There are 6 Ways to Support Our NRI Community:
1 Support Children - They Are Our Future NRI communities have temples or something similar that provides activities for the youth. One action that you can take is to sponsor a poor child or not in good health or abused child ………This helps children become more confident and develop important life skills such as leadership and teamwork.
2 Shop in Your Community- Keep Your Money in Your Local Area  If you are looking for a better buying experience, try shopping at a locally NRI owned business - get way friendlier service and you can directly invest in your community to help it flourish. If we support them it means more local jobs, sponsorships for community events and encouraging another dreamer to open a business and serve a need.
3 Take Part in Your Local Political Process: You should involve   in local elections as well as national elections. This allows you to get involved in the process of making a difference in the best candidate for the job, the true voice of the people in the office and your NRI community will continue to thrive.
4 Help Up Your City NRIs  & Neighborhood:  A simple way to help in your NRI community is to call monthly meeting in your city library to start a community-driven project for helping others
5 Support NRI Community Events:  If we attend Indian festivals such as Telgu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi or local events and involve 2nd and third generation, we can experience new cultures and bond over a shared experience. Donating your community food, clothing or toys to holiday drives can help a less fortunate family create a special memory. The more we engage in common types of activities the better the community will be.
6 Be Friendly & start TODAY what you can! Don’t wait to make a big step, start small steps in our communities (such as the actions mentioned above 1-5) will lead to more happiness, confidence, safety and feelings of belonging.