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Punjab News: Sep. 04- Sep 12, 2011

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Sep. 10, 2011:


Open Letter to S. Parkash Singh Badal

(Sukhpal Singh Khaira)    
Respected Badal Sahib,
                        I have read your statement regarding your intention to table a resolution in the state assembly for commutation of death sentence awarded to Prof. Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar (The Tribune dated 10-09-2011). This stand is in continuation of your earlier plan of taking up the issue with the Prime Minister which was reported in the same paper dated 02-09-011 wherein it was also mentioned that the SGPC had separately taken up the matter with the Prime Minister’s office.  Your sentiments were also shared by your worthy son, the Deputy Chief Minister.
                        Death sentence to Professor Bhullar has been a subject-matter of active discussion in the legal, administrative as well as social and political circles in the recent past.  While I am grateful to you for showing such concern about Bhullar’s life, there are some issues which perplex me and create doubt about your bona fide.  Therefore, I consider it my duty to raise them before you so that the people of Punjab understand the Punjab Government’s stand clearly.  These are as follows:-

                        Firstly, while you are expressing your concern and seeking commutation of Bhullar’s sentence, your Government has filed CRL MP Nos.10955-57/2008 and managed to get a stay from the Supreme Court against investigation by the CBI.  This petition has been filed after all appeals of U.T. Administration of Chandigarh in the same case had been dismissed by the High Court as well as by the Supreme Court.  Interestingly, the point of appeals/SLPs filed by U.T. and their dismissal has not been reflected in the petition filed by your Government concealing material facts therein.  Are the two stands not contradictory to each other?
                        Secondly, Punjab and Haryana High Court had marked the enquiry to CBI as one Darshan Singh Multani, a retired IAS Officer, filed a petition after seeing a news-report wherein his son Balwant Singh Multani was shown as a proclaimed offender since 1993 by Chandigarh Police.  Shri Multani had stated before the High Court that his son was arrested in December 1991 by Chandigarh Police, shown as escaped, killed in a fake encounter and declared a proclaimed offender seriously misusing/violating the provisions of law.  As the charges were very serious and a few other persons were also missing and the scene of action was spread out in the states of Punjab, Rajasthan and U.T. of Chandigarh, the Hon’ble High Court entrusted the enquiry to the CBI who registered a preliminary enquiry and conducted a detailed and exhaustive probe for nine month after which they concluded that the charges leveled by Shri Multani regarding his son seemed to be correct.  The CBI enquiry also established  that two other persons viz. Balwant Singh Bhullar i.e. father of Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar and Manjit Singh Sohi (his ‘Masar’) were also kept in illegal custody by Chandigarh Police and both have been missing since then.  Both were gazetted officers with Punjab Government and the Reserve Bank of India respectively and had more than thirty years or more of unblemished record of Government Service.  It is suspected by CBI that both these persons too may have met the same fate as Balwant Singh Multani.  The CBI therefore registered FIR in the matter on 02-07-2008 and commenced investigation.  Your Government have obtained a stay from the Supreme Court against investigation by CBI though the issue was mainly between U.T. Administration and Balwant Singh Multani and the State of Punjab had no locus standi.  Is it fair to prevent investigation into the disappearance or suspected killing of Bhullar’s father and uncle?
                        Thirdly, the petition filed by your Government in the Supreme Court describes Bhullar as a ‘hardcore and experienced criminal’ having a ‘well-organised international support base’, who is likely to ‘misuse such orders to attempt victimization’ of ‘dedicated’ and ‘decorated’ police officers which is the main concern of the State.  Surprisingly the State does not make any mention of the suspected killing of above two persons who were serving Government officials and had no connection with terrorism as concluded by the CBI.  Can a ‘decorated police officer’ be given a license to kill innocents?  Moreover would your letter to the Prime Minister seeking commutation for Bhullar have any impact when your own Government has taken such a contrary stand before the Supreme Court? What I am unable to understand is whether you as S. Parkash Singh Badal and as Chief Minister of Punjab, can take two different stands?
                        Fourthly, the petition of Punjab State questions the High Court’s views regarding the capabilities of Punjab State in carrying out a fair investigation and the only goal seems to be to avoid investigation by CBI at all costs.  Yes, your set-up is very competent and capable and we have tested their professionalism in the case against you and your family where not only the witnesses but even the Investigating Officers resiled and turned hostile against their own investigation.  No wonder the credibility of CBI does not measure up to your standards of justice and fairness. Moreover, has the Punjab Police ever unearthed any case of police excesses on its own? Is it not a fact that most of the cases of police excesses have been brought to light by the CBI only? Then why should the state oppose investigation by the CBI and press for probe only by Punjab police who have not conducted even a simple enquiry into the disappearance of two government officials for nearly two decades?
                        Fifthly, Bhullar’s death sentence does not by any standards, fall in the category of ‘rarest of rare’ cases due to a split-verdict in appeal before the Supreme Court.  Hon’ble Justice M.B. Shah, the Presiding Judge of the three judge bench acquitted Bhullar finding the evidence against him inadequate and without any credence.  However, the verdict of the other two judges prevailed being majority but it surely does not warrant death sentence in view of Justice Shah’s observations.  His case deserves our support even on merit.  Should we not take up this case sincerely and separate it from defending police personnel responsible for killing innocent persons as found by the CBI?
                        Sixthly, whenever CBI reports are received involving any officers in any heinous crime, immediate action to suspend or register a case etc. is taken.  In this case the officer concerned, though involved in several heinous cases, was made to officiate as Chief Director, Vigilance for three years by not posting any ADGP rank officer though many were available.  After that he was promoted as Chief Director violating all rules and norms of service jurisprudence and again continued in the same post.  Is he being rewarded because he was acting as your main hatchet-man to involve your opponents in false cases or for the services rendered in the vigilance case against you and your family by ensuring resiling of all the witnesses?  Your dilemma is understandable.  On one hand you do not want to lose the undeserved title of ‘champion of the Sikh Cause’ and at the same time want to reward the officers who completely demolished the cases against you and your family even if they killed several innocent persons.  Would it not be proper to take a clear stand on the issue?


