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Punjab News: 2011 Aug 28-Sep 03, 2011




Chandigarh September 03: Beas and Satluj rivers in Punjab witnessed increased discharge from Pong Dam, Naushera Mirthal and Dhilwan   in Beas, Harike and HussainiWala in Satluj.

       17611 cusecs water was discharged from the Pong Dam against the inflow of 27725 cusecs. There was discharge of 7060 cusec in Beas at Naushera Mirthal and 25000 cusecs in  Dhilwan .  Satluj also witnessed the discharge of 29255 cusecs from Harike and discharge of 35196 cusecs from Hussainiwala.     
       According to an official spokesman the water level in Pong Dam was 1385.04 feet against it maximum capacity of 1390 feet. Last year on this day it was 1385.12 feet.        

       The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1676.19 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1678.59 feet.        
      The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 523.18 meter against last year level of 522.92 meter.     
      He said that the data received from the Department on 03-9-2011, 12 mm rainfall was recorded in jandiala ( Amritsar), 62.00 mm in Hadiaya ( Barnala), 35.00 mm in Kotbhaktu ( Bathinda), 9.00 mm in Talwandi ( Ferozepur), 29.00 mm in Dadahur ( Ludhiana), 40.00 mm in Bhiki ( Mansa) rainfall recorded in Punjab in last 24 hours.



The Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today said that the conspiracy behind “the Center’s stand before the Punjab and Haryana High Court on the SGPC poll issue yesterday must be probed and those behind it be punished as they sought to play havoc with national interests and with the hard earned atmosphere of peace and communal harmony in the state.
Mr. Badal said that there were already reports that leaders of the so-called Panthic Morcha had hobnobbed with some state Congress leaders to sabotage the poll process as they were heading towards an unprecedented defeat. “The matter must be taken most seriously and must not be allowed to rest till the conspiracy behind it is exposed and the guilty are punished. The panic in the minds of some state leaders of the Congress at the imminent rout of their stooges in the forthcoming SGPC poll is public knowledge as they knew that this would set the stage for a similar rout in the  Assembly elections due for February next year,” said the Chief Minister in a statement.

 Mr. Badal, who had earlier warned the Centre against tampering with the on-going election process for the General House for the SGPC as “it could have serious religious, political and even law order implications, said that it must be probed how an issue of such sensitive nature was handled either with gross callousness or deliberate mischief.   As Chief Minster and as a responsible representative of the people, I deemed it my duty to caution the Center against games still being played by vested interests within the Congress in Punjab,” said Mr. Badal after Mr. Chidambaram’s statement today.
The Chief Minister had sought the direct and immediate intervention of the Prime Minister “who understood the historical and emotional background of the SGPC and its significance for the Sikh masses. He had asked the PM to step in to stop this mischief before the situation got out of everyone’s hand.

Mr. Badal, who was in Delhi to meet central leaders from across the political spectrum had earlier declared that his party would fight this injustice at all legitimate political and legal level. The statement of Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram contradicting the stand taken by the Union Government in the Punjab and Haryana High Court yesterday came even as Mr. Badal was closeted with senior national leaders in the Parliament. He said that the developments had confirmed the widespread impression that there were elements in the PPCC which worked at cross-purposes with the forces of peace and communal harmony. “It is shocking that even the Union government was reportedly kept in the dark about the mischief played in Chandigarh yesterday. The whole matter must be probed and those behind the dangerous game must be exposed,” the Chief Minster said.


Bajwa Gives Thumbs Up to Maken’s Efforts.

2nd September , 2011
Partap Singh Bajwa, MP, Gurdaspur, Punjab

Congress MP, from Gurdaspur, Sardar Partap Singh Bajwa while lauding the efforts of the Union Sports Minister, Shri. Ajay Maken towards the Centre’s Sports Bill, agrees that certain issues tackled by the bill, are the pressing need of the hour.

Mr. Bajwa who is the President of the Judo Federation of Punjab, sees eye to eye with the minister on various changes that needs to be brought within the sports set up in India.

According to Mr. Bajwa, making sports bodies come within the ambit of the Right to Information is a much needed step in the right direction. Mr. Bajwa states, “Even if many sports bodies, particularly those responsible for lucrative sports in India, are not taking public (i.e. government) funds, they are serving a public purpose of promoting the sport and must for that purpose fall within the RTI”.

Mr. Bajwa feels that representation of sports persons within the sporting bodies is a must even if those bodies are currently being run by able administrators. He also agrees with the proposal to cap the number of tenures that persons can have at the helm of affairs of sports bodies, citing the need for dynamism, new approaches and letting younger persons have a chance at managing the bodies.

While appreciating that there would be several concerns from various stakeholders and that the bill may need to be modified slightly, Mr. Partap Singh Bajwa believes that for an overhaul of the system, the RTI, Cap on number of tenures as well as representation of sports persons are essential and must remain in the final version.  
According to Mr. Bajwa, there is a need for a change in the way sports is treated in this country if we want to be taken seriously on the worldwide sporting arena.

