress-led coalition government in 2005 in Jammu and Kashmir.

 Grewal said that Congress should apologize to the people of the state for being a part of the government in which the development agenda was not carried forward, Grewal questioned why they he did not point out lack of development when his party was part of the Government. If Omar Abdullah was not carrying forward the development agenda of the state, Congress members should have resigned and withdrawn the support to the Government. Grewal alleged that Congress has always compromised with its core issues to remain in power. He said that Congress always compromised with their core issues to remain in power and likes to sit in the lap of either NC or PDP to be part of the Government. Grewal said that Congress shared power with PDP and NC for the past 12 years and did nothing for the welfare of the people and now they are blaming Omar Abdullah for slow Development in the State. He said but the matter of fact is that NC or PDP wouldn't have done anything without the help and support of Congress. Congress is equally culpable for the miseries of the vast majority of the people. It's well known in the state that while on a campaign trail in border belt of Rajouri district, Azad today said that " Young and incumbent Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has failed to carry forward the developmental agenda started by Congress led coalition Government in 2005" in Jammu and Kashmir state.