Respected Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Sh. P.Chidrambam, esteemed members of the council, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

This meeting is being held at a very crucial hour as our country faces grave external challenges to peace and stability. The recent terrorist attacks have underlined the need for a decisive response. The situation demands statesmanship of the highest order from those at the helm of affairs.

We in Punjab are familiar these challenges, having successfully overcome these. We have faced several challenges to communal harmony in the past, notably in 1984 and its aftermath but the people and the government of Punjab have successfully overcome these.

We strongly believe that the problem is multi-dimensional, having strong emotional, psychological and religious implications. Experience tells us that a purely administrative approach can not only fail to deliver results but can even boomerang with disastrous long term implications for the nation. Unless we adopt a wholesome approach and remove the very causes which create conditions for our external enemies to exploit, we can not hope to find a lasting solution to our problems.

One of the major factors that work the advantage of the enemies of peace and communal harmony is the failure of our system to provide automatic, in-built redress systems to remove the genuine grievances of the people. The shoddy and even criminal manner in which cases relating to the 1984 massacre of innocent Sikhs ahs been dealt with is a case in point. The failure of the system to deliver justice causes deep resentments among the aggrieved sections of the people and that leads to a dangerous alienation in the minds of the victims. These issues must be addressed with utmost seriousness by the National Integration Council which by its very definition is the perfect forum to bring about the emotional integration of our people. Unfortunately, our obsession with a purely law-and-order approach leaves the causes of our maladies largely untouched, and thus we satisfy ourselves by removing the symptoms of the disease while the disease still persists.

I wish also to emphasize that the growing economic disparities and an alarming rate of unemployment among the youth contain the seeds of discontent and that in turn does not augur well for peace. It may sound a cliché but the fact is that the poor have been getting poorer and the rich richer. This leads to a feeling of social and economic injustice. Many of the challenges like the growing specter of Naxal violence come from these realities. We need to address these issues so as to pre-empt those who exploit these conditions to mislead our youth and unleash violent tendencies.  For this, we have often advocated that a special economic package must be given to states wherein the Naxal is likely to surface rather than only to those which are already afflicted by it. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure.

Talking about my state, pro-active and dedicated measures have been taken by the state Government to contain any challenge to peace and communal harmony. In this, we have taken into confidence all communities and all sections of society, and have focused on socio-economic aspects of our people while devising realistic policies and effective implementation system.

We have formed peace committees at various levels. The legal systems are well placed in the state and legal actions are strict in terms of zero tolerance to communal violence and over tones. In this regard The Punjab (Prevention of Damage to Public and Private Property) Bill – 2010 has already been sent to the Union Government for the due process.

The law enforcing agencies have been strengthened in terms of numbers, training and deployment to handle such situations. The Intelligence Wing of Punjab Police has been strengthened with adequate man/material resources so as to effectively and timely deal with the emerging challenges.

There is another issue that needs to be addressed. This relates to the center-state relationship. In this regard, I wish to point out that a reality check is required for the bill on communal violence bill which the government of India is seeking to bring in. The bill can lead to avoidable confrontation between the center and the states. Section 20 of this bill defined organized Communal and targeted violence as internal disturbance bring it within the meaning of Article 355 of the Constitution, and this creating a role for the center here.  Since law & order is a state subject the section 20 of the proposed bill is a direct transgression into the states’ authority by the government of India. This can not lead to a healthy relationship between the states and the center, something so urgently require for an effective response to challenges to peace.

Secondly, there is an ambiguity in the selection of members of National Authority for communal harmony, justice and reparation.
Section 72 calls for a judicial enquiry by a sitting judge of concerned High Court into the cases of Communal violence, which is bound to create confusion as Investigations in the same cases are also taken up by national and state authorities.

A dedicated and well trained force on the pattern of RAF needs to be raised by the Government of India and placed at the disposal of the sensitive states. A fund in this regard has to be generated by the central government to fund the states in maintenance of such a force.

Every deviation from people rights and the best way to deal with is to be sensitive to the people’s need and the state government has always been very receptive to any demand on the issue. They have also been given patient hearing by the government. Use of force to deal with such situation has been kept only as a last resort.

The civil disturbance has two sides to it. On one hand, it projects the maturity and awareness in the process of democratization and on the other hand it reflects the inefficiency, unrest and a vacuum in the implementation of good governance. Lack of transparency and accountability in general and indifference and irresponsiveness in particular to the problems of the common man has resulted in poor delivery mechanism, corruption, favouritism and inaccessibility of the political leaders and officials has resulted in large scale disturbances.

The need of the hour is to make a comprehensive citizen charter and standard efficiency scales to be setup in every government department and agency. My government has taken a lead and has brought the government to doorsteps of the people. With the enactment of the Right to Service Act, we have ensured the 4 Es – efficiency, effectiveness, economy and equity in the process of governance and service delivery system. 67 services have been earmarked during the first phase of this implementation. The Right to Service Act is going to be implemented in letter and spirit. We have adopted the policy of zero tolerance to corruption and transparency in process of policy making.

