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Charanjit Singh Brar, secretary and OSD resigned from the party, PPP, Punjab



  • Aug. 08, 2011: Charanjit Singh Brar Former OSD to S. Manpreet Singh Badal has joined Sukhbir’s Party-- S. Charanjit Singh Brar Former OSD to S. Manpreet Singh Badal has joined Shiromani Akali Dal. S. Sukhbir Singh Badal President, Shiromani Akali Dal & Deputy Chief Minister, Punjab will formally honour S. Charanjit Singh Brar for joining the party in a ceremony to be held on 09.08.2011(Tuesday) in the Head Office of Shiromani Akali Dal i.e. Building No. 6, Sector 28-B, Madhya Marg Chandigarh. S. Sukhbir Singh Badal President, Shiromani Akali Dal will address the press conference at 01 PM after the ceremony.  
  • He said, he was leaving the party because:
    • PPP, president Manpreet Badal was surrounded by a coterie of his relatives who lacked experience and maturity
    • Their sycophancy has created a stifling atmosphere in the party.
    • Even as senior leaders left the party no efforts were made to bring them back.
    • False case of a murder was registered against me and you kept quiet. I could have pocketed that insult but the registration of false cases against my father and brother................READ BELOW

Manpreet Singh Badal's secretary and OSD Charanjit Singh Brar resigned
Manpreet suffered a big set back

July 30, 2011

President of Peoples Party of Punjab Manpreet Singh Badal suffered a big set back when the secretary of PPP and OSD to Manpreet, Charanjit Singh Brar resigned from the party today. In a hurriedly called press conference in Chandigarh press club on Saturday, Charanjit Brar accused Manpreet of nepotism and favoritism and said that he was feeling suffocated and cheated. He said that Manpreet is surrounded by a coterie of relatives. Their sympathetic back scratching and sycophancy and created a stifling atmosphere in the party. Mr. Brar said it is a painful decision to depart from Manpreet

Mr. Brar was OSD to Manpreet Badal when he was the finance minister of Punjab. When Manpreet launched his party this year, Brar joint the party as secretary. Their is a Police case pending against and his family on the charges of fraud and cheating regarding setting up a Rice mill in Gidderwaha. He was a Naib -Tehsildar in Punjab Government but he sent is resignation in March 2011. Earlier he was suspended from the Government service.



July 30, 2011
Respected Sardar Manpreet Singh Ji Badal
President Peoples Party Of Punjab


While writing what follows to give vent to my feelings, I feel emotionally choked and saddened by the turn of time and circumstances. Last fifty years of my family�s support to Badal Pariwar, my day and night travails for the last sixteen years to support you and my stint as your OSD elapse like a motion picture in front of my eyes and leave them moist.

It was your Charisma and aura which endeared you to my family in general and me in particular. For me it was a God sent gift to be associated with a person of lofty principles and strong convictions. An ideologue who taught me nitty gritty of politics, a diehard who taught me to do or die, a mentor par excellence, who by personal example taught me up rightness, to stand up for what is right, not to tolerate injustice and above all not to barter prestige, honour and public image for worldy gain and petty ornamentations. I cherish these ideals and will hold them closer to my chest till I die.

I savoured every moment of my association with you, the inherent support of whole Badal Pariwar and particularly fatherly love and affection of Sardar Parkash Singh Badal ji and Dass Ji till the day of the judgement, when you decided to abdicate, much against my advice and I was to take the crucial decision of supporting you or to continue enjoying the patronage of mighty Badal Sahib. Compelled by my loyality to you, my icon, I decided to follow the suit and serve my icon, an apostle, the crusader for the uplift of masses, for the awakening of Punjab.

Sadly my dreams were shattered and my beliefs stood belied when after having taken oath at Shri Harmander Sahib you announced the agenda at Amritsar but cooly decided to change/modify it at the time of registration of the party. Somehow I lumped it but pointed to you the aberration which you curtly brushed aside.

Before launching the party you used to condemn �Bhai Bhatija Wad� nepotism and favouritism and preached real democracy, giving due weightage to the efforts put in by each member, to constructive suggestions and consideration to sound advice of experienced and loyal workers of the party. But today, look around, my Master and introspect, you are surrounded, except three, by a coterie of your relatives who due to lack of experience and maturity and due to fear of annoying each other are in no position to give you fair, frank and constructive suggestions, express fearless opinion and render sound advice. Their sympathetic back scratching and sycophancy have created a stifling atmosphere in the party. I wonder where your tall promises of running the party in true democratic manner have vanished. The advice of your in-experienced, selfish, audacious, insolent and presumptuous advisers has compelled many stalwarts like Sant Ajit Singh Ji MLA, Charanjit singh channi MLA, Birdavinder Singh Ji and Manjinder Singh Kang MLA to bid farewell to the party and you have made no effort to appease them, mollify them and bring them back to the party fold. Is your coterie afraid of being elbowed out? Sir, due to the smug, snobbish, supercilious, narcissistic, �holier than thou� attitude and vainglorious habits of your advisers, stalwarts advice is not even sought. Their advice is not only ignored but they are not even called for the core committee meetings. How sad that stalwarts are not considered competent to render advice vis a vis your sycophant relatives. For the last over nine months, except three, only your relatives are called for the core committee meetings being held every Monday. Are there no competent persons in whole of Punjab? You will certainly find thousands of them even of a higher calibre than your relatives. It is not only puzzling but sad too.

Persecution of honest workers like me and many others by the Government of the day is well known. Has any step in terms of launching an agitation against the persecution or even issuing a strong statement against excesses being committed on loyal workers has been taken by you? False case of a murder was registered against me and you kept quiet. I could have pocketed that insult but the registration of false cases against my father and brother and not a word being uttered by you, no agitation being launched because you did not want it, was too much to swallow. It has shaken my faith in you. You are not prepared to protect the loyal workers. You did not utter even a word when false cases were registered against the other loyal workers of the party who stood by you from the very first day of your starting this movement. Sir, political battles are not won by memorandums but by sheer action, by leading the masses from the front.

In these circumstances I feel quite suffocated and cheated. Therefore I bow out of the party which I had nursed with lot of enthusiasm, with my sweat and blood. With a heavy heart I resign from the post of Secretary of the Peoples Party Of Punjab. May God bless you and the party. Quitting after sixteen years of my association with you is painful departure, very painful but what cannot be cured must be endured.

To quote you �Positions are not important but the prestige is�
Sincerely yours
Charanjit Singh Brar




Charanjit Singh Brar belongs to village Fakharsar,near Giddarbaha, a farmer family..

Charanjit Singh Brar resigned from the party, PPP

  • Charanjit Brar joined Govt Service during previous Badal govt
  • Mr Brar told the reporters that he had resigned from govt in march ,2011 and did not know the fate of his resignation.
  • There is big news in media that he may be recruited or already selected to PCS.