1. For over 15 years, we have been providing "free" NRI services to the NRI Community worldwide.
  2. Through NRI news media, we have promoted our NRI EntrepreneursNRI Politicians, NRI Associationsand Philanthropists by writing articles/ photos regarding their success and philanthropy within the NRI community and have asked for no financial incentives in return.
  3. We are always there for NRIs when they need help from us for any event, press release, NRI seniors, Divorce or  Property related problems in India.

In our News Media team, we are expecting your involvement:

1 You may like to promote a Your Own community such as Gujrati/Punjabi/Bengali/Telgu associations etc.
    b Your Religious associations/ own events to invite NRI Community
    c Your Own business/own Family
2 Bollywood to Hollywood Shows   Shows From Actor Amitabh to Singer Sonu Nigam and Miss India- most of the organizers contact NRIpress for their press releases. With request, we can get best front seats for press passes and also get tables at  discounted prices if you like to involve your families
3 Interview of Indians/US Politicians   You can be part of a panel for interviews of politicians and for preparing press releases

Advisor/board director/ Press representative of NRIpress

  You may like to represent NRIpress as advisor/press or board director - from white house to New Delhi. We have great opportunities and offers all the time for a front seat as representative of NRIpress.
5 Your Dream to write Articles About various subjects but never got a platform a Corrupt Politicians, Fake Medias, Fake NRI Associations and Fake People:
  • Most of the NRIs like to express their feelings about corrupt politicians, fake media, fake NRI associations and cheated by fake people, but they avoid to write about them to news press due to the fear of reprisals. NRIpress.club is the right place for you if you don't like to mention your name.
  • Articles can be written on behalf of NRIpress.club to serve and protect our NRI community.

Your own professional articles: You can serve your community through your own professional articles such as medical, law arareness insurance etc. We own the 22 top websites from Accountant to  insurance to doctors and realtors. 

You like to serve by writing a one article a month to help NRIsFor example,

  • IF you are a doctor,  you can write article  about obesity and exercise
  • If you are a realtor, you can write article about housing, closing and mortgage etc.

Similarly, topics on Insurance, astrology, farmers…..PLEAS Click here