I am happy to inform this esteemed forum that the Punjab today stands out as an oasis of peace and communal harmony in the country. But we have not relaxed our vigil, as attempt to revive terrorism continuing from across the border. We have been monitoring all these activities and taking pro-active preventive actions.

The role played by the central government in the 1984 riots and its subsequent justice delivery requires introspection. The Union Government has also been unnecessarily interfering in the matter of Sikh religion. Such interferences usually lead to radicalization and it becomes a tool in the hands of fundamentalist forces in the country.

Ultimately the best antidote of such activity is fairness and responsiveness of the system to the people’s needs. We have laid special stress on the government-to-people interface at all levels.

In the end, I wish to assure the government of India that we fully back every effort to promote peace and communal harmony in the country. What we require is a judicious mix of pre-emptive and pro-active measures to promote peace and communal harmony in the country. Even though we need to strengthen our security forces and law enforcing agencies, a purely administrative approach is not the answer to the problem of violence and terrorism. We need a multi-pronged approach to address this multi-dimensional challenge.

Is Bibi Jagir Kaur a ‘Patit’ Sikh!

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath

I was surprised to read a statement of Bibi Jagir Kaur today that appeared in The Tribune on page 4, where she promises to fight apostasy. I am attaching photographs of Bibi Jagir Kaur downloaded from the official website of SGPC wherein it is abundantly clear that she herself does not subscribe to Sikh ‘Maryada’. A close look at the photos indicates that she got facial hairs removed by using today’s modern beauty parlor techniques and thus becoming a ‘Patit’ sikh. Her appearance even today is the one on the right photo and this can be best judged when you meet her in person

In another startling statement she has promised to fight female foeticide, while she is main accused in famous Harpreet murder case responsible for killing her own pregnant daughter. She is advised to practice herself what she preaches.
Do you think religious leaders like her should be allowed to fight SGPC elections? I am sorry to state that the Jathedar of Shri Akal Takhat Sahib failed to take cognizance of my two letters(Copy attached) as he is not independent and is in the control of the Badal family.


Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji,
Jathedar Akal Takhat,
Sri Amritsar Sahib.
Subject: - Request to uphold your public commitment to put up clean candidates in the ensuing SGPC elections. We hope this promise would be implemented in the case of Bibi Jagir Kaur Ex–President SGPC.
Respected Jathedar Sahib,
                        As per your public statement that appeared in Indian Express newspaper dated 04.08.2011(Copy attached), you have urged all political parties to put up clean candidates for the ensuing SGPC elections. You have also stressed on the urgent need to protect sikh tenets and beliefs and that only baptized Sikhs should be fielded. This statement of yours has been widely appreciated in sikh circles.
            In common sense your expression of clean candidates should mean persons without any blemish, that they should not be corrupt, neither with any criminal record and that they should be true Sikhs with high integrity and morality.
            But in the case of Bibi Jagir Kaur Ex-President SGPC, all these above stated conditions of a clean candidate fall flat on the face as per record attached alongwith.

  1. Bibi Jagir Kaur is charged with the murder of her daughter in the infamous Harpreet Kaur murder case pending trial in the special CBI court at Patiala. The CBI has registered a murder case u/s 302 and other offences in which Bibi Jagir Kaur is the main accused alongwith others in    RC.5(S)/2000SJU.I Dated 03.10.2000 (Copy of chargesheet attached alongwith). According to sikh tenets, murderer of a daughter is known as ‘Kuri-maar’ which is a ‘Bazar-kurhait’, (unpardonable sin). This case is in the final stages of trial and in case she is convicted for murder, the head of entire Sikh community will  hang in shame.
  1. Bibi Jagir Kaur is a ‘Patit’ Sikh.

          That as per photographs downloaded from the official website of
the SGPC from the internet dated 08.04.11 (actually 04.08.2011),Bibi Jagir Kaur is shown in many different poses. That during her earlier tenure as President SGPC in 1999 according to photographs she had unremoved hair over her upper lips and other parts of the face. That during her second stint as President SGPC in 2004-2005, her photograph shows those hair removed in accordance with beauty parlor hair removing techniques and her photo is absolutely with no hair on the face. Even her physical verification in person is in conformity with the latest photo i.e. she has now removed her hair meaning thereby that now she is a ‘Patit’ sikh and not in accordance with ‘Maryada’.


  1. Bibi Jagir Kaur is in illegal possession of over 98 Kanals(over 12 acres) of prime land worth over Rs. 100 crores belonging to Nagar Panchayat Begowal, Distt. Kapurthala(Land record attached). That in the garb of a running a Khalsa School, she has usurped the said land and that the name of Bibi Jagir Kaur figures in the column of cultivator (‘Kasht’ khana) while the Nagar Panchayat is in the owner’s column. It clearly indicates that she is in unauthorized possession.

As a net result, according to above stated facts Bibi Jagir Kaur is having a very serious criminal record, she according to appearance is not in accordance with sikh ‘Maryada’ and is ‘Patit’, that while being in unauthorized possession of over 12 acres of Nagar Panchayat Begowal prime land worth over Rs. 100 crores, is also a corrupt and tainted person.

Therefore, I would request you to take up this complaint with S. Sukhbir Singh Badal, President SAD to press upon him, not to allocate SGPC ticket to her as she does not fulfill conditions of a clean candidate as per your public statement. That in case you fail to prevent such criminal, corrupt and ‘Patit’ Sikh to become candidate of SGPC, it would be presumed that the authority of Jathedar Akal Takhat stands undermined.  

