Hindi-language historical drama. The violent aftermath of the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is seen through the struggles of Sarabjit (Ammtoje Mann), a young music student who becomes a terrorist

Content Elements:
Infrequent mild profanity and cursing Portrayals of riots and bloody street fighting—gunshots, beatings Portrayals of terrorist activities—bombs, sectarian massacres Scenes of torture under interrogation—not detailed Intense scenes of family strife

  • Winds change but scars of history remain - is a film which emerges from the consequences of the BlueStar operation & based on the aftermath of Mrs. Indira Gandhi's assassination. The riots in Delhi & other places in India & the subsequent victimisation of the people in Punjab in the years that followed. This film depicts protagonist 'Sarabjit.' It is the story of his journey from innocence to disillusionment, from being simple, romantic, and music loving student to becoming on of the most wanted terrorists in the country. This film is an honest exploration of the reasons which led to the angst of the youth of Punjab & the turmoil
    suffered by their families.

  • This movie is not for any political agenda and not about showing off hindu girls or shaven guys. This movie is about the history. It is a true attempt to show the harsh reality what Punjabis and sikhs living outside Punjab has gone through. I think . Again this film is not against Hindus or other communities and it is an honest attempt to show our future generations and also to our current generation about the bitter reality of Punjab. A lot of hindu famililies help to save sikh families by hiding their homes.

    CAST:Nippy Dhanoa, Baldev Bhatti,Amrinder Singh
    DIRECTOR: Ammtoje Mann
    WRITER:Ammtoje Mann