1 NRI ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION ON HOT TOPICS- VIDEO RELEASE EVERY MONTH: This program can be done weekly bases with the team efforts and sponsors
  1. Set up Video Panel Team 5-7 people in each City
  2. Invite 15 -20  entrepreneurs/business community from 22 websites/ professionals/ topic experts and audience
  3. Select 3 locations, one in Artesia, one in LA and one in Riverside will be selected
  4. Video press release will be linked on NRIpress.com and our media partners in Canada, India, UK, ME and Australia
  5. Advertisement/Sponsors will be encouraged for revenue
2 Interview of Politicians, Entrepreneurs and Successful NRI People & Press Release-
VIDEO TEAM: Monthly NRI Views Press video release on different hot topicsĀ  VIDEOs
NARESH SOLANKI Interview with Naresh Solanki, Candidate for Cerritos City Council Nov 2, 2014...click Click here
Sukhpal Singh Khaira Interviewers with Gary Singh/ Kamini Khare/ Bal Sidhu...click Click Here
Punjab minister Rana Gurjit tried to glue NRIs in Los Angeles on Oct. 26, 2017...click Click Here