With regards,

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath


Note: - The above letter is in my individual capacity as a normal sikh and not as a legislator of the Congress party


Chandigarh September 9:-
       Heavy rain lash Punjab during last 24 hours especially in Fazilka, Ferozepur, Patiala and Amritsar districts with level of Bakhra Dam touching 1678.11 feet today.

       According to an official spokesman Fazilka witnessed 105mm rain whereas 125 mm rain was recorded in Jalalabad during last 24 hours. 42 mm rain was recorded in Patiala and 37mm in Jandiala.

       According to the rain fall data received 22mm rain was recorded in Raikekalan, 5mm in Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda District whereas in Gurdaspur district 14mm rain was recorded in Bhimpur, 19mm in Madhopur. In District Ludhiana 20mm rain was recorded in Doraha, 28mm in Sidhwan bate, 4mm in Ludhiana. In District Mansa 6mm rain was recorded in Bhikhi, 30mm in Golewala, 10mm in Hingna, 10mm in Golewala, 15mm in Khusla. In district Mukatsar 10mm rain was recorded in Mukatsar, 9mm in Giddarbaha, 4mm in Shena Khera 11mm in Mahabandhar.  In District Patiala 27mm rain was recorded in Gandha Kheri, 42mm in Patiala. In District Ropar 40mm rain was Balan and 2mm rain was recorded in Ropar. In district Sangrur 40mm rain was recorded in Kotra and 3mm in Nadampur. Shahpur Kandi recorded 23.20mm
       In Himachal Pradesh 6.20 mm rain was recorded in Chamba, in Surgani 8mm, in Chaura 12.60mm and in Tissa 20.20mm was recorded. In J & K 45mm rain was recorded in Boond, in Patti 96mm, Basoli 50.20mm, and in Kheri 20mm rain was recorded.

            The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1678.11 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1680.95 feet.         
According to data released by the Irrigation Department, the water level at Pong Dam has touched the level of 1386.32 feet whereas its capacity was 1390 feet. The inflow in the Pong Dam was recorded at 18053 Cusecs and release was recorded at 11805 Cusecs. The release on the same date last year was 17007 Cusecs.

            The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 524.45 meter whereas its capacity was 527.91 meter.


Chandigarh, September 09:-                        
The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1678.11 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1680.95 feet.         
According to data released by the Irrigation Department, the water level at Pong Dam has touched the level of 1386.32 feet whereas its capacity was 1390 feet. The inflow in the Pong Dam was recorded at 18053 Cusecs and release was recorded at 11805 Cusecs. The release on the same date last year was 17007 Cusecs.
The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 524.45 meter whereas its capacity was 527.91 meter.      
He said that the data received from the Department on 9-9-2011 indicates the level of rain fall during last 24 hours in Jandiala  as 37.00 mm (Amritsar District), in Fazilka 105.00mm, in Jalalabad 125.00mm (Ferozepur District), in Madhopur 19.00mm  (Gurdaspur District), in Sidhwan Bet 28.00 mm (Ludhiana District), in Ganda Kheri 27.00 mm (Patiala District), and in Patiala 42.00 mm.

Punjab Governor reviews security preparedness

CHANDIGARH, SEPTEMBER 9:  The Punjab Governor and Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh, Mr. Shivraj V. Patil today presided over a high level meeting of senior police and civil officers to review security preparedness of important offices, establishments and VIPs.
       Giving strict guidelines to secure all important government instutionals building, general public and VVIPs located in the City, Mr. Patil said that special focus should be on the Punjab and Haryana Assembly, the secretariat and the High Court along with other places like District Court, Airport, Railway Station and Bus stands.
       Mr. Patil asked the officers to update the procedures and the security related equipments in view of the changing and challenging threat perceptions. He said that the Chandigarh Administration should launch an extensive campaign to give security cover to other important places like Hotels, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals and the Panjab University. He said the crisis management teams should also take a look at their preparedness to handle any challenge to the security and safety situations.




Chandigarh September 8:-
            The Election Commission of India has issued the revised schedule for the special summary revision of Photo electoral Rolls with reference to 1-1-2012 as the qualifying date:-

Revised schedule of revision


Draft publication of Rolls

04th October, 2011 (Tuesday)


Period for filing of claims and objections

04th October, 2011 (Tuesday)
to 20th October, 2011 (Thursday)


Reading of relevant part/section of photo electoral rolls in Gram Sabha/Local Bodies and RWA meetings etc & verification of names

07th October, 2011 (Friday) and 10th October, 2011 (Monday)


Special Campaign dates with Booth Level Agents of political parties for receiving Claims and Objections

09th October, 2011 (Sunday) and 16th October, 2011 (Sunday)


Disposal of Claims and Objections

By 19th November, 2011 (Saturday)


Updating the database, merging of photographs, updating the control tables and preparation and printing of supplementary list

19th November, 2011 (Saturday) to 26th December, 2011 (Monday)


Final publication of electoral rolls

02nd January, 2012 (Monday)


All citizens whose age is 18 years of above as on 1-1-2012 and who fulfill the conditions to be registered as voters can submit Form No. 6 for registration as voter Form No. 7 for objections and Form No. 8 for corrections to the ERO and BLO.
            All the eligible citizens are also requested to submit Form No. 001-A affixed with latest passport size photo along with Form No. 6 to the BLO *Booth Level Officer) for enrollment as voter and to get EPIC, Submission of photo with From No. 6 is a must.
            For more information, please contact the concerned District Electoral Officer, the Electoral Registration Officer, Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, Election Tehsildar or BLOs concerned. The details of the same are given on the website

