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Khaira demands martyr's status for Jallianwala Bagh martyrs, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev
Also Seeks apology from Bikram Majithia whose ancestors were traitors of SikhsFlays Punjab govt for not commemorating 100th anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre

Los Angeles, Apr 12, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Chandigarh, April 12- Sukhpal Singh Khaira President of Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today expressed anguish over failure of Punjab government led by Capt Amarinder Singh to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Jallianwala massacre to pay tributes in befitting manner. 

In a statement issued here today Khaira said that thousands of Punjabis had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India and massacre of Jallainwala Bagh is an unforgettable tragedy. He said that Jallianwala Bagh memorial was a neglected place and reflects apathy of state and center governments. 

He said that the center government had not yet officially given status of martyrs to people who lost lives in massacre. Even Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who made the supreme sacrifices were given status of martyr . He sought to declare them 'national martyrs' on this occasion. He also demanded to identify all the martyrs of Jallianwala massacre.

He flayed Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh for not commemorating the historic day and doing nothing for the development of Jallianwala Bagh memorial. He said that neither BJP government at center had provided any funds for the memorial. He rued that only a symbolic event is being held which otherwise deserved a yearlong commemoration.

Khaira said that families of martyrs were not invited for the function being held in Jallianwala Bagh today. He said that according to official records 501 persons were gunned down by British forces on Baisakhi of 1919. He said that only 12 families were invited for the function being held in Amritsar tomorrow. He also condemned imposing prohibitory orders in Amritsar to prevent people from paying tributes to martyrs.

Khaira said that British empire must apologise for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. He said that British Prime Minister Theresa May had not apologised for the massacre. She had in fact just re-produced the statement of Queen Elizabeth when she visited India in 1997 during here speech in the house of commons.

Khaira also demanded an apology from SAD leader Bikram Majithia who belongs to family of traitors. His great grandfather Sunder Singh Majithia had hosted dinner for General Dyer on the night of Jallianwala massacre. He said that while memories of Jallianwala massacre still haunt the people in Indian sub-continent, it also underlines the fact that Majithia's forefather had back stabbed the martyrs. He said that it was an irony of India that a traitor has occupied important position in Akali Dal which was founded by our freedom fighters to fight against Britishers.

He added that Sunder Singh Majithia had tried to justify Jallanwala massacre and he was working as tool in the hands if British Government. Sunder Singh Majithia had called he called Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a renegade on seeing his photograph in album of eminent writer late  Khushwant Singh who described the incident in his autobiography Truth, Love and a Little Malice.




Los Angeles, Apr 10, 2019 A.Gary Singh



Chief Election Commissioner,

Nirvachan Sadan,

Ashoka Road,

New Delhi – 110001

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice the critical state of Law & Order in the State of Punjab and the open victimisation of a minority community. A recent incident involving the Punjab Police has totally shaken the faith of the people in the police leadership of the present DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta.

On 27th March 2019, DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta DGP hand-picked some of his favourite police personnel, from different locations of Punjab, vide his office order No.5084-92/E-2(8) dated 27.3.19 and temporarily attached them with Khanna District Police (Annexure A)

On 29th April 2019 armed persons are alleged to have raided the residence of Father Antony at Jalandhar and forcibly took away Rs.16.65 crores along with his abduction at gun-point after snatching their mobile phones etc. as per the statement of Father Antony, these facts are also recorded in the CCTV footage and published in newspapers.(Annexure B).

The above incident was flashed by the Police Control Room throughout the State of Punjab and Nakas/Check points were set up all over the state to nab the culprits. The Commissioner, Police at Jalandhar also visited the spot of the incident.

To cover-up the covert-operation by the team of Khanna Police along with the team specially constituted by Mr. Dinkar Gupta DGP and to give a legal face to this goof-up and illegal operation, later Father Anthony and others were shown as apprehended from a Naka/ Checkpoint at Doraha District Khanna, along with a cash sum of Rs.9.66 crores, which was later deposited with the Income Tax department by the Khanna Police. Whereas, a sum of Rs.16.65 crores was taken by the raiding party from the residence at Jalandhar as stated by Father Antony. A sum of Rs.6.65 crores was allegedly siphoned off during this whole operation by the team of DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta, which separated on the way to Khanna from Jalandhar and later joined at Khanna. Father Anthony was kept in illegal custody till 5.00 am of 30th March 2019 and later let off without any FIR or arrest.

Whereas, Father Antony had this money as legitimate funds received from schools (uniforms, textbooks etc.) under the Jalandhar Diocese and the same was about to be deposited with the bankers (South Indian Bank, Jalandhar) who were present during the raid by the Khanna Police.