Complaint against illegitimate orders passed by DGP security
....Sukhpal Singh Khaira. MLA Bholath


Ms. Kusumjit Kaur , IAS
Chief Electoral Officer,Punjab.

Subject: - Complaint against illegitimate orders passed by DGP security to all Commissioner’s of Police, SSP’s, IG’s and DIG’s of Zones and DGP PAP BTN in order to prevent correct information from reaching the Election Commission regarding deployment of security personnel in Moga district.
            In continuation of my earlier complaint dated 04.08.2011 addressed to Chief Election Commissioner New Delhi, copy to your office regarding politically motivated deployment of more than 300 gunmen in Moga district on the instructions of Sh. P.S. Gill DGP Punjab Police. I wish to bring to your notice an alarming note sent by DGP Security to all senior police officers as stated above, to prevent correct information about deployment of security personnel deployed in Moga district, note is reproduced below
Letter No. 89836-9940/CR/SW dated 26.08.11
“While replying to any queries by the CEO Punjab at Chandigarh regarding security personnel with protectees, the same should be routed through security wing and direct replies should not be sent.”

As you are aware the govt. of Punjab has been sending conflicting reports to your office regarding number of security personnel deployed in Moga district. First report sent by SSP Moga reported that there were 54 policemen deployed as gunmen in Moga. The second report sent by the Home Department put the figure at 37 gunmen and in its third report by another department the number stated was 64.

            The issue of large number of gunmen deployed on unwritten instructions by the present DGP Sh. P.S. Gill has gained strength, due to his intention to fight the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections
            By sending untrue and conflicting reports the state of Punjab is trying to shield likely action against its DGP. Even the note cited above has been circulated to top brass of police in order to conceal correct facts and hoodwink the Election Commission.
Therefore, I demand that stringent action be taken against all those trying to mislead the Election Commission by concealing the facts at the behest of orders from their political masters.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath(Punjab)

Dr. S.Y. Quraishi,

Chief Election Commissioner,Nirvachan Sadan,
New Delhi.

Subject: - Gross misuse of Intelligence and the Security Wings of the Punjab police for political purposes by the Dy. Chief Minister, Punjab.
            Through this complaint of mine, I wish to bring to your notice organized and well planned conspiracy being hatched by the Dy. Chief Minister Punjab, Sh. Sukhbir Singh Badal to marginalize, intimidate, black mail his political rivals. For this purpose, he in his capacity as Home Minister is grossly misusing the entire paraphernalia of the Intelligence wing of the Punjab Police to his political advantage. In case the below mentioned irregularities being committed by the Intelligence wing of the Punjab police go unchecked, it is highly impossible to have free and fair elections in Punjab.

1.     Unauthorized election cell set up under the command of Addl. Director General Police, Intelligence.
Although in normal course the Punjab police has an election cell under the ADGP, Security, to maintain vigil over likely trouble, violence or booth capturing during elections in the state. The cell keeps vigil over sensitive polling areas of the state and suggests measures to improve security in the event of elections.

But now in order to keep a close watch on its political opponents, the govt. has unauthorized set up a parallel election cell under the command of ADGP Intelligence at the police headquarters Sector–9, Chandigarh. Through this officer regular inputs are being taken about the strength, weakness of all political parties and of all likely candidates in the 117 assembly constituencies. For this, the entire rank and file of Intelligence wing of the Punjab police has been pressed in service to provide regular input to the headquarters at Chandigarh.

Surprisingly the ADGP Intelligence, DIG Intelligence–1 and others maintain an e-mail ID at the headquarters, to compile data for perusal of the Dy. CM. That the data of the above stated e-mail ID can be accessed through govt. sources from the server of Google mail. Earlier also a formal complaint was lodged with the Election Commissioner of India prior to the Lok Sabha elections in 2009 about a circular issued by the then ADGP Intelligence. The circular sought information from across the state about influential criminal elements, influential ‘Dera’s’ (Religious places and their heads) other social organizations that are likely to influence the voters.
All postings of district police chiefs are then decided on the political inputs received from the districts through Intelligence wing. The recent reshuffle of nearly two dozen district police heads clearly confirm my allegation. Although the law provides for posting IPS officers as district police chief’s but in Punjab out of 24 police districts only two are from IPS cadre, while 22 are from Punjab Police Service cadre (PPS). It is common knowledge that these state cadre officers are easily pliable and under the influence of their political masters, therefore the govt. is avoiding posting IPS officers.
By maintaining regular political activities and graphs of political leaders of their opponents the govt. is not only infringing on their privacy but is also misusing the Intelligence wing for political purposes, which otherwise should keep a close watch on the law and order. Punjab being a border state cannot allow its Intelligence wing to be misused for such political purposes at the risk and cost of national security.