(Raj Kamal Chaudhari)
Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab


[Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim organisations]

D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025  India

Tel.: 011-26946780  Fax: 011-26947346

AIMMM Statement on the Delhi blast

New Delhi, 8 September 2011: Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, Working President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, forcefully condemned the terrorist and criminal attack outside the Delhi High Court on 7 September which resulted in so many innocent casualties.  He said that the AIMMM demands an honest probe taking into account all possible beneficiaries of this criminal act. He cautioned that the past practice of quickly pointing to some so-called "Muslim" organisations should not be repeated in order to allow the real criminals to cover their tracks.
The AIMMM Working President further demanded that people directly responsible for intelligence and security in Delhi must be punished by immediate suspension and should be sacked if, after an enquiry, found negligent and guilty. Failure to install CCTVs at the High Court gates and other similar places in the capital clearly shows the criminal and negligent attitude of the police and security agencies despite the recurrence of terrorist attacks in the capital.
The AIMMM Working President said that merely offering of compensation to the dead and injured is not enough. Those responsible for the lax security should also pay the price so that the lax and carefree attitude of the bureaucracy, police and security agencies could be checked.
Dr. Khan demanded that the unaccounted huge funds placed at the disposal of intelligence and security agencies should be rigorously audited by independent auditors because these secret funds have created a vested interest and these funds are not being properly utilised for the purpose for which they are released to these agencies.




Chandigarh, September 8:   The Chief Gurdwara Election Commission today issued new directions to the government of states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh Administration to take suitable measure to create and preserve an atmosphere conductive to the holding of fare free and peaceful Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee election.
          In case of command by some parties and individual the Chief Gurdwara Elections Commission would allow videography of the events on the request by the candidate and his own expenses.  For this purpose a candidate who wants to make use of video camera will get permission from the Returning Officer or the Deputy Commissioner concerned. The Returning Officers shall grant permission keeping inview the law and order situation,  the likelihood of Commission of corrupt practices and electoral offences and other related factors.  The videography could be allowed only outside the polling stations and not inside the booth.
          The directions have also issued that near the Polling Station the movement of vehicles should be banned except for the officials/officers on Poll duty. On the polling day not more than four persons including the driver can use the car or vehicles and that the vehicles should be parked at the distance of about 200 meter away from the polling station.  However, Rickshaw, Auto-Rickshaw could also be allowed for these purposes. There should be ban on carrying arms or other weapons.


                                                                   Justice H.S. Brar,
                                                Chief Commissioner Gurdwara Elections

Chandigarh September 8:-                        
               . The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1677.66 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1680.80 feet.         
According to data released by the Irrigation Department, the water level at Pong Dam has touched the level of 1386.11 feet whereas its capacity was 1390 feet. The inflow in the Pong Dam was recorded at 16874 Cusecs and release was recorded at 11817 Cusecs. The release on the same date last year was 15009 Cusecs.

The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 524.23 meter whereas its capacity was 527.91 meter.      
He said that data received from the department, 35 mm heavy rainfall was recorded in Nurpur in Moga district during last 24 hours.

  Inquiry into corrupt practice of SGPC
.......Sukhpal Singh Khaira, MLA Bholath

Subject: - I urge the Jathedar of Akal Takhat Sahib to institute a commission of inquiry into the rampant corruption in SGPC at the behest of the Badal family.

The tantalizing revelations of amazingly corrupt practices being indulged in by Sh. Makkar, President SGPC, call for an immediate judicial probe by none less than a retired judge of the High Court.
It was shocking to read the SGPC President had spert Rs.1.64 cr as petrol expenses during the last five years as per RTI information. On an average the car of SGPC President consumed petrol worth Rs 9038 daily, during the last five years. As per information the car could have made 585 round trips from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and 5938 to and fro trips from Amritsar to Delhi. Even if the SGPC President slept in the car for the last five years in running condition such massive fuel expenses could not have been incurred. It only goes to show how rampantly and blatantly corrupt Sh. Makkar is. Similarly Sikhs across the world were shocked to read that the SGPC was incurring a loss of Rs 23 crore annually for the maintenance of Darbar Sahib complex at Amritsar. Needless to mention Darbar Sahib is the most visited religious place not only by the Sikhs but people from all walks of life. Despite huge offerings made by people a loss of 23 crores is a clear sign of mismanagement of the coffers of SGPC.
Even the allotment of ‘Gurbani’ rights only to PTC channel speaks volumes of favoritism at the behest of the Badal as PTC channel has benami shares of the Badal family. Why the SGPC has chosen to allocate ‘Gurbani’ rights only to PTC questions the Congress , Why a competitive tender is not floated for allocation of ‘Gurbani’ rights, it would not only fetch more revenue to the SGPC but would also expand the viewers network.

Such like many more scandals have been often coming to light casting a serious aspersion on the transparent working of the SGPC. It is also common knowledge that Sh. Makkar is merely a front man of the Badal family. All major financial decisions are actually taken by the father son duo and Sh. Makkar only signs on the dotted lines.
Therefore, it is high time that a thorough probe be held into all financial irregularities and misdeeds of the SGPC which is remote controlled by the Badals. The inquiry must be conducted by none less than a retired judge of the High Court. The Sikhs did not sacrifice their lives in the early 20th century to push the ‘Mahants’ out of Gurudwaras then, to install new Badal backed ‘Mahants’ now.

I also call upon the Sikhs to give a crushing defeat to all Badal sponsored Candidates in the ensuing SGPC polls on 18 Sept., to get our historic body out of the clutches of the Badal family.


