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BJP Victory celebration in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, June 03, 2019 A.Gary Singh


Shri P K Nayak, Southern California/Los Angeles Coordinator and Shri Vijay Patil General Secretary of the organization welcomed the audience, They described the purpose of the event and reminded the audience that part one of this Vijay Sankalp Yagnya was conducted at the same place, Gayatri Mandir, on January 6, 2019. “Our Sankalp is complete and the people of India have shown their overwhelming support to the remarkable Leadership of Shri Narendra Modi ji” he continued “instead of throwing a grand party, today we are performing a traditional Yagnya to celebrate the victory and complete our Sankalp”. Patil then invited Shri Kaushik Patel to start the program. 

All World Gayatri Parivaar team 



then invited the attendees to start the twenty four kund yagnya. Mahesh ji described the important of Pranayama in our life and took the audience though a meditation journey for ten minutes. They also chanted Gayatri Mantra along with the audience. This was followed by a formal hour long Yagnya, numerous prayers, inspirational songs and Grand Aarti “to create positive vibrations and good luck for Modi ji’s upcoming five years in the office” as Shri Kaushik Patel described it.  The Performers included Kaushik patel, Mahesh Bhatt, Ishawaku Oza, Shankar Barot and Niky Bhatt. 

After the Yagnya Parimal Shah, Anil Mahajan, Gopal Chaturvedi, Dr Gadasalli, Pranav Y Dedsai, and Rajubhai Patel expresses their views in the form of brief speeches. They described how things have changed in india in last five years. Some of them called for the need of focusing on 2024 elections very soon. The organizers also described the efforts OFBJP-LA team took in conducting over 20 Chai Pe Charcha events and supporting other initiatives in last 5 months. 

“We thank you all for your efforts in this historical victory and appreciate your support for today’s event”, said Parimal Shah who was one of the sponsors of the event along with Raju Patel, Avadhesh Agarwal, Vinod Bhindi, Dr Nayyar, Bhupesh Parikh, Ganpat Patel, Sanjay Shah, Kirit Patel, Kanaksinh Zala, Yogi Patel and PranavYDesai. 



Before the conclusion of the program, Jitu Patel requested the audience to observe one minute silence for the impacted victims of the recent natural disasters in India. 

This public function was attended by over 300 members, supporters. senior leaders of esteemed organizations like HSS, AHF, VHPA, ICS, UFICA, SMAP, Gayatri Parivaar and members of OFBJP Los Angeles team.  The prominent members of the community who attended the event included Dr Manohar Shinde, Kamlesh Chauhan, Ajoy Dube, Amrit Bhandari, Vasu Pawar, Madhur Shrivastava, and Dr Sharma. The event was supported by Arun Dutt, Ashok Patnaik, Sudip Goraskar, Devdutt Maheshwari,, Manmohan chopra, Latesh Bhanbani and Vijay Tellkikar. 

The event ended with sumptuous dinner.