2.     Illegal, illegitimate and unconstitutional phone tapping.
As stated above the same Intelligence wing has set up special area on 4th floor of the police headquarters building sector-9, Chandigarh, for tapping of phones of its political opponents. Many costly phone tapping machines and equipments have been installed after purchasing them from the Special Secret Funds of the Punjab police. Again under instructions from the Dy. CM this wing has round the clock more than 16 operators manning these phone tapping machines.
By doing so the govt. is breaking the constitution and all laws of the land to infringe on the privacy of MP’s, MLA’s, High Court Judges, senior police and civil officers and other political leaders of the state.

3.     Misuse of Police personnel by the DGP Punjab Sh. P.S. Gill, IPS for his electoral prospects in Moga assembly constituency of Punjab.
As is common knowledge, the present DGP Punjab Police Sh. P.S. Gill, IPS who is due to retire in a few months has been tipped by the ruling SAD-BJP combine to be its candidate from Moga assembly constituency. As a result the DGP is not only making extraordinary visits to Moga but has broken all norms to provide security personnel to his likely supporters in elections. These likely supporters of the DGP include businessmen, musclemen, small time political leaders, sarpanches, Ex-sarpanches etc. In the event of inquiry it would reveal that more than 250-300 security personnel have been deployed in Moga constituency alone during the last six months through the security wing of the Punjab Police.

The above state discrepancies, illegalities, unconstitutional methodology adopted by the SAD-BJP govt. on instructions from Dy.CM of the state if allowed to go unchecked or unnoticed, will not only vitiate the atmosphere but would hamper free and fair elections in Punjab. Therefore, it is highly imperative that the Election Commission of India take strict and immediate cognizance of my complaint and take necessary corrective measures to ensure free and fair elections.  

With regards,

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath(Punjab)

Cc :- Mrs. Kusumjit Kaur, IAS
         Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab


Lack of storage and stock-holding facility for FCI procured food grains in different parts of the country and particularly in Punjab

SHRIMATI  HARSIMRAT  KAUR  BADAL  (BHATINDA):  Sir,  I  call  the attention of the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution to the following matter of urgent public importance and request that he may make a statement thereon:
“The situation arising out  of lack of storage and stock-holding facility for FCI procured food grains in different parts of the country and particularly in Punjab due to non-transportation of the procured food grains to deficit States.”

Sir, if the House is not in order, how can I speak? … (Interruptions)
MR. CHAIRMAN (DR. M. THAMBIDURAI): Mr. Minister, please lay your Statement on the Table.
permission, I beg to lay the Statement on the Table of the House.
*1. Government of India has been making constant efforts to move out food
grain stock out of Punjab and other surplus States to deficit and consuming States.
Over the period of time, procurement as well as movement of food grains from
Punjab has increased. The movement of food grains from Punjab increased to
165.88 lakh tonnes during the year 2010-11 compared to movement of 119.28 lakh
tonnes out of Punjab in 2008-09. During the year 2011-12 (provisional figures till
31st August) 67.67 lakh tonnes of food grains were moved out of Punjab
compared to 63.78 lakh tonnes during the same period in 2010-11.



02.09.2011                               Uncorrected / Not for Publication                                            8148

2.       During the Rabi Marketing Season 2011-12, procurement of wheat has
reached an all time high level of 281.44 lakh tonnes.
3.       In M.P., Rajasthan and U.P., procurement this year has been substantially
higher than last year. During 2010-11 the combined procurement in these three
States was 56.7 lakh tonnes. In 2011- 12, the combined procurement in three
States reached the level of 96.56 lakh tonnes.
4.       As a result of higher procurement of wheat in M.P., Rajasthan and U.P.,
outward movement of wheat from Punjab has been affected.  Earlier,           the
requirement of major wheat consuming States like Maharashtra and Gujarat was
met by moving wheat from Punjab. However, this year, due to substantially higher
procurement in U.P., M.P. and Rajasthan, there is no vacant space to store wheat
moved from Punjab into these States. In fact movement of wheat to the extent of
8.26 lakh tonnes has been made out of Madhya Pradesh up to July to deficit states. 5. Production and procurement of rice has also been high this year in Andhra Pradesh necessitating movement of rice ex-Andhra of about 17.6 lakh tonnes up to July to deficit States.
6.       However, the overall movement of wheat and rice out of Punjab in 2010-11
was higher than the previous year. This year also, Government of India is
continuing effort to move as much wheat and rice out of Punjab as possible.
During 2011-12, it is estimated that by September end, 84.47 lakh tonnes of wheat
and rice will be moved out of the State whereas during 2010-11 during the same
period, 78.42 lakh tonnes of wheat and rice was moved out of the State.
7.       Despite these constraints, there is no problem in acceptance of rice stocks
by FCI in Punjab. As on 1.7.2011, FCI had a vacant covered storage capacity of
8.1 lakh tonnes against which 3.35 lakh tonnes of rice was delivered by millers in
Punjab. Similarly, on 1.8.2011, FCI had a vacant covered storage capacity of 12
lakh tonnes against which 3.97 lakh tonnes of rice was delivered by millers in
Punjab. It is expected that delivery of fresh crop rice by millers will start from
January, 2012. In the intervening period, FCI will evacuate further stocks of wheat


