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Los Angeles, March 11, 2012
V. Pawar/ Gari Singh

The 2012 SPECTACULAR "BOLLYWOOD 101" show was presented by NDMBollywood Dance Studios, and producer, Nakul Dev Mahajan, on March 11, 2012 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Redondo Beach California which caught the eyes of one and all.


The program began on time, with exclusive opening item. Each performance that followed portrayed the technique of classical and cultural dancing, like Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, etc. incorporated in the latest creative Bollywood presentations choreographed by the Hollywood's favorite ‘Bollywood Choreographer”, Nakul Dev Mahajan. He is known for his professionalism, timely delivery, exclusive presentation of each dance performance, and his outstanding choreography. He is the first Bollywood Choriographer and producer who brought world attention to India. His unique BOLLYWOOD dance style, has gained Nakul Dev Mahajan, a very special name in the Indian community and around the world. He never fails to recognize the popular Indian actors and actresses in the Bollywood Movie Industry even from the early 50’s to current. Each presentation was breathtaking, with its colorful and well designed Indian costumes by ‘ATIRMA’, exceptionally choreographed Bollywood showcase, which brought elegance not only to the dance performance but also added the rich ambience.

Human nature and cosmic intelligence compels us to move forward. The powerful actions that we embrace help us to improve and we continue to develop mentally throughout our lives. Creative thoughts always exist in our minds but it is for us to utilize these thoughts to improve the quality of our lives on earth and fulfill every dream we may have. Every condition we desire must be created in our minds.

Nakul Dev Mahajan attracted success to himself through the strong thoughts and belief from within which overcame all his obstacles, as he focused on his talents, ambitions and desires from within. Thousands fail to see the opportunity at hand but Nakul Dev Mahajan with his strong determination, dedication and belief in his talents and thoughts created the most extravagant Bollywood Productions ever imagined.

Throughout his career, he has trained thousands of students and brought out the best in each and every one of them including all age groups, even Ladies Adult Group which won him the first place for the 2 consecutive years at the Neema Dance Competitions. Year after year his students bring back trophies at competitions. He has choreographed Bollywood Dances on popular American Shows like "So you think you can dance", Passion, MTV, Office, and many more and also popular Indian Music Director, A. R. Rehman. In addition to the NDM shows, Nakul Dev Mahajan also runs “CARDIO CLASS” which is an amazing workout and a fun class.

His ‘TROUP DANCERS’ (students) are the most fabulous performers. Their performance goes beyond all imaginations and expectations. They are by far the most amazing dancers with outstanding talents in all fields of Bollywood Dancing.

Here are some of the comments made by guests, parents, and students who attended the show.

Niraj Agnihotri, President of UFICA a major organization in California, stated that he has enjoyed each and every NDM show that he has attended and each year he sees something special and out of the world. His daughter, Jyotika Agnihotri has been attending NDM Dance Studios for the past 7 years and has loved dancing, and Nakul Dev Mahajan as her teacher, which has made her what she is today.

Aparna Hande, president of FIA, a major organization in Southern California, came for the first time to attend this show. She was blown away. She stated that the dances were so well synchronized, and beautifully presented. She loved that NDM showcased all age groups from the little to the adults.

Neena Kotecha: Has been with NDM for the past 4 years and is totally inspired by Nakul’s amazing Choreography, his dance technique, and his outstanding skills as a teacher, which segregates him from anyone in the industry. She has danced since she was 4, but did not know how important good choreography and technique was until she joined NDM. Every move is totally unexpected and so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine my body moving in those directions as he has made her move through his routines. Neena is blessed to be with NDM.

Vasu Pawar: Been with NDM for the past 9 years. She has not missed a single class since, and that should indicate what an amazing teacher and choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan is. His breathtaking cardio class has also made her stronger physically, and it has been her blessing to learn his beautiful routines year after year and that she always has something special and unique to look forward to and something unpredictable. She has enjoyed dancing and has also fulfilled her dream to learn the techniques of dancing from the best dancer ever and a wonderful person he is, which makes it even more enjoyable. She would like to take this opportunity, to encourage everyone out there, Indians, Americans, Hispanic Americans, people of all ethnical background to come and experience the exclusive Bollywood Dancing under Nakul Dev Mahajan. It will be a DREAM come true.