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NRIs divided for December 11-16 Gujrat Assembly Election

Mumbai, Dec 08, 2007
Ruperinder Kaur/Gary Singh from LA

According to local media news, more than 100 NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) from chicago, California and New York landed in India to supporter of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, BJP in the Assembly elections on December 11 to 16, 2007

Last month, supporters of Modi also put full page of advertisement in Indian news papers in US to help Modi when TEHELKA undertook a six-month long investigation to get at the truth of what really happened in Godhra. After Tehelka's report, more than 16 popular organizations in US get together and made a joint demanded for immediate dismissal of the Narendra Modi government.

Ashok Parikh from New York said, "There is no doubt that Congress, BJP and Badal Akali group have great network in North America and UK but in the long term Indian politicians must have to change the behavior towards the minorities.

Jayantilal Barot, General Secretary of State BJP said that NRIs have come to support Narendra Modi on their own and we have not invited them to come here and campaign for the party. They are using their own means to do the needful.

Sunita Patel from LA said, there are three type of NRIs who are helping Gujrat:

  • Some NRIs believe that Gujarat has developed under Modi's leadership and he is a future of Gujarat.
  • Some have their loyalty to any particular party.
  • Some business entrepreneurs have their own self interest to invest money and get benefit from politicians.

Dr. Satosh Kumari wrote that 80% of the NRIs believe:

    1. Indian Leaders must respect minorities and we don't want to see again happened in Godhra and in 1984 the killers of 10,000 Sikhs remain unpunished . You can also see more articles about sikhs
    2. We, NRIs like to see India Shinning but we don't want to see democracy in papers only.
    3. It is more dangerous if politicians try to cover up the stories.
    4. The NRIs, specially well known in North America and UK who are helping politicians in India, must ask number 1-3 questions and take commitment from them.

Dr. Kumari has sent thousands email appeal to fellow NRIs that if you help any wrong politicians in India, you will loose your reputation as well as your integrity. Only help to honest politicians

Keep in mind, the NRI community will boycott those leaders who does not respect minorities.




More than 100 NRIs landed in India to supporter of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, BJP in the Assembly elections on December 11 to 16, 2007