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NRI from Gulf wants justice from Indian Govt.

  • NRIs are remitting daily more than Rs. 100 crore to India.
  • More than 90 % of the remittance is spent by the dependents of NRIs back home

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    Do justice with Gulf NRI

An open letter to Vayalar Ravi Minister of overseas Indian affairs from KV Shamsudheen, (For Pravasi Bandhu Welfare Trust).
We NRIs in UAE were expecting you to meet and present various issues faced by NRIs in this region. The last movement cancellation of your visit disappointed all of us. NRIs from GCC countries are remitting daily more than Rs. 100 crore to India. Sixty percent of this remittance is from low and middle income NRI workers from GCC countries, so this Diaspora has a significant roll in the nation building.

1 Control Recruiting Agencies:

Thousand of job seekers are fell into the trap of recruiting agencies daily. Many job seekers are paying hefty service charge starting from Rs 50,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs for foreign jobs. At last they are not getting job when they reach abroad. The ministry must stop this and bring a legislation to punish such criminals in Indian and black list Indians involve such activities aboard.

2 Trafficking of Girls for Immoral Activities:

Involvement of Indian girls in immoral activates became daily issue in GCC countries. There should be strict measures too stop such Trafficking girls for immoral activities.

3 Minimum Wage:

The recruiting agents exploit skilled Indian labour forces by paying very low salary and pathetic living conditions. Now the salary given to many skilled labours are much less than what they get in India. There must be a minimum salary for getting job abroad. Thousands of workers are under depression and brink of suicide. Last year in UAE there were 84 suicide cases. We have taken up an initiative to solve this problem called "Sandwanam".

4 Media Campaign:

We request to conduct an awareness campaign through media to stop various exploitations of job seekers abroad under Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

When Pravasi Bandhu Welfare Trust conducted a survey among low and middle income NRIs from GCC countries, we find out that only 2% is saving from the remittance to India. Another finding is even 98% of the participants had agreed that after they became NRIs their families' life style have improved, only 5% agreed that when they return back they can lead a comfortable life.

It is an alarming issue, we realized that the only solution for critical situation is cultivation saving and productive investment habit among these NRIs. We are organising educational classes to create awareness on this subject.

5 A Systematic Investment Plan:

We have being suggesting to Finance Ministry to introduce a Systematic Investment Scheme for NRIs. We could not see any such proposal in the budget. Presently more than 90 % of the remittance is spent by the dependents of NRIs back home. If government initiate to develop exclusive investment scheme it will help to invest something from the earning and will create wealth for the time of return back to India. Today 95% low and middle income NRIs from GCC countries facing problem to live when they return back after many years stay abroad.

Securities Exchange Board of India had given approval for a tailor made mutual fund to JM Mutual Fund to introduce an exclusive fund called JM Pravasi Bandhu Fund with our request two years back. The fund house also kept quite after getting the approval. We request the Finance Ministry to introduce an investment plan at the earliest to attract low and middle income NRIs and safe guard the retirement life of the NRIs of this segment.

Other wise it will be very complicated issue for the government.

6 Reservation for NRIs in IPOs:

NRIs were getting 40% reservation in the Initial Public Offer of Indian companies. But Government had withdrawn that facility and give that option to Foreign Financial Institutions. That was excellent an opportunity for NRI retail investors to invest Indian capital market. We request the your ministry to request the Finance Ministry to reinstate the reservation and keep a maximum cap on investment to get investment opportunity in Indian companies to maximum number ordinary NRIs. We further request to provide some reservation to NRIs as and when disinvestments take place of Public Sector Units.

7 NRI Insurance Scheme:

This government had declared an insurance scheme for NRIs workers, the details are not published and the implementation is still pending. We request the finance ministry to introduce the same at the earliest.

8 Help line in diplomatic missions for Labour issues:

The number issues related exploitation of labours is increasing. We request you to introduce a help-line service in all our diplomatic missions.

We have started a n initiative to help people are in depression and brink of suicide, which is working very well. We request to introduce similar facilities with experts in all diplomatic missions to help our community members.


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