02.09.2011                               Uncorrected / Not for Publication                                            8149
and rice from Punjab which will create sufficient additional vacant storage
capacity for acceptance of KMS 2011-12 rice. As far as acceptance of wheat in
RMS 2012-13 is concerned, it is expected that a substantial amount of capacity of
about 30 lakh tonnes sanctioned under PEG will be ready by then including 6 to 7
lakh tonnes in Punjab. This will not only help in keeping milled Rice of KMS
2011-12 and procured wheat of RMS 2012-13 in Punjab but also in moving out
surplus wheat and rice to consuming States also where there will be new addition
to existing storage capacities.
8.       In order to create additional covered storage space, Government has
formulated a scheme for construction of go-downs through private entrepreneurs
under Private Public Partnership mode with a view to reduce dependence on CAP
(Open Storage) by construction of covered go-downs both in procurement as well
as consumption areas through private entrepreneurs, CWC and SWCs. A capacity
of 152.97 lakh tonnes has been planned for creation in 19 States under the Scheme
through private entrepreneurs and Central and State Warehousing Corporations.
CWC and SWCs are constructing 5.31 and 15.49 lakh tonnes respectively under
the Scheme, out of which, a capacity of about 3.5 lakh tonnes has already been
completed. About 30 lakh tonnes of new capacity is likely to be completed by
March, 2012 under the scheme while substantial amount of new capacities will be
added in next one year or so thereafter.
9.       However, wheat is also stored in Cover and Plinth (CAP) temporarily in
surplus States like Punjab and Haryana before it is evacuated to deficit States.
However, CAP is a scientific storage. Some wheat is also lying in kutcha plinths
but wheat is being moved out on priority from there. In spite of all precautions
some quantity of wheat does get damaged due to various reasons. However, such
damaged quantity is very small compared to overall quantity handled by FCI and
other Government agencies. The quantity of damaged stocks over last few years
with FCI is as follows:-
2007 - 08      -         34,426 tonnes


02.09.2011                               Uncorrected / Not for Publication                                            8150

2008- 09       -         20,114 tonnes
2009- 10       -         6,702 tonnes
2010- 11       -         6,346 tonnes
2011- 12       -         541.33 tonnes
(up to 1st July)
10.     A total 76.29 lakh tonnes of storage capacity was available with FCI in
Punjab up to 31.3.2011 in addition to 115.45 lakh tonnes available with State
Government/other agencies. Against this, as on 1.8.2011, 85.98 lakh tonnes of rice
and 128 lakh tonnes of wheat were available in the Central Pool in Punjab. Under
the FCI's Guarantee Scheme creation of 51.25 lakh tonnes capacity has been
approved to be created in Punjab by CWC, SWC and private entrepreneurs. Out of
this, a capacity of 20.1 lakh tonnes has been finalized in Punjab to be created by
the Private Entrepreneurs. Tenders for creation of 22 lakh tonnes capacity are in
the process of being finalized. Out of 51.25 lakh tonnes of total capacity
sanctioned CWC and PSWC have been allotted 0.782 lakh tonnes and 2.895 lakh tonnes respectively. Out of this, 1.356 lakh tonnes has already been handed over while the remaining is likely to be handed over to FCI by March 2012.
11.     The Government is making all out effort to ensure higher off-take by
consuming States. Government of India has made a number of additional
allocations to various State Governments. However, lifting in many States is poor.
If the consuming States lift their allocations, it would be possible to move more
stocks out of Punjab and other surplus States to deficit States. The matter is being
regularly pursued with the consuming States. As a result of additional allocations
made by Government of India off-take in 2011-12 are higher than the off-take in
2010-11. During 2011-12, 180.42 lakh tonnes of wheat and rice was lifted under
PDS till July, 2011 compared to 159.36 lakh tonnes in the same period last year.
The long-term solution however lies in creation of additional storage capacity in
procuring as well consuming States for which we are already working for creation


02.09.2011                               Uncorrected / Not for Publication                                            8151
of additional capacities under the PEG scheme and in increased off-take of food grains by States.
… (Interruptions)
MR. CHAIRMAN: The House stands adjourned to meet again at 2.00 p.m.
1210 hours

The Lok Sabha then adjourned till Fourteen of the Clock.



02.09.2011                               Uncorrected / Not for Publication                                            8152
(q1/1400/smn/mm) 1401 hours
The Lok Sabha re-assembled at one minute past Fourteen
                                  of the Clock.