Bajwa Discusses the Anand Marriage Issue with Law Minister Salman Khurshid.

Partap Singh Bajwa
MP, Gurdaspur, Punjab

Sardar Partap Singh Bajwa, Congress Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur Punjab, deeply concerned with the need for registration of Sikh Marriages and the consequent need to amend the Anand Marriage Act, met with the Union Minister for Law and Justice, Shri. Salman Khurshid to express his concern.

Mr. Bajwa informed the minister that there were fervent appeals from various quarters both from India as well as abroad on the issue of recognition to be given to the Sikh way of marriage, the ‘Anand Karaj’ through a statutory enactment.

Mr. Bajwa said that “The Sikh culture is proud and vibrant. We trace our roots from the best practices and beliefs of many religions which were in existence before ours. However Sikhism is a separate religion having a separate identity, history, language, script, traditions amongst other requisites that make it a complete and wholesome religion in its own way.”

Mr Bajwa informed the minister that Sikh ceremony of Anand Karaj differs significantly from the rights and rituals of marriage of other religions. The British first gave recognition to the demand of the Sikh community for the acceptance and legal recognition of this practice. Seeing the merit in the matter, the British passed the Anand Marriage Act, 1909.

That Post independence, the Government of India passed the Hindu Marriage Act which applied to Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs amongst others. The Hindu Marriage Act prescribed the rights and rituals of a valid marriage and provided for the registration of marriages.

Mr. Bajwa further pointed out that Muslims, Christians and Parsees, which do not constitute the majority of the Indian population, are not covered under the Hindu Marriage Act. Bearing in mind the uniqueness of their rights and rituals, they have their own laws for marriage, divorce and succession.

Now that State Governments and Union Territories have begun compulsorily registering all marriages irrespective of the faiths of the parties involved, Mr Bajwa said that Sikhs were being forced to register their marriages under the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Mr. Bajwa informed the minister that not too far away, across the border, Pakistan in the year 2007 enacted the Sikh Anand Marriage Act validating Sikh Marriages. The Government and the Pakistan Sikh Gurudwara Prabandak Committee issue marriage certificates to all Sikhs who tie the knot there.

Mr. Bajwa narrated to the minister countless instances where Sikh Couples have had to face problems while emigrating as they are listed as Sikhs while their marriage certificates bare their marriage as per the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act. Mr. Bajwa said “This is amongst the many scenarios where the Sikhs face hardship due to the lack of specific registration of their marriage.”

Mr. Bajwa informed the law minister that, respecting the Sikh religious sentiments, there was a proposal back in 2008, when the Law Ministry prepared a Draft Bill known as “The Anand Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2008. This amendment was the brainchild of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice.

The amendment to the Anand Marriage Act regarding registration of Sikh marriages is a logical extension of the sentiments of the Sikhs from the first instance of enactment of the Anand Marriage Act in 1909.

Mr Bajwa expressly informed the minister that the Government’s decision to abandon the proposed amendment has dealt a big blow to the Sikh Community which has long been seeking its own law for compulsory registration of Sikh marriages.

Mr. Bajwa appealed to the Government of India, particularly the Minister of Law and Justice, to revisit the issue and consider amending the Anand Marriage Act 1909 in a comprehensive manner to fulfill the demands of this community.

The Union Law Minister Mr. Salman Kurshid at the end of the interaction assured Mr. Bajwa that the matter would be referred to the Hon’ble Prime Minister and that the expectations of the Sikhs would be considered favorably.


Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today greeted the people of Punjab on the auspicious occasion of the Birthday of Baba Sri Chand ji – the elder son of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.
In his message on the eve of the Parkash Utsav, Mr. Badal said that Baba Sri Chand ji, the great mystic saint redeemed the mankind from the agonies of materialism by following the path of spirituality to achieve the ultimate goal of salvation.
The Chief Minister impressed upon the people to always remember the underlying spirit and the teachings preached by Baba Sri Chand ji.  He said: “We should take a vow to foster goodwill, communal harmony and love in the society rising above the petty considerations of caste, color, creed and religion”. 


The Punjab Government today placed the services of Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Director Ayurveda, under suspension with immediate effect.

          According to an official spokesman, Dr. Sharma has been placed under suspension for appointing Dr. Pashupati Nath Sharma as Project Director and Mr. Jaspal Singh without following the stipulated procedure and sponsoring Pashupati for further studies. The concerned superintendent has also been placed under suspension.

          It may be added that the issue of wrongful appointment was also raised in a cabinet meeting.


Chandigarh September 05: Beas and Satluj rivers in Punjab witnessed increased discharge from Pong Dam, Naushera Mirthal and Dhilwan   in Beas, Harike and HussainiWala in Satluj.
       17565 cusecs water was discharged from the Pong Dam against the inflow of 31547 cusecs. There was discharge of 7060 cusec in Beas at Naushera Mirthal and 25000 cusecs in  Dhilwan .  Satluj also witnessed the discharge of 29255 cusecs from Harike and discharge of 21369 cusecs from Hussainiwala.       
       According to an official spokesman the water level in Pong Dam was 1385.76 feet against it maximum capacity of 1390 feet. Last year on this day it was 1386.50 feet.        
       The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1676.94 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1680.05 feet.        
      The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 523.86 meter against last year level of 523.23 meter.     
      He said that the data received from the Department on 05-9-2011, 105 mm rainfall was recorded in Jodhpur, Ram Nagar 115 mm, Rama 105mm, Talwandi Sabo 130 mm in Bathinda district, Fazilka 15.00 mm, Jalalabad 15 mm in Ferozepur district, Bhiki 30.00 mm in Mansa district in Punjab in last 24 hours.

