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The Punjabi Cultural Society of Walnut

The singers included Ramandeep Kaur, Bhupinder Gill, Surjit Khan, Miss Pooja, Miss Neelam and Manjit Rupawalia. The location for this event was Diamond Bar Community Center. About 500 people became part of this celebration.

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  • Amendment: On all photos- donated should be raised

Amendment: On all photos- donated should be raised

The Punjabi Cultural Society of Walnut (LA) raised $1.067 Million for the improvement of the Gurdwara Sahib, Walnut


Los Angeles, May 27, 2008
Sawaran Dabgotra/Baban Pal Singh

On Friday May 23, 2008, The Punjabi Cultural Society of Walnut (near Los Angeles), California organized a Vaiskhi Mela in which various well known singers and performers from Punjab performed to light up the occasion.

More than 500 people attended this special celebration. Sheriff Leroy D. Baca of Los Angeles County Sheriff Department was the chief guest. Mr. Baca did a great deed to the Sikh community. He changed the uniform code to permit Sikhs to join the Sheriff Department and allow them to wear a Turban and have a Beard.

The local bhangra team from Walnut Gurdwara also performed at the event and was well received by the participants. The motive behind this event was to raise funds for the improvement of the Gurdwara Sahib Walnut and the people donated open heartedly a total of 1.07 million dollars. Plaques were also given to the donors who contributed $5,000 or more.

The members of the Punjabi Cultural Society of Walnut, California are pleased to announce that the Fund Raiser was a great success. This was only possible due to your kind cooperation and generous contributions. The funds collected will be used wisely for the improvements of the existing facility of Gurdwara Sahib.

We the members of the Punjabi Cultural Society of Walnut, California are truly thankful and pray for your Chardi Kala, said Nachhatar S. Bhullar, President and Paramjit S. Nijjar, Secretary.


FUND RAISED BY PUNJABI CULTURAL SOCITY OF WALNUT. MAY 23, 08 - The following entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals and individuals donated the funds for the good cause

