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Emanuel Sandhu


Sandhu started taking ballet lessons at age three and took up skating five years later. He studied at Canada's
renowned National Ballet School for 10 years. He views himself as a "perfectionist". He has landed quadruple
toeloops and Salchows in competition. Sandhu wants to pursue a career in singing and acting following his
skating career. He won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.
Sandhu's Free Skating music has been especially composed for him.

Sandhu's mother, Enza, was born in Rome, Italy, and trained as an opera singer for a period of time. His father, Lokraj, is of East Indian descent. Though Sandhu was raised Roman Catholic, his father is Sikh, and Sandhu says he has strong ties to that side as well. He has two younger brothers, Christian and Daniel. Sandhu

Emanuel Sandhu born in 1980 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario, started skating at age 8. He has a strong background in dance and ballet, which is quite apparent in his programs.

Family feud is tough on Sandhu Skating enigma says parents' bitter breakup has taken a heavy toll on him RANDY STARKMAN SPORTS REPORTER LONDON, Ont.— For eight long and painful years, Emanuel Sandhu barely spoke a word to his father. His parents had a bitter and acrimonious breakup in 1994 when he was 13 — and the supremely talented figure skater deeply feared his mother's wrath if he had any contact with his dad, who'd left their Richmond Hill home. "I was used as a weapon, as she liked to do," Sandhu recalls. "It's not that she doesn't love me. That's just the way she is. It's just the situation I was in." Once, on the night he burst into the national consciousness with a brilliant performance at the 1998 Canadian championships in Hamilton, Sandhu saw his father, Lokraj, in a hotel lobby. They spoke quickly, as then 17-year-old Emanuel glanced furtively over his shoulder because he knew well the fury he faced if his mother, Enza, spied him. All Sandhu normally saw of his father during this period was a fleeting glimpse of him in a crowd of thousands of strangers, if a competition was held close enough to the GTA. One skating insider tells of Sandhu's dad once trying to pass a note through a security guard to try to get in touch with the oldest of his three sons. "It was very, very difficult to enjoy any sort of satisfaction from a title or skating well because there was always this fight going on — and I was in the middle of it, of course," says Sandhu

Career Highlights

  • Three-time Canadian men's champion (2004, 2003 and 2001)
  • Finished seventh at the 2005 world championships
  • Finished eighth at the 2004 world championships
  • Finished fourth at 2004 ISU Grand Prix Final
  • Won gold medal at 2004 Skate Canada
  • Won silver medal 2004 Four Continents
  • Won bronze medal at 2004 Trophee Cachemire
  • Finished eighth at 2003 world championships
  • Won gold at 2003 ISU Grand Prix Final
  • Finished fourth at 2003 Skate Canada
  • Finished fifth at 2003 Four Continents and Cup of China
  • Won silver medal at 2002 Skate Canada
  • Finished sixth at 2002 Skate America






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Emanuel Sandhu, Richmond Hill native, Emanuel burst on to the skating scene at the 1998 Canadian Figure Skating Championships. Currently, he is the three-time Canadian Champion, the 2004 ISU Grand Prix Final Champion and the 2004 and 2005 Skate Canada Champion.

Lokraj Singh Sandhu