Let Amarinder face a judicial probe to prove his innocence on High Court drama

Chandigarh Sept 4 - The Shiromani Akali Dal president and Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that the failed "Operation-High Court" had the stamp of a typical Amarinder stunt, based on brazen lies, subterfuge and a daring bid to be-fool even the judiciary and the Union Government with a conspiratorial but clumsily enacted drama over withdrawal of center's notification on Sehajdharis.

        Mr. Badal asked  PPCC leader Capt. Amarinder Singh  to get a CBI or judicial inquiry ordered by his party's government at the center to prove his sincerity on claims about his non-involvement in the high drama in Punjab and Haryana High Court  over the SGPC elections.The SAD president scoffed at Amarinder's self contradictory claims on having no interest or stakes in the SGPC poll outcome."

         The Deputy Chief Minister further said that the ex-Captain must explain to the Sikh masses why he is so hell-bent on siding with the Panthic Morcha if he has no interest or stakes in the SGPC poll, as claimed by him, " said Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal in a statement here. 

          About who is really the force behind the High Court conspiracy, Mr. Sukhbir Singh said "Does Amarinder really want everyone to believe that his personal favourite and former Advocate General Harbhagwan SIngh was acting on our instructions? The PPCC president  has an excellent opportunity to prove us wrong, if he seriously believes his own words.
                 There is a UPA government at the center and Amarinder's clout with the Nehru-Gandhi family is no secret.If he wants his claims on his "innocence" to be believed, all he has to do is to use this clout in 10 Jan Path to get a high level probe ordered into the entire drama.But it seems he is still smarting under the humiliation of being exposed and defeated in his conspiracies to sabotage an imminent SAD clean sweep of the poll. And did he really hear what the Home Minister had to say about the conduct of his ( Amarinder's) friend  Harbhagwan Singh?" said the Deputy Chief Minister. 
          About his non interest in SGPC polls, the Deputy Chief Minister said,” Whom is he trying to befool. His defense of the Sehajdharis rights and his constant obsession with the thumping  progress of the SAD in the SGPC poll campaign are tell-tale proofs of his political frustration.  Everybody knows how he drowns this frustration every evening over the massive and imminent fall out of the SAD landslide  victory here on the outcome of the assembly elections due in February. But he is into a denial mode and probably needs  help from some social-support group ," said the SAD president.
        The SAD president was reacting to what he described as the "midsummer ravings of a distraught  Amarinder" in which he latter had  claimed that the he and the Congress had no interest in the SGPC elections and therefore had no stakes in its outcome. "Really?Is it the the same Amarinder who marched uniformed and fully armed police force into the Darbar Sahib complex to stop an SAD candidate from being elected president of the Sikh religious parliament in 2002? Does he seriously believe that Punjabis  have forgotten how he unleashed a reign of terror in the state then, booking several SAD  members of the SGPC in false cases, laying siege to their homes, keeping their children and ladies in illegal police custody,  and sealing off entire holy city of Amritsar to stop the SAD members from reaching Teja Singh Sammundari Hall to elect their president?" asked the SAD supremo. 
   The Deputy CM said that Amarinder had probably been hit by a severe dementia because of his life-style issues. "How else could he have forgotten that throughout the run up to the announcement of the current SGPC poll and even up to now,  he has been declaring  on a daily basis  that he would ensure the defeat of SAD candidates with the support of "others" ( the so-called  Panthic Morcha.) This is despite the so-called stand of his party to stay away from religious issues in politics.
   "And will the man who likes to be addressed as a Maharaja explain his sudden fondness for the Sehajdharis right in the thick of the SGPC poll campaign. If he is not interested in the SGPC poll or has no stakes in its outcome, then why is losing his sleep on the subject and issuing hourly statements on the Sehajdhari issue, even contradicting his own party High Command's claims that the Congress as a so-called secular party would stay clear of all religious issues. What is bothering Amarinder Singh really?" asked Mr. Sukhbir Singh.


SAD and Mr. Badal owe an explanation to Sikh masses over their duplicity in the Davinderpal Singh Bhuller clemency case.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath

              Mr. Badal and the SAD are cleverly hoodwinking and misleading Sikh masses on the issue of clemency for Davinderpal Singh Bhullar. Mr. Badal owes an explanation to the Sikh community  for his double speak on this sensitive issue for which he is trying to reap political dividends. 

            In so far the demands of clemency raised by the SAD are concerned, it is astoundingly surprising that on one hand they are seeking clemency for Bhuller, while on the other hand the SAD govt. not only calls Bhuller a terrorist, but also defends Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS Chief Director Vigilance Bureau in the Supreme Court. As per the petition filed by the state govt. in the Supreme Court (brief paras attached) “Para (ZD) such hardcore and experienced criminals, who have a well organized international support base are likely to misuse such orders to attempt victimization of dedicated police officers, which is a matter of concern to the petitioner”

            As we are aware the CBI on the directions of High Court has lodged an FIR RC 51/08(S)0010 P.S. Chandigarh against Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS, in the matter of disappearance of Balwant Singh Bhuller father of Davinderpal Bhuller, Balwant Singh S/o Sh. Darshan Singh Multani a former IAS Officer and three others. The said five persons including the father of Davinderpal Bhuller have supposedly been eliminated in a fake encounter at the behest of Sh. Saini, thus the FIR.  
            By defending a charge sheeted officer like Sh. Saini the SAD Govt. is also violating the directives of the Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib, who has been consistently seeking the release of Davinderpal Bhuller and has asked the SGPC to defend him legally.

