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Kanwal Prakash Singh, FEB 18,2010
KP Singh

Members of The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis, following the Sikh faith Commandment of seva (selfless service) proudly participate in several community projects each year and generously support some local causes and humanitarian challenges.  At the Sikh Temple (Acton Road), the brocaded silk Chundoa (canopy) over Sri Guru Granth Sahib (The Sikh Sacred Scripture) emblazons an important reminder:

Sutgur kee seva sufal hai, jay ko karey chit laaye: That Seva (selfless service) of True Guru (God) is blessed and acceptable when done with heartfelt devotion, in humility, and as a thanksgiving.

For the second time in eight months, the central Indiana Sikh American community, under the leadership of the Executive Committee of The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis collected and delivered over two tons of vegetarian canned food to Gleaners Food Bank, a food-collection agency that serves several food pantries in Indianapolis.  These food pantries serve several thousand people each month in the Indianapolis metropolitan area who need assistance due to tough economic times or other hardships.  The area Sikh youth played a central role in the latest successful canned-food drive.  It is very reassuring, witnessing efforts to eliminate hunger throughout the world as an act of faith and our shared humanity.

Inspired by outstanding initiatives by The United Sikhs, countless national, faith and civic organizations, The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis, under the leadership of its President, Jasvir Singh Lalli, members of the Executive Committee and Trustees , raised funds towards the international relief efforts for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January of this year.  A check for $4,100.00 was presented to The American Red Cross officials who visited The Sikh Temple (Acton Road) recently.  Mr. John Lyter, CEO and President, Mr. Joseph Simpson, former Chairman of the Board, Mr. James Longstreth, the current Chairman of the Board, and Ms. Laura Bradley, a staff member in The American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis were among the special guests who visited the Sikh Temple and attended the Prayer Service.

In their remarks, both Mr. Lyter and Mr. Longstreth expressed deep appreciation to the Sikh community for their generous support of The American Red Cross over the years, and for the help and friendship in carrying out the humanitarian mandate of The Red Cross during major disasters at home and abroad.

KP Singh, community volunteer and Satsang founding member, on behalf of the central Indiana Sikh American community expressed deep appreciation to the leadership of The American Red Cross for their thoughtful visit to The Sikh Temple  and for joining in worship and Langar (community lunch).  While robustly acknowledging that The American Red Cross provides commendable service during major disasters that frequent humanity without warning, KP proudly added that the idea and spirit of Red Cross may have its origins in the early 1700’s at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab at the time of the Tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh.  KP briefly related the story of Bhai Ghanayya helping the wounded Sikhs and enemy soldiers in a battlefield during the several confrontations between the Sikhs and Mughal forces.  The
Commandment of Seva and compassion towards all God’s children is enshrined in Sikh Scriptures.

The Red Cross officials were very respectful of the Sikh traditions during their visit to the Sikh Temple.  Special guests were honored with a Siropa by Giani Pritam Singh, Head Granthi; each was presented the beautiful 2010-Sikhpoint Calendar that features the theme: “Conserving Sikh Heritage” in the Punjab.




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“KP” Singh,
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