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Bakhshinderpal Mann was arrested by Canadian authorities
and will be extradited to California

This man had fathered a child with his younger cousin & murder of a newborn child

Los Angeles, April 02, 2021 A.Gary Singh

Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann was arrested by Canadian authorities and will be extradited to Kern County.

  • He was wanted for accessory to murder and statutory rape in regard to the 2019 case involving the murder of a newborn by Beant Kaur Dhillon.
  • Police discovered that Mann, 23, had fathered a child with his younger cousin, the daughter of Dhillon.
  • It’s alleged in court documents that Mann fathered a child with his 15-year-old cousin in Bakersfield in 2018.
  • Soon after, he allegedly gave the baby to the woman’s mother who drowned the child and then buried the tiny corpse in a flower bed.
  • Beant Dhillon was sentenced March 5 to 25 years to life in prison for the murder of the infant plus four years consecutive on a child cruelty charge.
  • Mann was in the United States illegally
  • He reportedly cut his GPS-monitoring device, got over the border and remained at large



NRI Mother killed her own teen daughter’s New Born Baby
Her Husband Jagsir Singh consented to the baby’s burial, Also found dead (suicide)

Jagsir Singh’s Nephew Bakhshinderpal Mann Illegal in US, helped to bury the baby

Fear of NRI Community shame Leads Newborn's killing

Los Angeles, March 10, 2019 A.Gary Singh

On Nov. 12, 2018, 15 years old NRI girl gave birth to a baby in her parent’s family home in Bakersfield (75 miles from Los Angeles). The infant was handed to the teenager's mother,

Beant Kaur Dhillon, who drowned the baby and wrapped it in a garbage bag and she got help from her Husband’s nephew Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann to burry the baby in the backyard of their home. Mann and Beant Dhillon allegedly worked together to dig a hole in the backyard of the home, according to the legal documents. They then allegedly placed the baby into the hole, placed salt in the hole, and buried the baby.

Jagsir Singh, husband of Beant Kaur Dhillon wasn’t present during the baby’s murder but consented to the baby’s burial.

Last week, the police began their investigation when the death was reported by a third party. The newborn's body was dug up  on Feb. 26. 2019 by police

 Beant Kaur Dhillon is a licensed vocational nurse in California

In November, 2018, Beant Kaur Dhillon, 43, killed her teenage daughter’s newborn baby. She was accused of drown the baby and killed the baby after her 15-year-old daughter gave birth in the bathroom at the family’s southwest Bakersfield home.

  • Beant Kaur Dhillon appeared in court for the first time on Feb. 28, 2019  on several charges, including murder.
  • Beant Kaur Dhillon pleaded not guilty to all charges during a court appearance on Thursday afternoon, the station reported. She is scheduled to be back in court on March 13.

She told police she killed the baby to prevent family shame, according to the documents.

Beant Kaur Dhillon  

Jagsir Singh, 47, the husband of Beant Kaur Dhillon (the father of the teenage mother) wasn’t present during the baby’s murder.

  • Jagsir consented to the baby’s burial and made no attempt to report the birth or death.
  • Jagsir Singh arrested and charged with being an accessory and willful cruelty to a child and no attempt to inform police of the death.  Jagsir got bail and is scheduled for arraignment March 13, 2019.

On March 07, the body of Jagsir Singh was found around 9am at the same address where the newborn's body was dug up Feb. 26--. An autopsy has been scheduled to determine cause and manner of Singh's death. Police on Thursday characterized the death as a possible suicide. 

Jagsir Singh  

Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann

Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann, 23, was in the country illegally, ICE says

Police are looking for the cousin, Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann, for his role in burying the baby and the cover-up.

·       Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann, 23, is charged in murder case as he helped to bury a newborn boy drowned by the child's grandmother and also he  participated in the coverup. 

·       He is an Indian national in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In July 2016, he entered the country illegally, transferred to ICE custody, and later released with a GPS-monitoring device pending proceedings before an immigration court.

·       Mann removed the GPS-monitoring device Feb. 27, the day after the baby's body was discovered buried in the backyard of a home....................Mann remains at large


The Safe Surrender Baby Law:

In Most of the States in US, this law allows parents or single parent confidentially and safely surrender their baby within 3 days of birth to any fire station  or any emergency room.