(Mr. Deputy-Speaker in the Chair)


Lack of storage and stock-holding facility for FCI procured food
       grains in different parts of the country and particularly
in Punjab - Contd.
SHRIMATI HARSIMRAT KAUR BADAL (BHATINDA):  In a country whose population is growing at more than 15 million per year, the most important and vital thing for the growth of the nation is the production of its food.  A nation can only grow if its people are not hungry. After production of food, the next most important thing is the way this grain is stored because it is this very food that ensures the food security of the nation.
Today, in our country, a farmer utilises all his resources, puts in his blood and sweat and toils hard to feed this nation.  In the process of using all his resources to give a crop, we are also utilising all our natural resources soil and water which are getting depleted due to over-utilisation.
Today, in our country, where in the last four years, the cost of inputs of a farmer has risen by 60 per cent, the Government has only increased the MSP by Rs. 20 for wheat and Rs. 100 for Rice which is not even 10 per cent increase in price.  In spite of these things, you will be surprised to know that the farmers of our country have produced an all time bumper crop and today, our central pool has 654 lakh tonnes of wheat and rice.  According to the Ministry, the required amount of buffer stock in the Central pool is 319 lakh tonnes. But, today the buffer stock lying in the country is 654 lakh tonnes.


The Congress has set itself up against the Khalsa Panth

Chandigarh September 1 - The SAD president and Punjab Deputy Chief MInister Sukhbir Singh Badal today lashed out at the Congress and the UPA for "shocking attempt to avert an unprecedented rout of the anti-Panth and Congress- engineered so-called Panthic Morcha through withdrawal of the notification on the definition of the eligibility of the Sikh voters for the forthcoming SGPC poll. The SAD is heading for a clean sweep on all 170 odd seats in the forthcoming poll, and the center's move comes in the wake of its utter frustration over its inability to take illegal and illegitimate control of Sikh religious affairs through its front-men and paid-agents."

   In a strongly worded statement here, Mr Sukhbir Singh said, "The Congress has set itself up against the Khalsa Panth once again. It is clear that, like the French Royals, the Congress leaders at the center have learnt no lessons from history. " He said that he was shocked at the insensitivity of the central leaders and of the Congress High Command to the Sikh sentiments and at their  continued conspiracies to weaken, destroy or capture through the back door the supreme representative Sikh religious organization, the SGPC."

          Describing the Congress-ruled Center's move as " dangerous", Mr. Sukhbir Singh said,  "Sensing a historic defeat of its cronies at the forthcoming poll to the supreme elected Sikh religious body, the Congress rulers in Delhi and Punjab have made one more attempt to thwart Sikh religious aspirations. But the SAD won't allow the Congress conspiracies against the Sikhs and their religious issues to succeed."   
        "The Congress has reconfirmed its role as an enemy of the Khalsa Panth.      We will fight it politically, legally and every other legitimate democratic way."
    But the SAD president added, "The writing is on the wall. It was and is Congress versus the Khalsa Panth in the SGPC poll. And Panth is poised for a historic triumph. That’s what the Congress finds so unacceptable. Hence this move. The decision is the last ditch effort of the Congress to avert an imminent and  total humiliation of its cronies in the so-called Panthic Morcha in the forthcoming poll. "
        Reacting to the withdrawal of the central notification on the definition of eligibility of the Sikh voters for poll to the religious body, Mr. Badal said that apart from a brazen interference in the internal religious affairs of the Sikhs, the move is also a subvert all democratic norms.  The Congress has learnt nothing from the humiliation it faced in trying to sabortage the Anna Hazare agiation. It tried to throttle that through force until it became clear that people won't allow the central government to function if it did not desist from its evil designs. It tried the same with Swami Ramdev. And now, it believes that it can succeed in sabotaging legitimate Sikh religious  aspirations through its latest  move. It is indeed living in a fool's paradise. But it is playing games with national  interests," said Mr. Badal. 


Chandigarh 1 September : To become a part of ancient Indian martial art Gatka preservation and promotional initiatives, Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa MP and Chairman Gatka Federation of India (GFI) today make a fervent appeal to all universities to participate in 1st All India Inter-University Gatka (M&W) prize money tournament being organized by Punjabi University Patiala from 19th to 21st September, 2011 at Patiala.

In a statement released here today he said that the competition would be held according to the Rules set forth by GFI and the winners would be awarded cash prizes from Rs 31,000, Rs 21,000 and 11,000. Appreciating the special efforts made by Mr. Jaspal Singh Vice Chancellor and Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma Director Sports, Punjabi University Patiala, Mr Dhindsa said that both were keen to include the Gatka sport into the AIU Inter University Sports Board of India in the light of its historical legacy.

He further said that the School Games Federation of India (SGFI) has also incorporated Gatka as a game in the 56th National School Games 2011-12 to be held at Anandpur Sahib from 20th to 26th November 2011. Besides, 3rd state schools Gatka tournament would be organized from 5th to 7th September at Rupnagar by the Education Department. "With the inclusion of Gatka game in the Punjab State as well as National School Games, it has provided further fillip to the Indian martial art which was in vogue for self-defence since times immemorial, he added.

He further informed that Gatka being a sport now, every person could participate in the Gatka events as the GFI has also adopted the conventional sports uniform as a new dress code in the Rules book to play Gatka game in all competitions to make it a 'Cosmopolitan Sport' which was earlier almost on the verge of extinction.