It is pertinent to mention here that any operation carried out by the Police must follow certain protocols which have been clearly violated as the motive and objective of this raid was not official and purely for personal pecuniary gains. Father Antony along with others were kidnapped and kept in illegal confinement in a planned fashion by armed police personnel with a purpose of depriving them 0f their legitimate money. The raiding party under the directions of DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta through SSP Dhruv Dahiya and team of Khanna Police never intimated the local Jalandhar Police or local police station and neither informed Income Tax authorities nor Enforcement Directorate for the operation for recovery of money. Surprisingly, the alert sounded by Jalandhar Police was not followed up and alert in the State Police was called off on the directions of the DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta.

This act of Punjab Police is blatantly high-handed and coupled with the stoic silence of the government on the act of DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta clearly indicates the blind support and free hand given by the ruling Congress government to the DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta with undue favours expected in return in the election process. It is very much clear in all spheres of society and Government about how the present DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta was hand-picked by the ruling Congress government and by CM Capt. Amarinder Singh after bypassing five senior officers and the same is also evident from the blessings taken by the present DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta from Madam Aroosa Alam (close to CM Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh) a Pakistani national (Pictures attached as Annexure C).

The above mentioned is one of the major acts of highhandedness & unlawful action committed by Punjab Police under the direct control and supervision of DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta on a minority community and what to mention about day to day illegal actions and atrocities happening to create fear psychosis during elections to divert the votes in favour of the ruling Congress party. Presently, atmosphere of fear and uncertainty prevails amongst the people of Punjab. Political Parties in the opposition as well as general public are very apprehensive of the present DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta. People are not feeling safe with their lives and properties and in such a situation how can the free and fair election be conducted, and people can exercise their right to free ballot?

People have full faith in the Constitution of India, which entitles them to elect the representatives of their choice with a free mind and atmosphere which is the root of democracy of India and to achieve this goal of the Constitution, Police has a very important role in the conduct of the elections. However, in the present scenario when the leader of the Police force DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta is brazenly biased towards the ruling Congress party and is the hand-picked blue eyed officer of the present CM Punjab, then the entire election process in the state of Punjab will be a farce.

In the interest of upholding the highest tenets of democracy and ensuring free and fair elections in Punjab it is imperative that the present DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta is transferred out of his current assignment to a post where he is not connected with the public or electoral process in any way, till the new Government is formed.

Thanking you,

Sukhpal Singh Khaira, MLA

President, Punjab Ekta Party


EC becomes party to SAD-BJP conspiracy to remove SIT head IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh

KhairaAppeals Capt Amarinder Singh to move SC, if he disapproves EC order

Los Angeles, Apr 9, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Chandigarh, April 9- Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and president of Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today strongly condemned the removal of IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh from the Special Investigating Team(SIT) probing the involvement of former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son SAD President Sukhbir Singh Badal in the sacrilege cases and police firing on peaceful Sikhs in Behbal Kalan. He demanded immediate cancellation of such dictatorial orders.

In a hard hitting statement Khaira alleged that Election Commission of India(ECI) has become party to political conspiracy hatched by Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) in connivance with BJP led center government to remove Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh in the name of model code of conduct. He said that removal of Kunwar Vijay Partap at a crucial time was mala fide and politically motivated when SIT was about to nail Badals for their involvement in the cases of sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib ji and incidents of police firing in Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura. He demanded to immediately withdraw this 'autocratic' order.

Khaira said that SIT was not connected with the day to day functioning of police and nor connected with any election related work. He said that SIT was formed much before the election process started and probing the findings of Justice Ranjit Singh Commission. He said that ECI has overstepped its powers and interfered in the process of investigation and delivery of justice. He said that it was clear that Parkash Singh Badal and Sukhbir Singh Badal were deadly against Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh and wanted his removal by hook and crook. 

Khaira said that the role of Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh is also under scanner as he seems to have buckled down to pressure of SAD and BJP to shift Kunwar Vijay Partap. He wondered why Capt Amarinder Singh did'nt counter the complaint made by SAD to EC at government level and he has not uttered a single word against ECI orders. He reiterated that Badals and Capt Amarinder Singh were hand in glove and misusing their powers to save each other in criminal cases. 

Khaira said that if Capt Amarinder Singh had no role in the murky deal of removing Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh from SIT, he should immediately flash a protest letter to the ECI and also move Supreme Court to challenge the ECI orders. He feared that during the course of model code is in force for about another two months, the evidence collected by SIT may be damaged and other members of SIT may also be pressurised to dilute the case against Badals. 

