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Riverside NRI Community Leaders Outreach to the Riverside Police Foundation
To Build Trust
Between Police and the NRI Community

“This is called Law Enforcement's Secret Weapon.”.......A.gary Singh Grewal

Los Angeles, March 20, 2019 Singh Sidhu//-A.Gary Singh Grewal

“In recent years, most of the communities are emphasizing on police-community partnerships and focusing on transparency, accountability, shared information, and changes in how police are trained, evaluated and promoted,” said A.gary Singh Grewal. “Spoiled relations between police and many of the communities they serve, particularly communities of color—are among some of the greatest challenges facing contemporary US society.”

A.gary Singh added: “This is called Law Enforcement's Secret Weapon.”

Chief of the Riverside Police Department, Sergio G. Diaz has focused on reducing crime, enhancing the Department’s relationship with the communities it serves, developing personnel to ever higher standards of service and achieving greater efficiencies in the delivery of police services.

The event was attended by the Riverside Mayor and  former mayor, the city Attorney, youth leaders and cadets from the police academy. Riverside Police Foundation has been actively supporting these programs for a number of years.

Diaz accepted his assignment as Chief of Police for the Riverside California Police Department in July 2010, after spending over thirty-three years with the Los Angeles Police Department in various positions.  Sergio’s rise through the ranks of the LAPD provided him with practical experience in all aspects of municipal law enforcement and a profound resolve to preserve the rights of people to live and work in a safe environment.  As the LAPD’s highest ranking bi-lingual officer, Diaz reached out to community and civic leaders, businesses, and the media to forge relationships that heightened awareness and developed realistic solutions to reduce and prevent crime.

One of the country’s most respected criminal justice leaders, he is known for his responsive, purposeful, and innovative approach to contemporary policing issues.

Chief of the Riverside Police Department, Sergio G. Diaz with NRI Community Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Mr Dalip Singh Sethi, Mr.Deep Singh, Mr Amrik Singh Sidhu, Mr. Sahni, Chief of the Riverside Police Department, Sergio G. Diaz, Mr A.Gary Singh Grewal, Mr Jaswant Singh Jhawar, Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli, Mr Shangara Singh, Mr Balbir Singh Jhawar, Mr Jang Mucker

NRI Community Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners along with NRIpress.clubs members dedicated to providing for local action such as engaging the community in planning and oversight; improving police training; promoting youth development; connecting residents to resources; and building personal relationships between police officers and residents.

On March 20,  Southern California NRI community leaders came out in support of a breakfast fundraiser hosted by Riverside County Police Chief Sergio G. Diaz for the Riverside Police Foundation. The breakfast fundraiser was held at the Riverside Convention center. The foundation sponsors many youth sports and training programs as well as helping special needs youth.

The mission of the Riverside Police Foundation is to provide monetary support to the Riverside Police Department in order to enhance youth programs and community outreach. By doing this, the foundation seeks to promote greater public safety to the City of Riverside.

The values and Vision of the Riverside Police Foundation coincide with the values of the Riverside Police Department: Integrity,  first Service to others and Excellence always. Vision- The vision of the Riverside Police Foundation is to take a leadership role in creating greater opportunities for youth in the City of Riverside.
Diaz has a realistic understanding of the value of community support systems and the outcomes that can be achieved by seizing opportunity in the midst of crisis.

Amrik Singh Sidhu said, “Police Chief Sergio G Diaz presented the gathering of close to 200 attendees, statistics to show, how getting the youth involved in these programs at an early age motivates and encourages the youth to become productive and law abiding citizens. Study after study has shown that it is best to prevent crime from occurring rather than dealing with the aftermath, said the Police Chief.”

In the light of the Christchurch, New Zealand tragedy it may be time to take a fresh look at how we the NRI community respond to acts of violence against the immigrants and minorities. Not long ago on August 5, 2012 a very similar tragedy struck in Oak Creek Wisconsin Sikh Gurdwara USA.  

The shooter Wade Michael a 40 year old white male committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after he was shot and wounded by a responding Police officer. Incidents like these are committed by people who are mentally unstable and have had troubled childhood.

Like most immigrant communities the NRI community has done well for itself. We are on the whole hard working and law abiding citizens of the host countries. We have taken very good care of raising our children. Most of our offspring is highly educated and successful.

We have done our best to maintain our culture and religion. To do that we have kept ourselves somewhat isolated from the host culture. We believe that, if we take care of our children everything will be all right. We don’t need to get ourselves involved in the host country’s children. The perpetrators of the Wisconsin, USA and Christchurch, New Zealand incidents are children of the host nations.

Funds raised by the Federation are used to help at risk youth. It is a case of “prevention is better than cure”. The chief of police explained how they are able to prevent these youth from getting involved in a life of crime. This approach benefits the society as a whole, immigrant and native.  

 We are here to stay and it is incumbent upon us to be an integral part of the affairs of the countries we live in. We can and should get involved in the business of taking care of the less fortunate. It is the Sikh thing to do.


Mr. Jaswant S Jhawar is an engineer, very successfull Entrepreneur and with the support of his three Brothers, have been established a great institution in Riverside, southern California, USA. It is called Inland Sikh Education Empire (ISEE)-Sikh Center Riverside.

Inland Sikh Education Empire (ISEE) is committed to reciprocal collaboration with NRI community partners and to involve parents who like to build capacity for positive change, measuring, highlighting, and communicating our work internally and externallyin our local NRI Community.

The establishment promotes awareness through education. A visionary atmosphere is created to encourage harmony.



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