The Punjab Olympic Association President Mr Dhindsa said that earlier, the Gatka was only the domain of males, now even the females have been outperforming the males by displaying their rare acumen in the Gatka sport. He categorically said that promotion of Gatka as a sport at national as well as international arena would not only strengthen the bonds of communal harmony and universal brotherhood but also play a significant role in spreading the message of peace and love amongst all comity of nations.

He lamented said that that it was irony of fate that Gatka have been denied its due status and recognition but on the contrary several games, which even had not Indian origin and lesser known games, have already been included in the schedule of National sports and University Games calendar. Adding further Mr Dhindsa said that Gatka sport would also be included into the gradation list of general sports so that Gatka players could also avail the benefits being provided to the sportspersons. "Promotion of Gatka as a global sport would certainly project India as the world's largest democracy committed to secularism and unity in diversity, he asserted.

Meanwhile Mr Harcharan Singh Bhullar President Gatka Federation of India said that GFI would facilitate in providing Gatka officials like Referees, Judges, time keepers etc. for successful conduct of this event by the host university in which more than 20 universities would like to participate. He also requested the universities to send their men and women teams in this prize money tournament in the interests of Gatka game and Gatka players.
It is mentioned here that it is a style of fighting only with sticks between two Gatka players, intended to simulate the sword and focuses on infusing physical, spiritual and mental fitness. No sharp edged weapons are used in the transformed Gatka game. The present martial art form, Gatka, has been acknowledged as a sport and being played in the entire country and diaspora.



Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today deeply condoled the passing away of Mr. Amar Nath Sharma, the father of the Senior Correspondent of UNI Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma who died here on Tuesday after a prolonged illness.  He was 78 and is survived by two sons.
The Chief Minister shared his heartfelt sympathies with the members of the bereaved family and prayed to the Almighty to give strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss and grant peace to the departed soul.
Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal also condoled the sad demise of the father of Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma.
Meanwhile, Media Advisor to Chief Minister Mr. Harcharn Bains also shared his condolences with the members of the bereaved family.


Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today extended his felicitations to the people of Punjab on the 407th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

In a message, Mr. Badal underscored the need to disseminate the message and philosophy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji across the globe to foster the sense of harmony, oneness, peace and compassion amongst the mankind. 
The Chief Minister said that “Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji remains an eternal source of inspiration, guidance and solace in our daily lives.  He said that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji has motivated us to follow the path of piety and righteousness, taught us the virtues of sacrifice and forgiveness and instilled in us the values of love, tolerance and universal brotherhood.”
Mr. Badal appealed to the people to draw inspiration from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji where equality of mankind, righteousness and justice was the order of the day.

Chandigarh August 31:

The discharge from Pong, Naushera Mirthal and Dhilwan in Beas and Hearike & Hussainiwala in Satluj was substantially reduced with level of Pong and Bhakra stabilizing much below the danger level.

                 According to an official spokesman the water level in Pong Dam was 1384.07 feet against it maximum capacity of 1390 feet. Last year on this day it was 1383.04 feet.  The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1674.40 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1676.69 feet.        

The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 522.25 meter whereas its capacity was 527.91 meter.     
                   On 30th August, 2011, 25831 cusecs water was discharged from the Pong Dam against the inflow of 22261 cusecs. There was discharge of 14480 cusec in Beas at Naushera Mirthal and 54100 cusecs in  Dhilwan .  Satluj also witnessed the discharge of 35168 cusecs from Harike and discharge of 47767 cusecs from Hussainiwala.  
He said that the data received from the Department on 30-8-2011,  rain was recorded to the level of 14.00 mm in Jalandhar, 1.66 in Ludhiana and 1.00mm in Patiala  during  last 24 hours.


           Chandigarh, August 31: Replying to the Question asked by S. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Member Parliament Bathinda in Lok Sabha on the action taken against erring policemen and accused persons who did not file the chargesheet prepared in 1991 for 20 years pertaining to the case of murder and rioting during 1984 Sikh Genocide, the Union Home Minister has revealed that ‘No action against erring policemen and accused persons was taken by the government’.

            The chargesheet in case no.67/87 under section 147/148/149/341/342/427/436 and 302 IPC PS Nangloi Delhi was not filed for 20 years in the Court after it was prepared in 1991 and it kept lying in Police Station. When the said chargesheet surfaced in the Court, Delhi Police claimed to have clubbed the said chargesheet with another FIR, which is not allowed as per provisions of Cr.PC. The Court vide its judgement on 23.10.2010 did not accept Delhi Police claim and ordered to file FIR according to the provisions of Cr PC. Thus rendering the claim of Delhi Police infructuous.

            S. Harsimrat Badal had asked the Question in Lok Sabha in three parts (a) “whether the government is aware of a chargesheet prepared by the Delhi Police for filing in the Court in the year 1991 regarding 1984 Sikh Genocide/killing of Sikhs ? (b) If so, the details thereof and the reasons for delay in filing it in the court; (c) the steps taken by the government against the erring policemen and accused persons ?

