It's not always easy to use volunteers to run news media team, but with training and trust we make it work We have 100s volunteers who are Journalist, Writers‎, Human Rights activists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and specialist in IT. We have unbelievable saving of unpredictable $ amount for expanding.

Our NRIpress website media channels play a central part. We've always understood that pooling our news, photos and videos into one central point created the potential to reach much wider NRI audiences. Press coverage can have a huge impact on both funding and the work of charities, but it isn't easy to impress the media.

After all, we trusted our volunteers to launch NRIpress.club worldwide. we can trust them to write a news release and talk to the world about the charity they love. It's all about trust

If you are a NRI and would like to learn more about NRIprss or have a particular issue:

Please contact us at at volunteers@NRIpress.com.  Please also identify yourself, the media publication/company you work for, and ask to speak with our Executive Director.