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The Indo American Social Association (IASA) organized the interfaith event on Peace & Harmony
Launched IASA with a mission to unite people and bring all communities together

Los Angeles, June 28, 2019 A.Gary Singh



The Indo American Social Association (IASA) organized the interfaith event on Peace & Harmony on Sunday, 9th June in Diamond Palace Restaurant in Diamond Bar, CA.

Rajbir Singh Husson, president and founder of IASA, launched IASA with a mission to unite people and bring all communities together. IASA brought all the religions and cultures under one roof and united all cultures together. The emcee of the event, Suresh Malkani and Seema Sagar introduced the mission of IASA and welcomed all guests to the Interfaith event. Venkat Peddi, IASA secretary provided a welcome message, followed by American National Anthem by Misbah Noor and then the Indian national Anthem.

IASA which was started with a mission to unite the community and spreads the message of Unity and oneness. IASA president, Rajbir Singh Husson wants to make a change from Division to togetherness, from Religious Fanaticism to Spiritualism and unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love.

Various speakers from different religions and faith were invited to speak in this event and spread the message of Peace and Harmony.

Amol Jadhav , Head of SSY group,  which focuses on Yoga and Meditation said that “all of us eat, study, play and work together. However, we go separate ways to pray. What would happen if we started praying together?” He actually made it happen in India, through Global Religious Harmony program. Preachers of all religions emphasize that there is one divinity. Why not be together, in prayer and pray in all the different ways, as per the group's participants?

Dr. Shukavak Dasa, head priest of the Hindu society of inland empire's Hindu temple, Shri Lakshmi Narayan temple in Riverside, Ca, mentioned that “We should all pray together for Peace and harmony”

Diane Tillman, head of the Brahma Kumari foundation, emphasized on the importance of meditation and mentioned we should all meditate for peace.

Shailesh Maharjan, who was the Buddhist speaker, mentioned that we need a good criterion to measure what is peaceful and break the cycle of confirmation bias. He further added that according to the Dhammapada, a collection of brief teachings of the Buddha, "Everyone fears punishment. Everyone fears death. Use self as a criterion to abandon punishment and violence." We are so much driven by confirmation bias, which means seeking information to prove our belief correct. No one wants to be wrong. Disharmony begins where you constantly attempt to prove yourself right and reject others views without much thought. Therefore, the key for harmony is being open for difference, accepting diversity, and embracing changes. Let's bring to promote peace and harmony by practicing verbal aspiration by telling yourself following phrases: 

"In the world filled with anger and hatred, may I contribute with love and compassion. In the world filled with jealousy and envy, may I contribute with sympathetic joy. In the world filled with selfishness, May I contribute with generosity.



Rev. Israel Rapuri, head of the Asian Indian Church in Artesia, CA, mentioned that the main goal of their ministry here is to reach out to non-Christians in Artesia with the gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He has done MA in theology and culture at the Concordia university, irvine, ca.

Baljit Toor, secretary of Gurudwara of sadh sangat in Norco,CA and member of Redlands area interfaith society, mentioned that Peace and harmony are within us, faith and forgiveness is important. Does not matter which religious faith people are from, being human is the most important thing, and be a true human by your deeds.


Misbah Hyder, is a graduate student in B.A.,  emphasized on the importance of unity of all religions.  

Sriman Narasimhacharya Cherukupally,the chief priest of Panchamukha hanuman temple, emphasized on the importance of Yagnas, chanting for peace and harmony. He further added that Innovation, Strength, Fame, Courage, Fearlessness, Good health, Activeness & ability for effective & Impressive speech are the eight types of benefits we get by worshiping Sri Panchamukha Hanuman ji


Parsee/Zoroastrian priest, Mobed Zarrir Bhandara mentioned that Zarathustra introduces the unique idea that we worship God with His own divine qualities. We worship God’s truth by being truthful, focusing on truth of love rather than love of truth. In short, we worship God in the material world by infusing His divine and benevolent qualities into each thought, word and action, in the temple of life – in our homes, in the business world, in academia, in government, in the practice of our professions, in our treatment of the environment, in the way we relate to each other, and to all life forms. A “living” worship in every sense of the word. Thus, serving the creator by serving his creations with love and that showcases our religion. Further, he made an appeal to leaders to interpret scriptures to bring about more love, peace, harmony, and acceptance in our world and show empathy towards all living beings. 

Honorable Mayor of Cerritos, Naresh Solanki was the Chief Guest of the evening and received a plaque from IASA. Hon. Mayor Naresh Solanki  presented a certificate of recognition to IASA and commended effort by IASA for bringing the community and cultures together in this unique Interfaith event and. Ali Sajjad Taj, Councilmember of Artesia, also emphasized on unity and received a plaque from IASA.

All the awards were presented by senior citizens to honor all the seniors present in the hall. All IASA Executive Committee awarded including the President Rajbir HussonTaneja, Tarlochan Rangi ( Chairman), Co-Chairman Dr. Atul Karia, Secretary Venkat Peddi, Executive Vice President Aseem Tandon, Vice President Dr. Asmath Noor ,  Treasurer Suresh Malkani, Vice President Ravi Sagar ,   Program Director   Ashok Vaza , Vice President (Finance) Raghbir Baga. The Advisory Committee: Roger Vakharia - Vijay Patel - Aman Brar. Womens Empowerment Club: Chairwoman Anju Multani , President Rekha Tandon -Secretary Seema Sagar, Youth Club: President Shane Sagar, Chairman Aman Kamboj, Treasurer Sonakshi Sagar, Media Coordinator, Ankur Patel,Govt. Relationships   Raj Halwil,Youth Mentor Dinesh Sharma. Honorary Board : Harry Sidhu ( Mayor Of Anaheim) , Kewal Kanda, Gundeep Singh, Tulsi Savani ,Ranjit Kamboj,Tarlochan Rangi

IASA brought diverse faith and communities together under one roof to spread the message of compassion, peace, and harmony. This event facilitated interaction with people from different religions, faith. But this event brought more than that , it was about understanding our significant differences, but also recognizing our similarities, and working together for peace, justice and healing in our world. IASA reinforced the idea that, regardless of religion, tradition or belief , every human deserves respect.