            The Home Minister of State, Shri M. Ramachandran, did not reply to part (b) regarding providing details and reasons for delay in filing the chargesheet in the Court. And also did not reply as to whether any action was taken by the government against the erring policemen who did not file the chargesheet as per provisions of Cr.PC and against the accused persons who abetted not filing the chargesheet for 20 years.
            S. Harsimrat Kaur Badal has expressed her deep anguish for this inaction of the Government.



Chandigarh, August 31 : Shiromani Akali Dal Secretary and Spokesman Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema said today that Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee President Parmjit Singh Sarna and outgoing Governor of the Tamilnadu S. Surjit Singh Barnala have been entrusted with the task of campaigning against Shiromani Akali Dal  by the Congress party.

            Addressing a series of elections meeting in SAS Nagar today in favour of Sant Samaj and SAD combine candidates Jatinderpal Singh Jp and Bibi Parmjit Kaur Landran, Dr. Cheema said that one and only motive of Mr. Sarna is to help the Congress party. He said that Sarna is always ready to work for the Congress party and his commitment towards the Sikhs is very much evident from the fact that none of the Gurdwara sahibs that were demolished during the 1984 anti sikh riots have been repaired or reconstructed even after 27 years after the carnage. He said that what worst he can do for the community to appease the Congress leadership is also evident from his actions of honouring the Congress Chief Minister at Gurdwaran Bangla sahib on Novermber 4th when sikh community was observing Ardas divas in memory of those killed in these anti sikh riots.

            SAD leader said that sole motive of Mr. Sarna is to help Congress party gain back door entry to SGPC through so called Panthic Morcha and subsequently help it in the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections. He said that it was also most unfortunate that he had get the inauguration of the museum in the name of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib done by the scion of that Gandhi family which always works against the Sikhs.

            Dr. Cheema further said that same is the personality of Mr. Surjit Singh Barnala who got chance to become Chief Minister of Punjab and Governor of different states due to SAD but started appeasing Congress party to continue to the Gubernatorial post. He said that Congress has now entrusted him the responsibility to campaign against the SAD in SGPC and ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections.

            Listing the achievements of the SGPC SAD secretary said that it was running 110 institutions including 38 college and 71 schools which were imparting education to more than 75 thousand students.
            Launching a scathing attack on Hardeep Singh he said that when the opportunity came for the Sikhs to construct memorial in name of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur after 300 years, he started opposing it only to ensure that SAD does not gets its credit. He said that Hardeep Singh is nobody to issue coins in his name.
            Others prominent who spoke on the occasion included NK Sharma Chairman District Planning Committee, Jaswant Singh Bhullar, Kuldip Kaur Kang, Hardial Singh Mann President Coordination Committee besides others.


Chandigarh August 30:
The discharge from Pong, Naushera Mirthal and Dhilwan in Beas and Hearike & Hussainiwala in Satluj was substantially reduced with level of Pong and Bhakra stabilizing much below the danger level.

                 According to an official spokesman the water level in Pong Dam was 1384.19 feet against it maximum capacity of 1390 feet. Last year on this day it was 1382.20 feet.  The water level at Bhakra Dam today touched 1673.95 feet water mark whereas its capacity was 1680 feet. According to an official spokesman water level on this day during the previous year was recorded at 1676.19 feet.       
The water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam has touched 522.00 meter whereas its capacity was 527.91 meter.
                   On 29th August, 2011, 30194 cusecs water was discharged from the Pong Dam against the inflow of 32871 cusecs. There was discharge of 19900 cusec in Beas at Naushera Mirthal and 57500 cusecs in  Dhilwan .  Satluj also witnessed the  discharge of 55144 cusecs from Harike and discharge of 64107 cusecs from Hussainiwala.       
He said that the data received from the Department on 29-8-2011,  rain was recorded to the level of 16.00 mm in Muktsar, 18 mm in Jalandhar in last 24 hours.


Chandigarh August 30:
            The test for recruiting PCMS Medical and Dental Doctors scheduled for September 4, 2011 has been postponed till further notice.
            According to an official spokesman the new date for the test would be notified later on.


            Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today slammed the Congress led UPA government at the Centre for hurting the religious sentiments of the Sikhs by adopting an anti-Sikh posture of deliberately rejecting the proposal of the separate Sikh Marriage act for solemnizing the marriages of the community.

            Strongly condemning the arbitrary decision of the Union government, the Chief Minister said that the Sikh Community in general and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in particular had been impressing upon the Centre for expeditious enactment of the Anand Karaj Act for Sikhs on the pattern of other similar acts covering Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews.  Despite personal assurance to the various SAD MPs from both the houses of Parliament by the former law Minister Mr. Veerappa Moily that the draft bill for Sikh Marriage act was ready and would be sent for Cabinet approval soon before being placed in Parliament. Now the sudden U-turn by the Government to out rightly abandon the said proposal for any amendment not only tantamount to a ‘breach of trust’ but also tormented the psyche of the Sikhs across the globe.  Mr. Badal questioned the very rationale behind the rejection of this proposal and however cited the only probable reason of dropping the bill as it was related with the Sikh Community.  

