Harbhajan Singh Samra Biography
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  • Samra Produce & Farms, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 in the State of CA and is currently active. Harbhajan Singh represents Samra Produce & Farms, Inc. as their registered agent.








Harbhajan Samra, Samra Produce & Farms, Inc.



Harbhajan Speaks up, when He saw Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar ordered the police to use tear gas, water cannon amid freezing cold, as farmers try to go to Delhi for peaceful March:

In farmers movement in India, Supreme Court should interfere to resolve it by suspending the modi government because he deceived the people of india(farmers) Before elections BJP promised with voters to execute swaminathan report to ensure farmers minimum support price on the basis of cost,now the BJP govt totally rejected and made laws against it.This is deception to voters. If BJP govt wants to do that there should be referendum on this issue if people want it or not.

On the other hand BJP govtpromised before elections to get black money back from outside the country but he did opposite, instead got hard earned money of average people for generations out and people couldn’t get their own money.

BJP promised after getting black money from outside the country every citizen of India will get 15lakhs of ruppes in their account. When people asked for that money BJP called it jumla(lie)

- Is jumla allowed in democracy?......- Is BJP all about Jumla?
On the basis of these jumlas

- I believe Supreme Court should interfere in the clash between government and farmers to save democracy in india.
Any promises made by political parties before elections should be binding on those political parties.If political party doesn’t not fulfill their promises should be banned to do any political activities in the country.

Now farmers should not accept anything less than
# 1  to void all the three laws
2 about the fine in burning rice crop residue (parai)
3 electric bills for farmers
4. Most importantly to implement the Swaminathan report now in the deal for all in one effort.

This is deception to voters. If BJP govt wants to do that there should be referendum on this issue if people want it or not

Harbhajan Samra with his friends at new Gas Plaza, Indio of Ravi Grewal
Corona Impact On Global Economy Video

Tumup is a republican, but very different republican:

. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has appointed over 30  Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee members including FOUR NRIs -  Shalabh Kumar from Illinois, K V Kumar from California , Puneet Ahluwalia from Virginiaamd Harry Walia from Florida to discuss growing concerns over educational opportunities, employment and theand the economy.

We adopted this country with that vision. Is it true that Hillary Clinton volunteered to defend a man who raped a 12-year-old in 1975? …..READ MORE

Satwinder lovely, The Rising and Shining Star at Punjab Farm at Samra Farms, at 63450 Pierce St., Thermal, California

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The story first appeared in New York Times in 2002 about Okara King, Philanthropist, Harbhajan Singh Samra and recently it was published under the heading of “ Changes in LA” on the front page of Produce News paper from New York  which cover the fresh produce around the Globe since 1897.Joel Kotkin of New York Times said, “His success reflects a broader reality in the nation's produce market. As ethnic population .......READ MORE

Jine 2012: NRIpress Team with Samra's Farm---OrganicSeasonal Produce................Click

April 14, 2012: UFICA & FIAsc CELEBRATE BAISAKHI AT SAMRA FARMS INDIO, CALIFORNIA... Two Popular and Major Organizations in California UFICA & FIAsc celebrated the Baisakhi festival at Samra Farms, at 63450 Pierce St., Thermal, California, engaging all present with pomp and conviviality.

There was stretches of cultivation of Eggplant (Baingan), Ber's, Chillies, Cucumbers, Radish (Muli), and more. This experience definitely brought back memories from Punjab. No NRI's could possibly expect...............Read More

Jan 14, 2011: NRI OKRA KING also has become “BER” KING Ber’s improved variety is more nutritious than apple It is quite nutritious and rich in vitamin C

Ber is a fruit of variable shape and size. Its shape can be found oval, oblong , round and size can be 1.00 inch - 2.5 inch long and about 1.00 inch in diameter. Its size is also depending upon variety.

  • NRI OKRA KING also has become "BER" KING
  • Ber’s improved variety is more nutritious than apple
  • It is quite nutritious and rich in vitamin C

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FARM PHOTOS- field trip by NRIprerss.com

Large Attendance at Consul General’s Meeting for Visa Issues

Indian Americans travelled long distances to get answers from Ambassador Susmita Thomas, Consul General of India, San Francisco to their questions relating to visa for travel to India.

The meeting was arranged in Artesia by GOPIO chairman Inder Singh who was supported by community leaders Chandu Patel (NFIA President), Ajoy Dube, Ashok Madan, and Mahesh Parekh of GOPIO, Los Angeles, Rajinder Dhunna of FIA, Vinita Vineet of UFICA, Amrit Bhandari and Bobby Kumar of India Association of San Fernando Valley..... READ MORE

Aug  16, 2010: Mela Teeyan Da Inland Empire 2010-- Mela teeyan da 2010 was celebrated with great success. This year this festival was celebrated in a State of art facility “The Ranch in Corona CA”. Ladies got together from near and far with great enthusiasm.

Baljit toor President of Virsa American Punjabi club welcomed the audience and started the program with long lok geet “Amba te tutan Thandi shawn ne Koi pardesi jogi ah lathe ne” Then other mothers Amar Kaur Mahal, Joginder Kaur Gian Kaur mata ji mohinder kaur Randhawa, a hundred years old grand mother Nasib Kaur joined and sang  songs of their time..... READ MORE



Los Angeles, Oct. 31, 2009: The wedding anniversary of Harbhajan & Sharanjit Samra of Punjab farms in Coachella Valley was celebrated in a unique way on Oct. 31.

Mr. Samra invited children from the Santa Ana Gurdwara Punjabi School and their close friends to celebrate Halloween at their farm where they had plenty of food, candy, fruit & fresh vegetables ...........Read More


Los Angeles, 2007: Friends called for picnic


Harbhajan Samra

  • Mr. Samra got M.A. in economics in 1985.
  • He owns Samra Produce & Farms, about 120 hectares
  • He has customers for Indian vegetables throughout the United States, Canada and Britain.
  • He has an annual turnover of $ 12 million. Starting from scratch 11 years ago, he is a millionaire, and known as the Okra King of California..according to the Tribune.