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NRI Pankaj Trivedi from USA murdered in Ahmedabad-A Non-resident Indian was murdered by four unidentified persons on June 15, 2006 evening just outside a club.
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June 22, 2006

Will You Help Pankaj Trivedi who is killed in India?

In short, what Pandurang Shashtri Athavale collected as donations in the name of God for spread of thoughts of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta was not utilised for the purpose. These donations in the form of securities and bank investments amounted to Rupees two hundred crores. Further, the flow of donations in crores of rupees used to come regularly.

What was considered to be Devdravya was treated as personal wealth of Pandurang Shashtri during the last days of his life. He removed all neutral nearly 70 trustees from about 100 charitable trusts formed by him. His adopted daughter Jayshree Talwalkar and her husband were replaced as trustees which gave full control of The Devdravya to them.

This was objected by devoted followers who had laid their lives for strengthening of the movement or organisation. Further, the trusts had property worth Rupees five hundred crores. Donations worth nearly Rupees 400 crores were collected from NRIs of U.S. and U.K. for constructing houses for earth quake effected people but the same was not utilised for the purpose but was pocketed.

NRI Pankaj Trivedi started asking for accounts of Earth Quake Relief funds. He further filed an application before appropriate Indian Court for throwing open a temple (Bhav Nirjar) for members of public which was closed by Jayshree Talwalkar.

In retaliation, Pankaj Trivedi and other dedicated Swadhyayees were attacked and assaulted at the hands of ignorant new Swadhyayees. such actions gave bad name to the organisation. So number of false criminal cases under various Indian Penal Code sections were filed against Pankaj Trivedi and old dedicated Swadhyayees in rural India. The strategy was to compel these people to come to rural India where they would be killed by mobs. For the malice purpose, utter false inciting stories were fed to the masses.

Pankaj Trivedi filed writ petition against 22 identical cases and The High Court at Ahmedabad, India ruled that all the cases were fabricated and The Court observed that the language of all complaints by different ignorant Swadhyayees were word to word matching in 22 cases filed miles away to each other. The High Court at Ahmedabad quashed all the criminal complaints against Pankaj Trivedi and other old dedicated Swadhyayees at one go. The other side approached to The Supreme Court of India who also dismissed all the complaints, sealing doors for malicious desires of complainants to send Pankaj Trivedi and other dedicated old Swadhyayees to jail.

Pankaj Trivedi has been killed on 15th Night at Ahmedabad in India. According to a local news-paper Pankaj Trivedi had donated Rupees one and half crore to Pandurang Shashtri.

Indians who will fight for the cause of getting the murderers punished might meet the same fate. False criminal cases will also be filed against them which empower corrupt police officials to arrest and hammer them in lock-ups also make them vulnerable for fatal assaults at the hands of mobs. The slow judiciary cost heavy against whom the cases are filed and finish them financially.

Pankaj Trivedi when came to U.S. about three months ago had to face the grilling by Home Security Agency as a letter in Urdu with his photo along with the photo of Bin Laden was forwarded to Home Security Agency stating that Pankaj Trivedi was a threat to The President of U.S.A. He was found to be innocent and The Home Security Agency was to go in detail of the fabricated letter with false information about Pankaj Trivedi. Pankaj Trivedi would have been prime witness in un-earthing of this fraud.

He should have been killed by his enemies to protect themselves from legal actions of not utilising donations for the purpose and forwarding a fabricated letter to Home Security Agency.

May I urge the NRIs to give enough publicity and persuade Home Security to investigate and find out the persons behind The Urdu letter who are most likely killers of Pankaj Trivedi.

Let's do some justice to a brave and noble man who invited his death for a cause of justice.

A Swadhyayee.