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The Organizing Committee of Punjabi Community Center, Inc. (PCC)


Los Angeles PCC celebrate Vasakhi 2009

Los Angeles, May 10, 2009
Iqbal Grewal

The Organizing Committee of Punjabi Community Center, Inc. (PCC) welcomes the Vasakhi 2009 Celebrations with a house full of energy from the audience, volunteers and participants.

With well over 300 participants of all ages, the determined spirit of Vasakhi celebration was very much in evidence at the 4th annual PCC Vasakhi event. The actual performances commenced at about 1:30 pm, with more then 600 audience filling the floor of the hall, was entertained to a non stop entertainment of Bhangra, Comedy Skits, Hindi Dance’s, Bharatnatyam and Gidda for the next four and a half hours by talented children and adults with colorful costumes and roller coaster ride of fun entertainment. Teams from PCC like Youth Bhangra Explosion, Punjab Da Lishkara , Bilo Rani’s, No Problem and invited teams showed off their talents and expressions. It was evident from their expressions how excited all the children were with this event and the amount of effort put in to make this show a success.

Chief Guest Gurbax Singh Bhasin , Recognized Community Member Sohan Singh Chowdhary and Dr. Neena Kapoor were there to grace the event, and to be recognized as some of the key contributors to the community.

The PCC Working Committee comprising of Iqbal Grewal, Dalwinder Singh, Arvinder Singh, Baljeet Grewal, Sharmila Sidhu, Sonia Singh, Sarabjit Singh, Alka Trehan , Rita Patel and Janet Mavi did a superb job in organizing the event and keeping the crowd mesmerized with the Vasakhi 2009 event. Kudos to the team.

Grand Sponsor ,Vijay Khosla, of Natraj & Nina’s provided the delicious dinner after the show. The audience ,participants, teachers, parents, and volunteers of the organization who worked so hard to make this event possible did an excellent job , as always , in keeping with the traditions of Vasakhi and celebrating it with a big bang.

PCC is a family oriented organization whose main charter is to promote Punjabi Culture and Art to all in the community. It involves kids of all ages and encourages participation at all levels to promote a healthy development in the Punjabi culture. This is also a way for all in the community to come together , get to know each other and develop relationships as part of the overall community development.

Punjabi Community Center, Inc (PCC) was established in 2005 to promote Punjabi culture and religion through education, community involvement, and sponsorship of performing arts. It involves folks from all ages to actively get involved in promoting the culture and religion in all forms. It is an organization that encourages full family involvement to ensure a good support system in the whole community for the young and old. It also strives to provide a platform for new opportunities and partnerships that will challenge the Punjabi community to continue the traditions of education, leadership, advocacy, heart-filled selfless service and responsibility that will inspire the community and other organizations





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