Without mincing words the Chief Minister, blamed the Centre for its die hard attitude for being indifferent to the Sikhs in all the matters be it economic, political and above all religious as in this context for the reasons best known to them. Mr Badal categorically said that the comprehensive enactment of the Separate Sikh Marriage Act by amending Anand Karaj Act, 1909 would go a long way in curbing the malpractice of deserting our brides of Sikh Community.

Mr Badal asserted that this issue of immense social significance had been time and again raised by the Ambassadors of UK, Canada, Italy and USA with the Punjab government for resolving it permanently and said the only ray of hope for registration of marriages under the amended Act had been dashed to the grounds. Describing this irresponsible Act of the UPA Government, Mr. Badal said the Centre has once again proved him right in his firm assertion of its anti Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat stance on one hand and a severe blow to its credibility of claiming to be a secular government on the other. It may be recalled that from a long time the Sikh community have been demanding that the existing Anand Marriage Act, 1909 to be amended for its conversion into a comprehensive legislation governing Sikh marriages.




Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today extended his warm greetings to all the Punjabis especially the Muslim brethren on the eve of Id-ul-Fitr.
In his message, Mr. Badal said that the festival marks the culmination of the holy month of Ramzan and brings to the fore the noble instincts in people. Id-ul-Fitr evokes feelings of brotherhood, compassion and sharing in all and strengthens the pluralistic bonds of our composite society.
The Chief Minister appealed the people to celebrate the festival collectively by rising above petty considerations of caste, creed and religion.



Chandigarh, August 29
(Justice H.S. Brar Judge (Retd.)
Chief Commissioner Gurdwara Elections)

: The Gurdwara Election Commission today  issued fresh directions to the Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners of the all three states Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory Chandigarh to ensure ban on sale of liquor, intoxicants few days before SGPC elections to conduct them in free and fair and in a peaceful manner. It may be added that elections of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee are to be held on September 18, 2011.

          In a statement issued here Chief Commissioner, Gurdwara Elections Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners should ensure that the parties or their supporters would not distribute liquor, intoxicants and drugs including poppy husk, opium, heroine  etc. to the voters for alluring the voters for a particular candidate. It was also stated that necessary steps should also be taken to ensure that there is no clandestine movement of liquor/intoxicants from the area adjoining in other states of the Shiromani Gurdwara  Parbandhak Committee.

          Chief Commissioner said that the concerned officials would be completely responsible in this regard and they would ensure that such directions would be carried out meticulously and concerned officials and their subordinate would be held personally liable if found any dereliction in duty.         


Will campaign in Haryana on 12 and 13 September

Chandigarh, August 28, 2011
(Dr.Daljit Singh Cheema)Secretary & Spokesman

: Shiromani Akali Dal President and Deputy Chief Minister S. Sukhbir Singh Badal will address 41 rallies for SGPC election from August 29 to September 11.

          Disclosing this in a statement released from the party head office here today party Secretary and Spokesman Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema said that S. Sukhbir Singh Badal would also campaign in Haryana for two days on September 12th and 13th and address election rallies there.

          Briefing about the Punjab rallies Dr. Cheema said that S. Badal would address four rallies on August 29th at Banur, Patran, Bhadson and Manimajra (Chandigarh). He said that he would visit Bathinda district on August 31st and September 2nd to address 6 rallies. On first day i.e. August 31st he would address rallies at Baluana,  Bangi in Talwandi Sabo and Sekhupur at Mour seat. On second day i.e. September 2nd he would address rallies at Bathinda city, Rampura Phool and Bhagta. Similarly on September 1st he would address three rallies in Barnala district at Bhadour, Barnala and Mehal Kalan. On September 3rd he would  address three rallies at Abohar, Arianwala and Jalalabad in new district Fazilka.

          Dr. Chema further said that on September 4th and 5th he would address 8 rallies in district Sangrur. On 4th he would address rallies at Moonak, Dirba, Sunam and Sangrur. On 5th he would address rallies at Longowal, Dhuri, Amargarh and Malerkotla. On 6th he would visit Gidderbaha. On 7th he would visit Gurdaspur to address three rallies. On 8th September he would visit Faridkot to address three rallies at Faridkot, Kotakpura and Jaiton. On September 9th he would visit Amritsar to address three rallies. On 10th September he would visit Kapurthala to address three rallies at Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala and Dhilwan. Dr. Cheema said that on September 11th S. Badal would address 4 rallies in Hoshiarpur district at Mukerian, Dasuya, Shamchaurasi and Hoshiarpur.

          Dr. Cheema said that party would shortly release programme for rallies after September. 14th.