            Now instead of suspending an officer like Sh. Saini who has also been charge sheeted in another sensational kidnapping and abduction of three innocent persons in the infamous Saini Motors case FIR No. RC No. 2 (S)/94, the Badal Govt. has rewarded him with a plum post of Chief Director VB, just because he can browbeat and intimidate the political opponents of the present SAD-BJP Govt.

            The present stance of the CM amounts to complete double standards and paradoxical in nature, which can rightly be explained in a small quote, “to run with the hare and hunt with the hound”. The SAD must choose between a blemished officer like Sh. Sumedh Saini and Sh. Davinderpal Bhuller over this issue and should not befool the masses particularly the Sikhs for cheap political gains.

Therefore, I urge the Chief Minister to clarify his political view point over this sensitive matter involving the life of Davinderpal Bhuller. I also urge the CM to immediately suspend Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS under Rule 3(3) of the All India Service, Discipline and Appeals Rules 1969 without any further delay.



(Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema)
Secretary and Spokesman,
Shiromani Akali Dal

Chandigarh, September 04: The Shiromani Akali Dal urged the Election Commission of India to take strict action against Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal for issuing false and misleading advertisements in the form of paid news in a vernacular daily. A written complaint in this regard was filed by the SAD Secretary and Spokesman Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema to the ECI today.

                   In a statement issued to the press from the party head office Dr. Cheema said that this corrupt and unethical move of Manpreet Badal of issuing misleading advertisements in the form of paid news along with photo of social activist Anna Hazare will also embarrass the Anna team, who are advocating complete transparency and electoral reforms to cleanse the election system.

                        In this communication to the EC, the SAD Secretary said that advertisement in the form of paid news is a tool being used by the rejected  and lesser known political leaders and parties to mislead the public. He said that Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal has got published an advertisement in the form of paid news in a vernacular daily today, titled “ANNA HAZARE ATE MANPREET BADAL DA RASTA ATE UDESH IKO HE.” In this paid news he has equated himself with the social activist Anna Hazare. He said that the sole purpose of the paid news advertisement is to create confusion among the public and make an impression that media has started equating the PPP leader with the Anna Hazare. He said that EC should take note of this serious development which has taken place ahead of Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections and indicates the intentions of the PPP leader to use this tool in the elections at a very large scale.
                   Urging the EC to take a strict action against the PPP leader and restrict all the political parties from using paid news for their campaign, SAD leader said that EC should evolve a broader and transparent formula to curtain this menace.
                   Ridiculing the claim made by PPP Leader in the advertisement Dr. Cheema said that Mr. Manpreet is equating himself with that person who has waged a war against corruption of Congress led UPA government whereas he himself (Manpreet) was working in collusion with Congress party and has never uttered a single word against the UPA government’s corruption. He said people of the state were well aware of the intrigues of Mr. Manpreet who tried to mislead them on issue of loan waiver and other issues. 

Misleading advertisement in the form of paid news.


(Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema)
Secretary and Spokesman,
Shiromani Akali Dal.


The Election Commission of India,
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi.

Sub: Misleading advertisement in the form of paid news.

In reference to the above subject please find enclosed herewith an misleading and anonymous advertisement published in the form of paid news in a vernacular Punjabi daily on September 4, 2011 titled “ANNA HAZARE ATE MANPREET BADAL DA RASTA ATE UDESH IKO HE.”

Although, elections in the Punjab are due in the month of March but the present advertisement shows that the menace of paid news has started much earlier and the commission should be well prepared to deal with it firmly. The present advertisement which carries the photos of Punjab Peoples Party President Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal and that of social activist Anna Hazare does not carry the name of any individual or organization who issued it and from which place it has been issued. Published in the news form the advertisement has critcised the SAD leadership as well as its policies and has tried to show that rallies being organized by SAD were less impressive then those organized by PPP. It has also drawn parallels between the movement of Anna Hazare and that of Manpreet Singh Badal.

Through this letter I want to inform your good self that the menace of paid news had played havoc in the last parliament elections also, but no action was taken by the commission against anybody at that time. But today the new parties like PPP, which have no mass base at present, are likely to use paid news as a major tool to spread misinformation. So it is requested that the commission should take strict action against PPP. We also request that such advertisement will appear more rapidly in the days to come, so the commission should remain more vigilant to deal with this problem well in advance and it should lay down some strict guidelines for the political parties to issue advertisements in various news papers. We assure you that SAD has always opposed such electoral malpractices in the past, and will continue to do so in future in the interest of free and fair elections.



Chandigarh September 4: The Punjab Governor and Administrator UT Chandigarh, Mr Shivraj V. Patil today extended his greetings to people on the eve of Teachers Day, coinciding with the birth anniversary of former President, late Dr.Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan.

       Mr. Patil felicitated the teaching fraternity and called upon them to become a ‘role model’  to the students by imparting value based quality education and making all out efforts to imbibe noble qualities in them.

       In his message, the Governor said,Dr Radhakrishnan had advised teachers that “ the sence of human need is there and teachers can satisfy it by giving to the youth an idea of the fundamental power and worth of man,his spiritual dignity as man,a supranational culture and all ambracing humanity.”

       Mr. Patil reminded the people of their responsibilities towards the teaching community and asked them to pay due respect and recognition to the teachers,who are the nation builders in shaping the destiny of the country.
       He said the real tribute to Dr Radhakrishnan on this solemn occasion as a teacher would be to discharge our duties with the utmost dedication, sincerity and commitment.