Indian girls lured to Dubai for prostitution

Dubai, September 12, 2004

A flourishing network of agents and pimps are allegedly luring Indian girls to Dubai for prostitution after promising them jobs as housemaids.

Two such girls, one from Andhra Pradesh and another from Kerala, who have been rescued, are waiting for travel documents to be sent back home.

"Most of the agents are from Kerala and most of the girls are from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala," an Indian consulate official told PTI.

Many are brought here on false promises of jobs and then forced into the sex racket.

The Consulate is currently preparing a note for the 'Protector of Emigrants' so as to prevent the agents in sex rackets from luring girls to the Gulf.

"As it is there are several checks but the agents exploit the loopholes and bring the girls on visit visas. Even minors are not spared by the traders in flesh," he said.

"Three months ago, a minor girl was rescued in pitiable conditions," the official said adding the girls also hardly get any money as the lion's share of income is pocketed by these agents.

"On January 18 this year, another girl landed in Sharjah and the very next day she was arrested on charges of prostitution after she refused to comply," he added.