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Obama's Election- A Big Boost to Multiculturalism Worldwide

Surrey, Vancouver, Nov. 18, 2008
Balwant Sanghera

A lot has been said and written since Barack Obama’s triumphant race to the White House on November 4,2008.

Indeed, it was history in the making. For the first time in American history, the most powerful nation on earth will have an African-American as its commander-in-chief. Obama’s ascent to the highest elected office in the U.S. has given a much-needed boost to international brotherhood, America’s image and optimism. It has given new hope to people belonging to visible minorities. Overwhelming participation by youth in Obama’s election has added a new dimension to the electoral process. Obama’s election has given everyone a reason to be optimistic about the future.

Obama’s emphasis on change and hope has infused a sense of optimism not only in Americans but also people around the globe. Furthermore, it has given multiculturalism, intercultural understanding, tolerance and racial harmony an unprecedented lift.

Obama has proven that with unwavering determination, perseverence and resilience, no barrier is unsurmountable in reaching the top. In this process, he has become a great role model for millions around the globe. As a result of Obama’s election, Americans are beginning to see themselves differently. Also, the world is bound to see America differently.

In addition to Obama’s landmark election, there are couple of other aspects that can’t be overlooked. His main opponent for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, did a commendable job in fighting for the nomination. She proved to be very tough competitor for Obama.Hillary Clinton proved herself to be a tireless very determined, resilient and resourceful campaigner.

Her strong showing and stamina in this marathon race has proved that the glass ceiling for women aspiring for the top jobs is fast disappearing. She was a trailblazer .It may not be before long that a woman will be occupying the White House in Washington.

Another aspect that jumps out of the recently concluded race for the president of America is the question of age. The Republican candidate, John McCain, despite all of his problems and limitations, has shown that age is no longer a barrier in seeking the highest office in the land. By age 72, most of the people are inclined to take it easy. Rather than retiring to take advantage of the rocking chair, McCain had the courage and conviction to go through one of the most grueling experiences of his life. In this process, he has proven and shown the world that age should never be considered a barrier in going for the most difficult goals in your life .His courage should serve as a great source of inspiration for young and old alike.

Now that the election is over, not only the American public but also the whole world is waiting with a baited breath to watch Obama deliver. The challenges facing him are huge. More than ten trillion dollars of national debt, ever-growing deficit, the economy in a meltdown, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are only some of the major issues facing Obama. As leader of the free world, he is expected to be a miracle worker. Expectations have been raised to a high level.

Will Obama be able to meet those expectations? This is a big question mark that is hard to answer at this time. However, Obama does have time and goodwill of the people on his side. Regardless, Obama deserves our sincere congratulations for what he has already accomplished and best wishes for what he is going to achieve in the next four years.




Balwant Sanghera

Balwant Sanghera
President, Punjabi Language Education Association . He is a retired School Psychologist and Community Activist in British Columbia ,Canada.