01 GURBAX S. BHASIN-------------------$525,000.00
02 PARAMJIT S. NIJJAR--------------------$60,000.00

03 NACHHATAR S. BHULLAR-------------$31,000.00
04 GURBACHAN S. JUNEJA----------------$25,000.00
05 DEVINDER PAL S. BHULLAR-----------$25,000.00
06 SURJIT S. MANN-------------------------$15,000.00
07 SURINDER S. BHOGAL------------------$15,000.00
08 SOHAN S. GILL---------------------------$15,000.00
09 SAWARAN S. DABGOTRA--------------$15,000.00
10 KULBIR S. BHULLAR--------------------$15,000.00
12 BAHADUR S. VIRK----------------------$10,200.00
13 SANJEET S. NIJJAR----------------------$10,000.00
14 PAUL S. GOTRA--------------------------$10,000.00
15 KANG BROTHERS-----------------------$10,000.00
16 JAGATDEEP S. WALIA------------------ $10,000.00
17 DR. SUKHI KAUR SINGH---------------$10,000.00
18 DR. NIRINDER S. GREWAL-------------$10,000.00
19 JAGJIT S. IRANI--------------------------$10,000.00
20 NAGINDER S. SIDHU--------------------$10,000.00
21 KULBIR S. HUNDAL----------------------$6,501.00
22 GURCHARAN S. ANAND-----------------$6,000.00
23 PUSHPINDER S. SEKHON----------------$6,000.00
24 GURCHARAN S. GILL---------------------$5,000.00
25 MOHAN S. PANNU------------------------$5,000.00
26 AJIT S. KULAR-----------------------------$5,000.00
27 SHAMSHER S. SANDHU------------------$5,000.00
28 IQBAL S. JOHAL---------------------------$5,000.00
29 SATWINDER S. SIDHU--------------------$5,000.00
30 SATBIR S. TUNG---------------------------$5,000.00
31 DR. DEVINDER PAL S. NAGRA----------$5,000.00
32 DR. MOHINDERA MEHTA----------------$5,000.00
33 DR. PIARA SINGH-------------------------$5,000.00
34 DR. RANJEEV SALWAN------------------$5,000.00
36 JEET S. BHANGU--------------------------$5,000.00
37 KARAMJIT S. GREWAL-------------------$5,000.00
38 PAUL S. DHALIWAL-----------------------$5,000.00
39 BIKRAM S. GHUMAN---------------------$5,000.00
40 ASHOK K. DHINGRA---------------------$5,000.00
41 DR. H.S. RANDHAWA---------------------$5,000.00
42 DR. HARPREET S. GILL--------------------$5,000.00
43 DR. PRITAM S. SANGHERA---------------$5,000.00
44 GURDEV SINGH---------------------------$5,000.00
45 HARSHARAN S. GREWAL----------------$5,000.00
46 NAKAI FAMILY----------------------------$5,000.00
47 MAHABIR S. ATWAL----------------------$5,000.00
48 SARBJIT S. MANN-------------------------$5,000.00
49 GURJINDER S. BAJWA--------------------$5,000.00
50 IQBAL S. SAMRA--------------------------$5,000.00
51 MOHAN SINGH----------------------------$5,000.00
52 AMANJIT S. KLER-------------------------$5,000.00
53 ANOOP S. NIJJAR-------------------------$5,000.00
54 SURJIT S. MULTANI (BAWA)------------$3,100.00
55 BIRINDERJIT S. DHILLON----------------$2,500.00
56 JASWANT S. KHOKHAR-----------------$2,500.00
57 HARGURPAL S. SANDHU----------------$2,500.00
58 DR. ANANJIT S. AULAKH----------------$2,500.00
59 JASPAL S. MALIK-------------------------$2,100.00
60 BIRINDER S. JAILDAR--------------------$2,100.00
61 BALWINDER S. GARCHA----------------$2,100.00
62 BALWINDER S. BAL----------------------$2,100.00
63 ROOP CHAUDARY------------------------$2,100.00
64 DR. JAGDISH SINGH----------------------$2,000.00
65 RAMINDERJIT S. SEKHON---------------$1,500.00
66 ISHWINDER BRARA-----------------------$1,250.00
67 SUKHVINDER S. PURI--------------------$1,100.00
68 KASHMIR SINGH--------------------------$1,100.00
69 JIWANJIT S. PALAHA---------------------$1,100.00
70 JAS KANWAL BIR S. RANDHAWA------$1,100.00
71 HARBHAJAN S. SAMRA------------------$1,100.00
72 DR. INDERBIR S. SANDHU---------------$1,100.00
73 SUKHDEV S. BHATHAL-------------------$1,000.00
74 SUKHA SINGH-----------------------------$1,000.00
75 RESHAM SINGH---------------------------$1,000.00
76 MOHINDER SAHOTA---------------------$1,000.00
77 MANGAL S. GULSHAN-------------------$1,000.00
78 JOGINDER S. VIRK------------------------$1,000.00
79 JAGPAL S. JHATTU-----------------------$1,000.00
80 HARJINDER S. POONI--------------------$1,000.00
81 HARDILIP SINGH--------------------------$1,000.00
82 HANWANTBIR S. SIDHU---------------- $1,000.00
83 AVTAR SINGH (POLA)------------------ $1,000.00
84 GURMIT S. DHILLON----------------------$1,000.00
85 HARNEK S. HEER---------------------------$501.00
86 MOHINDER S. JOHAL----------------------$501.00
87 THE RUPEE ROOM--------------------------$501.00
89 AJIT THIND-----------------------------------$500.00
90 AJMER SINGH--------------------------------$500.00
91 BALWANT S. JHAWAR----------------------$500.00
92 JASWANT S. DHILLON---------------------$500.00
93 RASHPAL S. RANA--------------------------$500.00
94 COLIMA JR, INC----------------------------$500.00
95 GUPT DAAN---------------------------------$250.00
96 JASBIR SINGH-------------------------------$200.00

                                             Total= $1,067,104.00