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Pradeep, LAST: Nair


Of course, it is illegal to smuggle in vehicles with forged documents. If a vehicle is 2006 model, the custom duty relating to 2006 model itself should be levied. But what if the document says 2006 model for a 1996 model. Will the customs agree to that actual model or will they go for the documented model. Defenitely the documented model will be of interest to the custom officials as it gives them better revenue.

It is true that the used car/bike sellers in dubai get forged documents for vehicles from japan itself. Even if a vehicle is 1996 model, they manage to get document of 2000 model for the same vehicle with same chasis & win number and they sell it to the customer showing the paper of 2000 model. And if that vehicle is applied for export documentation, the buyer gets the same year and details mentioned on the export papers too. The year of manufacture can be found using the vin number, the punch on the parts-like for bikes, the cables, the disk, the inner moulding etc will have some punching on that which can show the vehicle is older than what is mentioned in document.

Why is it so that the officials never agree to the reality when someone proves that his document for the vehicle is wrong and his vehicle is more older than what it shows in paper. If it is the reverse way (though no will disclose it) the officials will be more than happy to accept those words.