NRIs in Kuwait asked New Delhi to issue NRI identity cards, attract tourists,
encourage invest and NRI students admission in Universities

Dubai June 7, 2004

The Kuwait India Business Council (KIBC) has urged the Indian government to take proactive initiatives to strengthen economic and cultural ties with Kuwait which is home for 400,000 Indian expatriates.

At its first major meeting, the KIBC asked New Delhi to issue NRI identity cards to overseas Indians to enable them to vote when they visit home during elections.

It has complained that besides the complicated visa rules, the air fares to Indian destinations were too expensive to attract tourists and visitors.

The KIBC chairman, Mr Gori Shankar Khandelwal was quoted by Kuwait Times as saying that New Delhi should facilitate Kuwaitis’ visit to India on holidays and business.

The council suggested that specialist tourism and information centres should be opened in Kuwait and encourage Kuwaiti businessmen to invest in India.

The members of the council also highlighted the difficulties faced by the Indian expatriates in the field of education as they are not allowed to attend university in Kuwait.

They, therefore, urged the opening of exam centres specifically for NRIs and set quotas for them in Indian colleges.