You Won’t Believe “The Before And After Retirement”

NRI Senior speak out after her bed in a Nursing Home: “Even All her Children and second Generation well established”


“Your loved one deserves high-quality, dependable home care and a visit every few months and a daily phone call can show your loved one that you care," Suman Gupta 72, who sponsored her 3 children from India by working 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, told NRIpress. 

Suman Gupta’s daughter Nimi told NRIpress, “I never wanted my mother to go into a care home – then I had to face reality. My mother was experiencing a massive stroke while I was asleep.  She was paralyzed, unable to feed herself, and partially blind but. On December 25, 2013, one of the most wretched days of my life, I drove her to the care home, dressed in her warm winter coats.”

“Yes, only an evil person wouldn't care for their needy parents! Your parents cared for you when you were completely helpless and in need. It is only fitting that their adult children should make sure that their parents have what they need in their old age, “said Nimi.

Nimi   further said: There are various reasons, with a mixture of motives.

  • Most of the time, the parents have health needs that cannot be met in either their home or a child's home.
  • A person with substantial dementia may simply require more care than one or a few people can give. For instance, "sun downing": Alzheimer and CommonHealth are very real.
  • In some cases, the parent’s relationship between the child (or the child's spouse)
  • Many parents may be very independent and not want to live with their children.

Visit your loved one in the nursing home, make yourself useful with other residents as well, and work as an activist to improve nursing homes.

In Nursing home, Miss Suman Gupta although mentally sharp, told NRIpress: “You as a NRI media, you must establish NRI community project that will care of your NRI community. It will be one of the easiest and most effective ways of helping NRI’s Dream, NRI Seniors, NRI 2nd Generation through the Power of NRIpress and Network.