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NRI's hero, Narendra Modi re-elected in Gujarat
Most of the NRIs love and admire Modi for the development of Gujarat


The Gujarati NRIs around the world plays a very influential role in Gujarat state politics as it also supports the economy. Modi, chief minister has re-elected for a third term and his victory make it a watershed in Indian politics.

Most of the NRIs love and admire Modi for the kind of courage he has shown in leading Gujarat to the development path whereas there are some who believe he has divided the state. The state reportedly attracted more than 25 percent of India's total foreign investment of $69 billion last year.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta wrote, Modi’s win calls for a serious reflection on the so-called secular/ communal divide. Why does secular politics carry less credibility than it ought to? Why does secularism remain a mere slogan, a straw that bends in every wind?

Ram Puniyani said, BJP's performance has been best where the carnage was maximum. Gujarat which began as a Hindu Rashtra laboratory seems to be turning in to a factory of Hindu Rashtra. One of the major success of RSS combine has been that it has been able to propagate successfully that Hindu Rashra is for the benefit of all the Hindus, there is a struggle between Hindu and Muslim interests, RSS is on the side of Hindus, while others are against the interests of Hindus. The real fact is that in the name of Hinduism, RSS is merely playing with the identity of Hindus and enhancing an agenda which is against the social transformation of caste and gender, which is against the interests of majority of Hindus.

Modi has always got the backing from the Sangh in all adverse situations. In 2002, when the Godhra riots created a humungous anti-Modi ripple, the RSS stood by him. Sangh leaders have showered praise on Modi for the "exemplary" leadership he has provided in Gujarat and called for a similar leader at the national level.

Recently, when the Modi-RSS tussle was in the rounds, he came up and clarified that RSS and Modi are inseparable. "RSS and I are inseparable. No force on earth can do us apart," he was quoted as saying. RSS, the patriarch of all Hindu right wing organizations, began in 1925; it is from 1980s that is has been able to actualize its political agenda in a serious way.

A tenure best known for the riots, which began after a mysterious train fire killed 59 Hindu pilgrims. Many in India say Modi stood idly by as Hindu mobs butchered Muslims, who were blamed for the fire. The United States has refused to renew his visa because of the riots.

Modi did very well in the elections , bringing his victory tally after every communal-violence, the major player of the violence, in this case, RSS affiliate, BJP, becomes stronger. While 2002 elections were preceded by an unprecedented polarization of the society, in the current one it appeared as if there are many a factors which will go against Modi, the internal dissidents, the incumbency factor, the efforts of secular groups and slightly better efforts by Congress.

Modi said that an innocent Muslim man shot by the police months earlier deserved to be killed because he was a terrorist. That statement earned him a censure from India's election commission.


  • Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in a small town of Vadnagar of northern Gujarat.
  • He completed his schooling in Vadnagar before leaving the town in 1967.
  • He did his masters degree in Political Science from Gujarat University. He is an impressive orator, avid reader and a thinker.

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