NRI Vancouver Writer in process of making a movie :
Diamondtaj Alli
"CRUSHED DIAMOND" by Vancouver Writer Mrs. Diamondtaj Alli

  • My name is Diamondtaj Alli. I am originally from Poona (Pune) India. I graduated from the University Of Poona and came to Canada in the year 1974.
  • I studied here for two years, got married and settled in Calgary, Alberta.
  • With my husband's job transfer with an Airline Co. we moved to Vancouver, BC. and are well settled here for about 9 years.
    Need a team of a potential producer, director, cameraman and cast

    Contact me:
  • at 604-597-2117
  • E-mail


Need a team of a potential producer, director, cameraman and cast

I have two very interesting story ideas to be filmed. One is a very realistic family fiction and the other is related to underworld again with a very interesting idea.

I would like to concentrate on the first one and that is "CRUSHED DIAMOND".

Yes, this is the name of my film. - it is not a drama, it is life. This is a story of destiny, which will turn the conception of humanity in the third world country like India, no, we should say developing country like india

Destiny here, is shaped not by God but by systemic crisis and civic barbarity. The dialectics of hapiness and sorrow that carry the bandwagon of life on its giant wheels. It is a story of common girl, who reached behind bars in pursuit of her innocent happiness, not only for her self but for her near and dear ones.

The story that gives you a larger identification of people living their life in the third world. An eye opener for the previledged European and developed world. That, ethics and morals do exist in today's society and goodness has not faded away from the surface of the earth.

It is an emotional package, bringing tears, smile and sympathy for the audience. Touching the core of human emotions.

There is also a lyrical presentation bringing the rich cultural heritage of India encoded in songs and music.

So my dear friends; I need a team of professionals - potential, sincere, hard working and energetic team to work with me on my project. Please come forward and help me with my dream come true.

I am hoping and dreaming to get the shining stars like Amitaabhji, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt (particularly for my Underworld film).

The Deol brothers and their handsome father, Dharamji, the Khan brothers, the kapoor sisters. Tabu, Urmila, Manisha, Shilpa, Srideviji, Madhuri Dixit,

Juhi Chawla, Rekhaji, Hemaji, and many more who are interested to work in my film. The roles are for a Judge, a Journalist, a lawyer, the main cast - hero and the heroine and many other interesting roles. I would also like to cast Mr. Ravi Behl for an alcholic husband. Also Mr. Paresh Rawal, Hemani Shivpuri and two little child stars. Now how could I forget SHAHRUKH KHAN.

The time frame of the film is from 70's to the year about 2000-2002 and the roles are from young to the middle age.

So my dear shining stars, their secretaries, Directors, Producers, Financers, if any of you happen to read this page, please contact me at 604-597-2117 or e-mail

Also look forward for my songs album and a hindi novel that will be completed in April and soon be in the market for all of you to enjoy. More details will be given next month.

Thank you.