Khaira said that by becoming party to political conspiracies, the EC will only erode the credibility of constitutional institution. He urged the EC to rather focus on violations of election code by both SAD and Congress and use its influence to effectively stop activities of distribution of drugs, liquor and money by big parties in the state.


Khanna Police act of 'looting' crores from Jalandhar priest shames Punjab police

Khaira Says, Jungle Raj prevails in Punjab, no accountability fixed even after a week

Los Angeles, Apr 6, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Sukhpal Singh Khaira, president of Punjab Ekta Party today said that Khanna police has shamed Punjab police by its act of 'looting' crores of Rupees from the house of a Church priest in Jalandhar going out of their jurisdiction and powers.

In a hard hitting statement issued here Khaira said that Khanna police had planned the 'loot' like any other criminal gang and also ensured that all evidence is erased. He said that Khanna police had also not taken Jalandhar police and Income Tax department in confidence before conducting raid of which no entry is made in the Police 'Roznamcha'  of March 29. All policemen who were involved in the loot were in police uniform and drove to Jalandhar in private vehicles.

He said that he was surprised that neither Punjab DGP or the Home Minister who happens to be Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh have given any clarification on the organised robbery by Police, involving huge amount of about seven crores. The priest, Father Anthony Madassary has accused police of seizing Rs.16.65 crores from his house in Jalandhar and showing recovery of only 9.66 crores that too on GT road near Doraha under Khanna police jurisdiction. He said that priest and his aide were 'kidnapped' at gun point by the police and driven to Khanna through an interior route of Apra, Machhiwara and Samrala to evade CCTV cameras on Highway.

Khaira said that a Jungal Raj prevailed in Punjab as there is nobody to question police. He said that Capt Amarinder Singh government had lost control in governance and situation is worst that the previous regime of Parkash Singh Badal. He said that in such a situation no businessman could feel safe in the state. He said that if priest had made money through illegal means, it is subject matter of investigation by Income Tax department and law should take its own course. But giving right to police to  'loot' money' from the house of people can only be described as 'anarchy'.

Khaira said that even after a week no statement on such a big case of 'police robbery' was made by the DGP Dinkar Gupta even after a week of incident. He said that people of state wanted to know who was behind 'loot' at the house of priest and who are the real beneficiaries of booty. He said that connivance of high ups in police and government couldn't be ruled out. Hence the probe must handed over to some independent investigating agency like CBI.

Khaira also claimed that this was not only incident of police seizing money without recording in the official records. Another report needed to be probed that huge foreign currency was seized from a NRI travelling on GT road near Khanna but no recovery is shown. He said that a wider investigation can yield many skeletons from the police cupboard.


President Kovind must express regret over dance performance on ‘Mool Mantar’ lyrics

Khaira-SGPC, SAD played down the matter under RSS and BJP influence 

Los Angeles, Apr 5, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Chandigarh, April 5, Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and president of Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today raked up the issue of dance performance on background lyrics of ‘Mool Mantar’, ‘Ik Onkar Satnaam’ in the presence of Ram Nath Kovind President of India during his Chile visit and demanded at least a word of  regret from the President  over such an act of ‘ blasphemy’ in his presence.

Khaira said that Sikhs all over the world were hurt by the disrespect to Sikh maryada by organizers of reception  function held in honour of the President. He said that but most unfortunate part of the episode is that President had uploaded the clip on his official twitter handle.  He added that it was not possible that Kovind who is learned man lived a long public life was not aware of importance of ‘Mool Mantar’ in the Sikh religion. He said that Mool Mantar’, a composition from Guru Granth Sahib holds immense significance and part of Japji Sahib and Sikh maryada. 

He said that President should know the ethos and values of all religions in the country which he represents. He said that he was handpicked by BJP for the job and it is unfortunate he failed to show his statesmanship at the trying times. It would have been appropriate for him to convey his disapproval to the organisers of show. He said that 1.2 minute long video clip was removed from twitter handle of President only after outcry by Sikh masses. He said that removing clip was not enough and President has moral responsibility to lay the controversy to rest by issuing an acknowledgement of his regret.

Khaira said that Shiromani Gurdawara Parbhandak Committee (SGPC) and so called Panthic party Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) had played down the blunder under influence of RSS and BJP. He said that Sikhs were hurt with the role of SGPC and SAD as they have time and again proved their alignment with RSS. He said that SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal has not taken lesson from ignominy he faced over sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib during his party’s government.