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Hong Kong's Best Tailor, NRI, expanding in India


Hong Kong has an absolute army of tailors, and the city is rightly famed for being able to stitch-up top quality suits, at bottom dollar prices. The best Hong Kong tailors range from backstreet dives to fine boutiques in five-star hotels. Hong Kong has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring. Most of the poplar tailors who attract customers from USA, UK, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan, besides China are Raja Fashions, Punjab House, Jim's Tailor Workshop and Sam the Tailor a.k.a Sams

Raja Fashions

Raja Fashions is already in the process of opening shop in Northern India. Famed as much for his tailoring, as for his offbeat ads and larger than life personality, Raja's excellent service and value for money prices have seen the business double in size since the Hong Kong handover. Raja regularly makes tours of both the UK and the US and now has an established presence in both countries. Raja continues to guarantee the best service and quality, while his prices are generally more competitive than his rivals

Mr.Raja Daswani, CEO & Chief Fashion Designer said, with 20,000 fabrics in stock and over 500 people producing the garments, our garments are value for money. We can offer the best of fabrics and tailor-made clothes to measure that fit one's figure perfectly, and all at very competitive prices. Why would anyone pay more for a suit that does not fit them perfectly?

Having custom tailored suits for professional men and women since 1957, the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across the globe. So impressive is their name in England, home of bespoke tailoring, their customer base - said to include the House of Lords and Downing street - covers all of the major cities as well as Scotland and Ireland, the USA, France, Germany and Japan.

"But in 1997, when Hong Kong was handed back to China, many of our clients started leaving, so we felt we had to chase after them," Mr Daswani says.

According to local media, he said, "I receive hundreds of e-mails everyday. Customer measurements and photographs are emailed back to the head office in Cameron Road here to be tailored within four-six weeks by specialist tailors."

More than 1,000 suits are sold to British clients every week

Punjab House

Once the tailor of choice for Hong Kong's British colonial masters, as well as the British military, Punjab House has over 100 years of suit making experience behind them, and the tailors have as big a following in the UK as they do in HK. Punjab produces some of best suits in town and while they don't come cheap, the superior quality makes their suits worth the investment. Famed for their friendly service, Punjab House is a good way to take the stress out of having a first-class suit made


Raja Fashions and Punjab House are considered the Hong Kong's biggest tailors. Their customers are former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, steel baron Lakshmi Mitta, diplomats, military officers, eminent businessmen and politicians.

The custom shirts range in price from US$50 to US$500, depending on the material. Suits range from US $350 to US$5,000, also depending on the material.

You can select the fabrics from over 25,000 fabric ranging from affordable to exclusive

They say, your personal image is very important. Your clothes and the way you carry yourself determine whether people take your seriously, recognize you authority, and do what you want.

And that's as important for a job interview as it is trying to get an upgrade to first class or simply convincing a clerk to taking back an item without a receipt.


NRI Tailors


Suits range from US $350 to US$5,000